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Best Speed Reading Software 2019-6 Top Programs

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Review of the Best Speed Reading Software and Programs Available

Best speed reading Software

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Do You want to Read Faster?

Definitely, everybody serious about career and life wants to increase their reading ability.

Speed-reading is becoming a much sought after personal skill and a professional speed reading software is a must for learning it effectively.

In this information age, we are subjected to loads of information every moment and that too on digital screens.

Whether as a student or in a job or otherwise; everywhere we deal with a continuous flow of information.

No wonder then, that the ability to read faster gives a person an advantage over others.

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Speed-reading also helps you save your time. No wonder, Just doubling the reading speed can give you a few spare hours every day.

Looking into this huge demand for Speed-reading, a number of software and apps are now available.

You may even find a few that are offered free though not all of them are useful and deserves your time and attention

So it is advisable to be wary of software that wastes your time and spoils your eyesight.

We have compiled and reviewed a list and descriptions of trusted Softwares that will help you in Speed-reading.

5 Best Speed Reading Software 2019


Price  $79.95


Starts  $75


Price:  $69.99


Starts $37



1. 7 Speed Reading Software 2019

7 Speed Reading comes up as very scientific and comprehensive reading software.

This is because it is developed by eReflect which is a trusted and established player in the education software Industry,

The software has been designed by professionals at eReflect who have spent years in Speed-reading researches and training.

Features and Outcomes

Eliminating Bad Reading Habits:

The program targets bad reading habits and eliminates them. This enables you to read faster.

For example, Sub-vocalization is a habit that makes you silently read the text which slows down your speed.

Another bad habit is Regression. It means going back to what you have read.

Teaching New Techniques:

You will also learn new techniques which make you read faster.

For instance, Fixation Expansion. This lets you read larger portions of texts at a time.

You will also be working on your eye muscles, memory and use more of your brain capacity to process new information faster.

Activities and Strategies:

The software includes 15 activities which cover its 7 learning strategies.

The score and progress in the exercises are tracked. Furthermore, you get specific advice on your progress.

Besides, this software requires just 7 minutes every for two weeks. You are guaranteed results which you can see for yourself.

User Interface:

The software has another advantage. It allows you unlimited installs on your devices and 5 user accounts on one license.

You can switch from one to another device. Since everything is stored on the cloud, you can start exactly from where you left.

You can also share your progress on social media accounts such as Facebook or Google+ to keep yourself motivated.


You will also find its full refund policy very assuring. In case you are not satisfied after a year of using this software, you can apply and get a full refund.


♦Easy to use interface and structured.

♦Cloud-Based Software

♦Option to use your own reading material that interests you

♦Fun Games and Exercises

♦Windows/Mac/Chrome/Linux Compatible

♦20477 ebooks are included

♦Video training and Tutorials

♦Syncs across all devices you are using

♦Email and Phone support

♦Edu Version for schools

Things to Improve

♦Internet connection is a must for login to the software

♦The validity of the license is 3 Years

♦Not So cheap price to buy and download the software

♦Availability of mobile apps could have been an add-on.


Every aspect of speed reading has been covered in the 7SR 2018 speed Reading software and for almost all ages.

The method taught by the experts offers a tried and tested approach to speed reading, eliminating bad reading habits and keeping your mind and eyes healthy.

Compatibility on all devices including Mac/Window/Linux and Chrome makes it versatile software too.

High-Quality Videos with Exercises and fun games makes it an effective and one of the best speed reading learning tool.

Price: $79.95 

Rating: ★★★★★★

2. Iris Reading

Iris Reading has been engaged in popularizing Speed-reading to institutions and individuals.

It has a number of products and versions for Speed-reading, Comprehension and Memory Enhancement.

This software course is based on time-tested, proven and well-researched technology.

Therefore, you can be assured of its efficacy and excellence in improving your reading speed.

Like other reading software, it also features drills and exercises.

Moreover, You can track your progress and the output can be seen as graphs and analytics.

The Iris Reading software also helps you break the two major bad habits – Sub-vocalization and Re-Reading or Regression.

The software eliminates sub-vocalization by forcing you to read at higher speeds. At high speeds, it is difficult to Sub-vocalize.

Similarly, texts are displayed through a flashing set of words, there is no scope for re-reading or regression. In that Way, a user is forced to learn to read ahead only.

