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Reedy App for Android and Chrome Review

Reedy-Accelerated reader

Android and Chrome Browser Fast Reading App-Reedy Accelerated Learning

Reedy-Intelligent Reader is an android app and chrome browser application that promises you to increase your reading speed of 1.5 to 2 times your current reading speed in a very less time.Reed-Accelerated reader

It Claims to use a technique RSVP(Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) making a person to read at any comfortable pace.


1.Reedy App-Android Play Store

2.Reedy Extension-Google Chrome Web browser.

Overview: Reedy-Intelligent Reader

The major difference between Reedy app and other speed reading apps is it displays one word at a time at the same pace on users screen and the speed of showing words can be set faster or slower.

With this technique, the app developers claim to increase the reading speed even 3-4 times of the current speed.

They Claim to develop the comprehension and increase in comprehension while completely absorbed in the reading material.

Features: Reedy-Intelligent Reader

1. Compatible

Reedy is Compatible with E-books, articles, any texts and web pages.

Reedy also opens files, weblink and any text received from other apps.

2. Various Modes

Speed Can be set from regular reading(300WPM) to Faster Reading (3000WPM).

So depending upon the speed the user is comfortable with, a speed at which the text displays can be set from slower to faster.

You can switch between regular reading modes and speed reading modes easily.

3. Interactive Screen

Words are shown one after another on the same screen space.

There is a progress bar until the end of the reading material.

Once you stop or take a pause, time left to read is shown on the footer bar.

Preview of the full text is shown including text formatting, images, tables, during a pause in the app.

4. Text To Speech

There is a text to speech mode i.e. reading the text to speech.

5. Multilingual

Various Languages supported are: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian

They are adding more languages.

6. Many Books Formats Supported

The reader supports book formats: epub / fb2 / / txt

7. Interface

Clean simple and highly user-friendly interface with nice control panels.

The text starts and stops showing with just a touch on the screen.

The interface allows you to change text size, fonts, and colors as per your desired format.

You can start to continue reading where you left after the gap.

What I like-Reedy 

1. Latest update 09/2017 for reading web pages is excellent

2. 50wpm to 3000words per minute reading speed is supported.

3. While reading regression or re-reading the text is minimal.

4. Speed and accuracy is fine and up to the mark

What I Don’t Like-Reedy

1. Non Availability for PDF Format

2. Upgrading app for ad-free usage won’t work sometimes and it’s annoying.

3. Other techniques of speed reading such as skimming and previewing are neglected while using the App.

4. Some people prefer Google TTS, but it uses a built-in Pico TTS.

5. Not suitable for advance reading practices as it was difficult to grasp the whole theme of the paragraph or whole sentences.

If You have anything more to say about Reedy, Kindly share your experiences in the comments.

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LAST UPDATED: May 6th, 2019

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