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Best Speed Reading Apps 2019

Some of the Best Speed Reading Apps for Android, iPhone, and Mac

Best Speed Reading Apps

Speed Reading Apps are a revolutionary change in today’s world where everyone is struggling with lack of time, stress and deadlines.

With so much to do, people do not get ample time to read their favorite books and speed reading apps come to an immediate rescue to them.

While a list of the good reads keeps on piling for those who love reading, reading fast becomes a need. These apps come in handy, which help you to read faster and can be set according to your reading pace.

Once you have learned to read, It can be quite challenging to absorb and understand the information that you are reading at a lightning fast speed.

There are some amazing fast reading apps developed which can be downloaded on your phone, tablet or laptop and helps in advancing your reading skills.

A good course combined with the best speed reading apps can do wonders with your reading speed.

Check out our reviews here about some of the best selling speed reading course-Rev It Up Reading Review

If you are on a budget Udemy’s SuperLearner 2.5 can be a great choice.


Speed Reading Programmes:

Speed reading apps work on the basic concept of processing and displaying information in the quickest way possible in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

They have a lot of benefits and helps you read faster.

These e-Reading apps work on basically:

  • Visualizing the reading material in order to process the text faster.
  • Apps which are having experts guidance along with basic technology used.
  • Apps that teach you Speed reading techniques and hence comprehension also.

There are very few companies who have managed to create speed reading software for desktops alongside with the tablet versions of the same.

Such apps help us take maximum benefits of mobile technology and by using speed reading apps, you will notice, that you benefit in reading printed reading material too.

With every book available as an e-book, it is necessary that we download a good reading application to be able to grasp the maximum out of such books.

So, these speed reading apps are not necessarily beneficial for e-reading only, Interestingly, they speed up your reading skills on the whole.

Here is a list of the best speed reading apps which help us learn and accelerate reading methods on mobile devices.

Best Speed Reading Apps 2019




7 Speed Reading



Ace Reader









1. Spreeder CX Pro 2019

Rated as the best speed reading app, Spreeder CX Pro (Visit Website)combines exercises and guided expert training on speed reading.

This app teaches you how to efficiently read an entire book faster on the iPhone, iPad or laptop and also learn how to process the digital content more efficiently.

Once you purchase the app, you have access to unlimited desktop installs with an app in your iPad or iPhone to help speed up your reading.


This app has training guides and reading drills that teach you reading techniques. The app also gives you an access to an iCloud library of 20000+ ebooks and a progress tracking chart.

The various benefits can be listed as below:

  • Professional guided training and warm-up drills
  • Access to a huge library on the iCloud of more than 20,000 ebooks
  • Teaches you how to read faster, improves your memory and reduces sub-vocalization
  • It uses RSVP technology to read entire books on any of your mobile devices
  • A single license helps you access in all your devices
  • All the data can be accessed over your mobile device or web browser
  • An advanced progress tracker which motivates you and helps you set goals
  • Helps create 5 user accounts for friends and family
  • You can also upload your own material and later sync it with your iPad/iPhone

Final Verdict:

This app focuses on a particular need for reading digital content on mobile devices and desktop faster. The multi-platform availability, professional training and huge library of ebooks are its main features and benefits.

Availability: All browsers, laptops/desktops, iOS

Rating: ★★★★★

Price: $37

2. The 7-Speed-Reading App (7SR)

A cloud-based desktop and browser app, 7 Speed Reading aims to improves reading comprehension and also helps you to read faster.

Therefore, is best suited for students who are preparing for their academic exams and also for adults who love to read and want to read more efficiently in less time.

This app(Visit the Website) does not focus on getting you your digital reading information faster but, instead, teaches you the speed reading techniques that help you read faster on your own.

Such skills can be used even when you are reading on print and for both fiction and non-fiction matter.

The app works showing you some expert videos from leading experts who have mastered the art of speed reading.

Furthermore, this app also brings to you fun games, tests and various exercises to let you practice and polishes your skills.

All these factors combined users can even triple their reading speed in a very less time.

This app is not available as a separate mobile app but is only available as a browser app via chrome, safari and such others.

All the information of the reading material is stored on Cloud servers and therefore, it is accessible from anywhere and you can also install the app on your laptop or desktop.


  • Expert video tutorials are Included
  • 9 courses available with 7 learning strategies
  • The app has 15 training activities and speed drills
  • step-by-step training classes
  • Addresses reducing bad reading habits
  • Step by step structured modules.
  • It also has a feature of advanced progress tracking
  • You can upload any digital media or digital texts and practice.
  • The user can create 5 user accounts and syncs across all devices you use.
  • The browser app enables one to access it from anywhere and from any device

Final Verdict:

This app is a great comprehensive tool to teach the user speedy and effective reading skills.

