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Spreeder Review 2019-Cx Edition

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Spreeder- Read Fast App with expert Video Course on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Chrome

Spreeder 2018

Spreeder is a well known online speed reading application with compatibility on iPhone and iPad along with desktops.

The application can read ebooks, web pages, and digital texts highly efficiently through RSVP technique which claims to have increased user’s speed up to 3 times.

The application also contains an inbuilt expert guidance video Course for comprehension, memory and focus development with faster reading

I upgraded to the pro version to experience more of its capabilities and since I am using it for a few days, here is my review of Spreeder pro.

Let’s see whether It can match up to the expectations of modern fast digital readers effectively.

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What is Spreeder

Spreeder is an application by e-reflect, world-leading education software company which uses the RSVP technology i.e the user can paste a block of text on it and then the app screen will produce one word at a time on the screen, with preset variable speeds.

The outcome is that readers can read very fast and measure their reading speed too in words per minute.

The app has keyboard shortcuts to Play, Pause, restart and so on.

Objectives and Outcomes Of Using Spreeder

♦Spreeder is for anyone who wants to Read faster. Users have reported immediate improvements up to 3 times of their normal reading speed. Also, the training is the right fit for those who are dealing with an information overload and wants to save time.

♦The Spreeder training aims to improve the reading speed by reorganizing large chunks of texts such as on book, documents or web pages into much smaller chunks.

♦Personally, It has been helpful to me in addressing my bad reading habits such as regression and subvocalization, even for complete beginners the app is able to award immediate improvement in learning speed.

♦Boost Productivity, focus, and concentration.

♦Improving the comprehension levels remarkably with the feature of measuring and tracking reading speed.

♦In-app measuring and tracking feature for your speed reading skills so that you can notice your progress and feel motivated, Which I feel is a very important factor in the continuous learning process.

Who Is It For:

♦A University student who has piles and piles of study material to read and learn. I honestly believe this course can act as a great development kit for kids either.

♦A professional or a CEO who has long reports to read and extract information.

♦An Avid book reader or a lifelong learner who want to finish their reading goal of accumulating a list of books, they have always aspired to read.

Essentially, If You Want to learn a different and interesting way of approaching your reading materials, then this is definitely for you.

Spreeder In a Nutshell


  • RSVP based e Book Reader Software
  • Expert Video Guidance
  • Mac/Windows/Mobile/iOS

        Price: $37

        Rating: 9.6(4 Votes)


Spreeder CX Features


The application has a Clean Design and Excellent Interface, In fact, Spreeder CX is a nice, easy to use software and training application built into one neat package.

The application flexibility with the reading preference of the individual is remarkable and it can chunk size from one word to up to 30 words on 5 lines.

Moreover, the reading speed can be set from 50-2000wpm on the RSVP settings to suit the reader’s phase or mood of learning.


Easily customizable fonts, fonts background color, size of the text box, number of words and speed(wpm) makes the app no. 1 in its category.

Interestingly, Users can set the quality of video whether high resolution or low resolution depending on the speed of internet connectivity they have.

Play, pause or restart keyboards shortcuts are present with the increase and decrease WPM buttons also.

Import Any Page

Spreeder application remembers your position in every book, web page, and document you’re reading so you can come back to it anytime, besides the interface make It super easy to import any web page, pdf, word, text file, ebook, and more.

Cloud Feature

A cloud-based library that can store all your books and is synchronizable across all devices.

Users can access their readable files, documents, their own reading materials along with the more than 27000 ebooks which are already provided in the application to read.

Over 38 types of reading documents formats including ebook formats can be imported into the Spreeder application.

Sharing is Caring and Competing

You can share your texts with friends, read in family groups, and can share your success on your existing accounts on Facebook and Google plus.

In fact, this Feature gives a sense of accomplishment of your goal and ultimately makes you feel better and increase the motivation levels.

Multiple User Accounts

5 user accounts are included for the whole family learning and keeping perspective of healthy competition among themselves with a valid license for 3 years.

Also, each user can sync their own reading with their user id and password on different personal devices.

This feature makes it highly popular and useful for a whole family or a group of like-minded friends.