Features and Highlights

♦Video lessons with High-Quality Content.

♦Trains to skip rereading

♦Speed Reading Drills, Exercises, and Strategies

♦ACT/SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT tests strategies

♦Charts, Diagrams And Formulas

♦Memory Tricks and fun Games

♦Free ebooks and for self-development.

♦Webinars, Training, and access to workshops and live classes

♦The online programs start at $75 and are in the below format:-

Speed Reading Foundation Course

This Course is ideal for students, professionals and lifelong learners. It includes speed drills and several techniques for high-speed reading, reading newspapers and books

It includes 16 videos and 5 hours of content

Speed Reading Mastery Course

The course includes advanced techniques for high-speed comprehension, speed reading technical materials, reducing subvocalization, eye training, memory improvement, etc.

This course is suitable for those who are familiar with basic speed-reading techniques and wish to take their speed reading to a higher level.

Advanced Comprehension & Memory Course 

Further strengthening the skills gained from Iris Mastery Course, this course is to improve your memory by using proven strategies and to understand and remember the reading material.

The memory improvement system works for everything including passwords, birthdays, to-do’s, etc.

The course includes 30 videos and 14 hours of content.


♦The flexibility of online classes as per the needs of individual

♦Excellent structure

♦Hq video Course

♦Free ebooks, amazing support, and webinars

♦Bundle all three online course for $149


♦Some topics seem repetitive in all the versions of Iris online courses

♦Slightly expensive without Coupon Codes


The course is interesting as you can choose the type of reading material which clearly means that you are not forced to read materials that are not relevant to you.

The software uses Rapid Serial Visualization Presentation (RSVP) technology. This helps you read faster.

Also, there is also the Tachistoscopic Scroll Presentation (TSP) technology. In this mode, the text is displayed in a way to forces your eyes to move rapidly.

Iris Speed Reading Claims that their courses have been used by big institutions such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM which is very Impressive.

The quality of the modules are excellent and it certainly is one of the best speed reading software program to consider.

Price: Starts From $75

Rating: ★★★★★★

3. Spreeder CX 2018

Spreeder CX 2018 is developed by eReflect, which is a world leader in education and self -improvement software development.

Spreeder CX is a very thoughtfully designed software. As a result, it has a very user-friendly interface and useful features.

The software is based on RSVP technology. It trains you to read three times faster.

The software has a personal dashboard that displays your accomplishments. Besides this, you can always view detailed reports of your performance.

The program helps in eliminating bad reading habits such as sub-vocalization and single word fixation.

The Speed-reading techniques are practiced through exercises and activities.


Spreeder CX has a freely accessible library of thousands of books. Since these are stored in the cloud, these are accessible from anywhere anytime.

You can also add or import your own reading material.  The software accepts your contents in all popular formats.

Spreeder CX is cloud based so you can easily switch from one device to another and continued.

You can also create a social profile and share your progress with friends.

In a single account you can add up to 5 users and all users have all the functionality. In other words, only one license suffices for the whole family. This saves you a lot of money and can make speed-readers of everyone in your family.

Also, Both, the iPad and iPhone app come for free with any Pro license.


Spreeder has a unique speed reading tool. This helps you customize your own reading speed to what you are comfortable with. The guided training helps you do the exercises effectively. You can use the progress reports to monitor your progress and also set the pace.

It is not only economically priced, but it also comes with 12 Month unconditional guarantee. This means that even after using it for a year if you are not satisfied you get a full refund.

However, If you want expert guidance or video lectures at every step probably, Iris Reading or 7 speed Reading can be good alternatives for you.

Price: $37 


AceReader is a much awarded and a popular Speed-reading software. It has been developed by StepWare Inc. and comes in several versions.

The Ace Reader Personal Edition is a user-friendly software designed to assess and improve reading speed, fluency, and comprehension.

Besides this edition, Family, education, and Classic are the other versions which are available.

The software is appropriate for all ages and professions.

Features and Outcomes

The software enhances reading speed through reading lessons, reading comprehension and text reading drills.

These can be customized to suit your reading level and interests.

There are several eye pacing drills which help you attain higher reading speed.

The software helps you break bad reading habits acquired over years. Two of these are sub-vocalization and regression.

The latter involves re-reading or going back to the text that has been read already.

Speed-reading is also achieved by reducing eye fixation time. Moreover, there are exercises for improvement in re-fixation speed.

