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how to speed read

Best techniques and advice on how to speed read. We provide you the best ways to speed read, comprehend 300% more and be successful. Learn and Grow

Speed Reading Courses And Apps


Here is a review of the best live In Person classes and online speed reading courses available.


Here is the review of 11 best speed reading apps for iPhone, Mac, and Android.

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how to read a book fast

Here are the 6 steps on how to read a book fast while comprehending and understanding the book. Learn and read 300% faster while Comprehending better.

Here is all about skimming and scanning, Best ways to skim and scan with various exercises and examples that can be learned in an effective way.

improve memory

Here are the 7 techniques to improve your memory, Learning techniques like mnemonics helps in improving your mental vision and overall improves memory.

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Iris Reading

Iris Reading a trusted name for those who want to increase their reading skills and boost their productivity with their online and In-Person live classes.

7 Speed Reading is a program by eReflect which Aims to Improve your reading speed and comprehension. Here is our review of the Ex 2018 Edition.

Spreeder is a known online speed reading application, I upgraded to the Spreeder CX 2018 pro version to experience more of its capabilities, here is my review.

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