Tracking and Measure

Tracking feature with detailed about report your reading time and speed with past comparisons of your reading scores makes it highly systematic and structured. 

The purpose is to see your improvements and feel rewarded.

7 speed reading

More Features at a Glance: Spreeder

♦Addresses the problem of Chasing down words with eye movements for efficient reading.

♦Speed Reading Training and Techniques

♦The validity of the license is 3 Years for 5 User Accounts

♦Import web pages, files, text, pdf or word documents.

♦Sync the reading across all devices due to cloud feature.

♦More focus on the Reading material.

♦RSVP technology(Rapid Serial Visual Presentation)

♦Expert Guidance by the worlds best speed readers.

♦Both, the iPad and iPhone app comes for free with any Pro license

♦Multi-Platform supported i.e Window, Mac, Linux, and Chrome.

Platform: Windows XP / 10 / 7 / Vista / 8 / 2000 / 8.1, iPhone, iPad, Chrome

                      iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, Compatible.

                      Start reading on one device, and continue right where you left off on the next.

Languages: English, Spreeder CX works for all languages that read top to bottom, left to right.


PRO TIP-The important key to speed read is that you have to do it every day – you can’t just do it once or twice and expect results; nor can you do it a few times then take some weeks off, it’s a skill like anything else and if you don’t practice, you start to lose it. But if you’re trying to speed read, chances are you will want to read everything you can get your hands on anyway and this app can act as a major add-on in your speed reading journey.

Spreeder App

Spreeder App

Spreeder program offers Speed Reading E-Reader and trainer app free with the CX version on the App store (Visit here) which works pretty cool on both the iPhone and iPad.

The Spreeder app handles the syncing across all your devices and you can start right away where you left your reading as everything is stored in cloud servers.

Spreeder is one of the best speed reading training app I have tried – and I have tried many.

The clean design and interface are excellent. I also enjoy the straightforward and easy customization of font, size, speed, number of words, etc.

What I like About the Application:

1. The app itself seems fairly stable and the UI does everything I need to do without presenting a million things I don’t want. A few days into my experience I would recommend this product.

2. The product is solid and it does what they mean for it to do: make you read faster.

3. Cloud Connectivity syncs your reading stats and you can continue where you left in the next session. Also, all the sessions are synchronizable with all the personal devices.

4. Social sharing functions improve learning in a family or among groups of friends, reaping the benefits of healthy competition.

5. Bonus points with measuring and tracking feature improve motivation levels and makes the process of reading interesting.

6. Highly customizable user interface with all the setting you would have wanted in a speed reading application. 

What I Didn’t Like: Spreeder

1. The app is also very slow to respond sometimes, which is ironical, and kinda sort of put me off the game when I’m in a haste kind of mood.

2. Kindle downloads are protected by DRS that’s why Spreeder don’t support Kindle, Kindle fans would be disappointed a bit.

3. I strongly feel that Android compatibility would have added to the appeal of the application as the number of android user are overwhelming.

4. The program is surprisingly heavy than other applications in the same category, takes a lot of space on your PC.

5. Limited off-line capability in the current version and there is a necessity of an internet connection as the application requires connectivity for login.

6. Regular Popups to review the software which sometimes can be pushy and annoying to certain users.

How It is Laid Out: Spreeder


Installing and using Spreeder is smooth. After purchase, all the details are sent in an email with links for download and verification process is completed with an activation code.


To set up new user accounts, click on the “Sign Up” option to create a new user with your existing social media account on Facebook or Google+ (although Google+ will no longer be available).


The app then asks for the activation code. You can use the same activation code up to 5 users.

Because the activation code contains numbers and letters, I don’t recommend typing it. Instead, you should copy and paste your activation code into the activation key box.

Using the App

The app starts by inviting you to paste a snippet of text into a box; it will then flash the text onscreen one word at a time.

First, it tests how fast you read now for me it was 366wpm, then it takes you to a progressive training and within about 10-15 minutes, I felt an improvement in my speed to 526wpm.


Now, I recommend it’s best to start with a reading material you like, a book you know or something easy to figure out and get the things moving initially.

Read: RSVP Technique

Start with the Video Course

Next, you would have access to the all the expert video course which I would strongly recommend you to watch thoroughly and extract key tips and techniques.