As a result, it is best for those who are preparing for their college or school exams while for professionals like me they provide a useful tool for easy and fast professional learning.

Availability: All browsers. Desktops /Laptops /Tablets.
Price: $79.95.

3. AceReader Elite Personal Edition

AceReader is a popular speed reading tool and has been developed by Stepware, Inc.

This reading app tool is a little different from other reading apps because it works on scientifically proven exercises and techniques for speed reading.

The app works on the RSVP technology which is the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation and is available on the cloud and supports both Android and iOS devices.

This app also uses Tachistoscopic Scroll Presentation technology in order to smoothen the user’s eye movement while simultaneously increasing the reading speed

You can use the app’s reading mode to read eBooks, web content and articles while tracking their progress, speed and reading skills.

The user can also set goals on reading and the app shows you your progress in each module.


  • This app helps to smooth the user’s eye movement thereby increasing the speed of reading
  • It shows the progress stats and also shows you your progress in each module
  • It works on scientifically proven methods and exercises for speed reading.

Final Verdict:

A powerful cloud-based app, the AceReader is different from the other apps in the market as it proves to be a comprehensive speed reading trainer for the user.

It is developed to work on mobile platforms and has plenty of drills, exercises, and fun games to help you with speed reading.

Availability: Desktop and Tablets. Mac, Windows, All browsers.
Price: $39.99 for Personal edition.

4. ReadQuick App

The app quite efficiently takes all your reading and converts it into a list which is easy to comprehend.

Publications from your favorite newspaper, favorite book, blogger and even a recipe are all listed in an easily readable list.

ReadQuick has a monopoly over this particular feature as no other app gives this benefit.

The app is currently available on a majority of Apple’s products such as iPhone and iPad. It is also compatible with iPhone 6s and iOS 9 onwards.

The app claims to be the best speed reading app, and with half the price of Spreeder, seems promising.

Some have criticized this tool calling a ‘quick reading’ tool and not a speed reading tool as it does not teach you any technique for speed reading.


Rated as the second-best speed reading app, this app has various benefits and features. The various benefits can be summed up as below:

  • The app takes all your reading and converts it into a list. The format of lists includes Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket.
  • It can be classified as a quick reading tool which dissects articles and helps you read easily.
  • It supports a wide range of languages and formats and also helps you break down your daily reading into easy to comprehend chunks.

Final Verdict:

This app can be of great help if you plan to read a lot of things every day but tend to forget. This app makes a comprehensive list and helps you read easily.

Availability: iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac
Price: $9.99


5. Speed Reading App for Android

This speed reading app is compatible with Android unlike many of the above-mentioned speed-reading apps.

Remarkably, The app has garnered more than a Million installs on the Android store

It works on the basic goal of increasing the reader’s reading speed without making the user going through complex exercises.

This app is quite a lot of fun and easy to follow as it does not offer a lot of teaching.

It works on technology which can be called selectors in common language. These selectors highlight words and numbers so that the reader can memorize these terms effectively.

Furthermore, this app helps you absorb more information by allowing your vision to expand.

This app is best used for reducing the time required to read non-fiction material as it lets you scan through text passages with larger texts and those which are more important.

This app can be downloaded on Android 4.0 or even higher and is suitable for all age groups.

With many speed drills included, the user will find himself to have an improved memory, better concentration, and attention span and increased vocabulary.


  • The app has selectors which highlight words and numbers so that the user can memorize them.
  • Speed Read with lots of formats supported including fb2, epub, txt
  • It allows the eye vision to expand and makes the user absorb more information.
  • Helps in improved concentration, improved vocabulary and increased attention span.

Final Verdict:

This app is of great use for those who desire to read a lot of non-fiction matter quickly with comprehensive understanding.

Availability: Android
Price: Free install. In-app purchases from $1.99 to $5.99

6. Acceleread App For iOS

Acceleread aims at improving their reading speed, increasing their productivity and reducing the time in which their minds tend to wander in between various passages or paragraphs of text.

These courses are specially designed to improve the reading skills of the person over a period of time.

Acceleread improves your comprehension skills and also helps you scan various texts and make users unlearn their bad reading habits.

Presently available for iPad and iPhone, It has various modules which give the user’s text phrases to dissect with the help of various techniques which flash on the screen.

This app is initially free but after two days of using it, it blocks the user from any further interaction with the app until the user purchases it.

There are reviews where users have remarked that not all features of the app work properly.

Furthermore, this app has not been updated since 2014. 


The best part of this app is that it gives a graduated approach to various courses designed within the app to make the user slowly get rid of his bad reading habits and learn speed reading skills.