The software also has scoring and tracking tools. These help in measuring your progress


With an impressive history of 20 years and 50 educational rewards, Acereader is one of the best speed reading software available in the market.

It is recommended that the software should be used at least 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes. This is sufficient to see noticeable results.

The software can be installed in any device including mobile phones.

The software is easily accessible from any device and you can switch from one device to another and continue from where you left off.

The subscription is valid for one year. You also get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to get a full refund in case you are not satisfied with the results.

Price:  $69.95 for Classic, Personal $39.95/Year.

Rating: ★★★★★☆

5. Eye Q

Infinite Minds Inc. has developed the Speed-reading software called the eyeQ’s Brain and Reading Enhancement Program.

As the name suggests, this software aims to do more than just enhance your reading speed.

eyeQ is backed by 30 years of research in Speed-reading, Moreover, It relies on proven strategies for Speed-reading.

Characteristics and Features

Strategies include exercises to reduce sub-vocalization, strengthening the eye muscles, expanding vision, increase concentration and a few more.

Your performance is recorded which helps you monitor your progress.

Besides training for Speed-reading, the software does more. It also trains the eyes to take in more information at one time.

The training is individualized and based on reading level and reading pace. Therefore, a user can advance at his own pace.

The training exercises take only 7 minutes. These can be accessed by any device like desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

The library has interesting materials on which you can practice Speed-reading.

You can choose the themes for your exercises. This ensures that you deal with reading materials that you are interested in.

The software comes with 90 Day Performance Promise. This means you get a full refund within  90 days of your purchase, in case you are not satisfied.


eyeQ is available for schools and Corporate training and people from various professional backgrounds can take advantage of this speed reading program.

Prices are not so cheap but certainly can be a long-term investment in improving the performance through a long range of proven techniques.

Price: The subscription is at $12 per month or $99 per year.

Rating: ★★★★★☆

6. The Reader’s Edge

The Reader’s Edge is a very comprehensive and user-friendly speed-reading software. It aims to help users to double or triple their reading speeds.

The software was developed by the Literacy Company. It is based on researches and findings on Speed-reading since 1880.

Reader’s Edge is scientifically designed to suit all readers. The reading material for practice is customized according to the educational level of the user.

Features  And Outcomes

The software helps achieve Speed-reading by eliminating bad reading habits like sub-vocalization.

The program also helps decreases eye fixation and backward reading or re-reading. The guided training takes you step-by-step through the lessons.

The results can be seen within four weeks if one works on the exercises for 15-20 minutes every other day.

This will be enough effort to at least double your reading speed.

Interestingly, this is guaranteed by the company. In case, you do not notice much improvement, you will get a full refund.

The reading speed is recorded after the exercises. You can easily track your progress.

This will help you in assessing your performance. You can also set the pace according to your requirements.

The software also puts emphasis on vocabulary and comprehension. This helps improve your overall language skills.


The Reader’s edge is an excellent easy to navigate and fun to use speed reading software program.

The program is comparable to 7 Speed Reading software owing to almost most of the features being similar and appropriate for all age group.

Price: $79.95(Basic edition), $149.95(Professional Edition)

Rating ★★★★★☆

Conclusion: What is the best Speed Reading Software?

Having tried several speed reading software, I would recommend 7 Speed Reading 2018 as a top choice as this is indeed the most comprehensive tutor software available.

Educative videos, heaps of exercises and drills as well as an easy to use interface makes it highly suitable for learning at all ages.

The software is cloud bases and is accessible anywhere on the planet with an internet connection.

Moreover, eReflect updates their 7SpeedReading Software once a year, usually by the end of the year which makes the program up to date and ahead of time. 

Also, one thing needs to be kept in mind that one license comes with 3 full years of access with free updates.


Iris reading is good for students and learners. It provides customized and a variety of online training depending on the requirement of the user.

The course has excellent apps for both the iPhone and Android users with lots of drills, practice materials and sessions in course.

Acereader is also a good speed reading program ideal for all ages.

It has a long legacy, several awards in their kitty, and has an excellent customer support.

EyeQ is also a mentionable and commendable speed reading program.

The program will help you not only to speed read but improve your cognitive skills in all other areas of your brain as well.

Please do share your any other recommendation for the list?

If you have experienced any of the speed reading software, please do comment below.

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