Speed is important but with all the equipped strategies by experts, your comprehension levels also simultaneously increase with speed.

Cloud Mode

Spreeder stores everything in the cloud and all your computers automatically stay in sync. Start reading on one computer, and continue right where you left off on the next.

Users can share their texts with friends, or can read in groups, and can even share their success on Facebook.

However, in offline mode you can continue a course you are currently doing but you need an internet connection to log in, change text, or start a new course.

A useful video in this regard is:


Spreeder 8

The Company eReflect and Collaboration with Experts

Speeder’s step-by-step training course and application are created by the company eReflect who is a world-leading education software company.

In collaboration with a world-leading team of speed reading experts, eReflect has designed and conceived the application.

With Spreeder, you can learn speed reading directly from the same experts who write best-selling books and train fortune 100 companies on speed reading.

Spreeder contains over 6 hours of exclusive training by these leading experts.

7 speed reading

Abby Marks Beale– She is a leading speed reading expert, with 25 years of experience in teaching speed reading and a published author of the book, ’10 Days to Faster Reading’ and ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and Success Skills’.

Kathleen Hawkins-She is the author of ‘speed reading made easy’ and several other bestselling books, she teaches about the best techniques and strategies to learn speed reading in 7-speed reading course videos.

Sean M. Kelly-He is a leading expert in mind training and improving mind capability for success. He teaches about improving memory and exploring the infinite possibilities of mind in the 7speed reading course videos.

Tina Konstant– She is the published author of 8-speed reading books and internationally recognized expert. She speaks about human potential and learning skills in her video.

Marie Jager– She is an occupational therapist and she talks about the ergonomic aspect of speed reading and several useful exercises of the eye while reading.

Kris Madden-He is the author of ‘Learn to Speed Read’ which is one of the best selling books on speed reading. He talks about the various speed reading methods in the 7-speed reading video guidance.

The Price:

Ok. Spreeder is one of the most awesome things I have found for helping me to read faster!

If you want to read faster and practice speed reading thoroughly and that you can take in more content with comprehension, you owe it to yourself to get Spreeder.

Also with a huge ebook library and access to world’s leading speed reading expert guidance, I find it is worth the $37 bucks I paid for it!.

The iPhone and the iPad app comes free with pro licenses which makes it more value for money to the users although an android app would have made it more competitive online speed reading course.

Refund Policy is also in place for the users who are not satisfied even after practicing on the app, The procedure is to contact their helpdesk and request the company to refund.

However, the request should be within 12 months of purchase date. This company policy makes Spreeder an almost risk-free proposition for the customers.

So, Overall, this app is intuitive, flexible, helps you read faster and with a risk-free trial -it’s worth every penny.

Spreeder Review: Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In addition to using the “spritz” method, the Spreeder comes with some basic speed reading courses to help with improving comprehension, increasing reading speed, and improving the area of focus

These features also help with speed reading non-digitized texts, saving hours of precious reading time.

The free version is a very efficient and user-friendly tool for the speed reading seekers, however those who want to take their reading to next level, it is advised to upgrade to Spreeder pro version.

Considering the pro version also keeps tracks of your progress and gives you points as you master the skills, making the journey more interesting and with sustained motivation levels.

However, I would have also liked the software to be on Android and Kindle supported. This would greatly assist in reading my collection of books on Kindle and I am sure for other users too this might have helped to a great extent.

It feels as like having a powerful tool of learning as It is capable to access the library from multiple devices and especially nice to be able to add your own PDFs, etc.

I have tried several different types of speed reading software, and I can tell that  Spreeder CX is one of the best one available with amazing features.

And Yes, an add-on is both iPad and iPhone versions are also available. Simply, go to the App Store then search and download “Spreeder Speed Reading E-Reader and Trainer”.

The ability to import my own pdf and ebooks is a huge plus, especially for those in academia. Couple that with speed reading courses, videos, games, etc., and you have a top-notch program.

Availability of plenty of great interactive activities makes it very intuitive, very easy to use and feels as game-like learning.


  • Price-$37, 5 User , 3 Year License 
  • check
    Expert Video Guidance, iPhone, iPad, Chrome
Spreeder 2018

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