Final Verdict:

A great app for those who need to read a lot of every day and tend to lose their focus in between and as a result tend to spend too much time in reading and understanding a text.

Availability: iOS devices.
Price: $9.99

7. Readme! App for Android and iOS

Readme! App stands out from other app and uses the Spritz technology in a fully integrated way which makes it very appealing.

Spritz technology works by highlighting one word at one time in the color red which is at an optical recognition point.

The app has integrated BeeLine Reader which helps you read more quickly and easily by displaying text with eye-guiding color gradients.

This helps to reduce the time a reader spends on looking for his last reading position. It also moves the text at a rapid and readable pace.

Readme has the best visually appealing interface when compared to the other speed reading apps.

The app is for iOS 11 and is available on all Apple’s products in the current generation.

Users have claimed that they can use this app with no or very little eye strain which is otherwise, a consistent problem with other speed reader apps.

This app is not available for Kindle which is the biggest drawback of this app.


  • No eye strain for the readers
  • Appealing user interface
  • Uses a red text marker to mark your last reading position.

Final Verdict:

A great app for those who love reading on the go. This app marks your last reading position and does not cause any eye strain. It is also very affordable.

 iOS, Android.
Price: Currently available for just $1.99 (Go To Store)

8. Accelerator App

 Previously known as Velocity, Accelerator speed reading app helps the reader to learn the techniques of quick reading in a comprehensive way. It is said to be the fastest of the lot.

This app lets you save web pages and various documents in Instapaper, Pocket and Readability list via the Apple browser – Safari and then it converts the saved text into a readable material.

The viewer views single words instead of large texts and this helps to increase their comprehension rate.

Accelerator App works with iOS 8 and upwards. It allows one to dissect their text on a bigger screen.

While the app is said to be the fastest in the lot it faces criticism too, Some people have raised issues with how the app converts list already having bullet points.


  • Affordable
  • Converts text into single words and make them easy to comprehend
  • Fastest speed reading app

Final Verdict:

A good app if you desire to read large texts in an easy to understand, short and comprehensive way.

Availability: Safari browser. Pocket, Instapaper.
Price: Accelerator is priced at $2.99. 

9. QuickReader App

QuickReader is a speed reading app for iPhone and iPad which focuses upon a wide reading range in various formats.

Packed with all the features a speed reading app can have, It concentrates on all your eBooks in your collection. 

QuickReader is compatible with all the publications you own and it also provides access library of more than 2 million ebooks right from contemporary classics to self-help guides.

It is compatible with all the generations of iPhone and iPad. One can customize it according to one’s specifications. This feature is not present in any of the speed reading apps mentioned so far.

This app might not be useful for dyslexic users as it lacks appropriate fonts suitable for such readers.

Furthermore, another major issue is when you need the meaning of a word, the app directs to another app which makes it time-consuming.

Some reviews have also raised the issue with the Pdf reading on this app.


  • This is a great eBook reading app which concentrates on your entire ebook collection.
  • It can be customized according to the reader’s specifications.

Final Verdict:

A great app with a library of over 9000 titles, this app is worth the investment of $4.99. It gives a structured and efficient speed reading process.

Availability: iOS devices.
Price: $4.99.

10. Outread for iOS

Outread is quite similar to ReadQuick with respect to its way of functioning and structure but has a minimalistic approach.

The is compatible with all of Apple’s range of products and is compatible with iOS 11 with support on iOS 7 onwards also.

With the usual list of document formats, the app is compatible with Microsoft Word files and all work documents from office and colleagues can be deciphered easily without consuming too much time.

The Outread app adds a customizable highlighter feature which can be relocated at any point for added benefits along with the usual settings of colour and font changes.


  • It takes all your reading and converts it into a list. The format of lists includes Instapaper, Readability and Pocket.
  • It can be classified as a quick reading tool which dissects articles and helps you read easily.
  • It supports a wide range of languages and formats and also helps you break down your daily reading into easy to comprehend chunks.
  • It will appeal to a lot of users as it has a thoughtful touch.
  • One can use the bookmarking tool which is an often neglected feature in other speed reading apps.

Final Verdict:

Quite affordable and appealing to masses, this speed reading tool is a great tool.

Availability: iOS devices.
Price: 2.99. Visit Store

11. Reedy-Intelligent Reader

Reedy-Intelligent Reader is an android app and chrome browser application that promises you to increase your reading speed of 1.5 to 2 times your current reading speed.

The app uses RSVP(Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) technique making a person to read at any comfortable pace.

The major difference between Reedy app and other speed reading apps is it displays one word at a time at the same pace on users screen and the speed of showing words can be set faster or slower.

The app Claims to develop the comprehension while completely being absorbed in the reading material.


  • Speed Can be set from regular reading(300WPM) to Faster Reading (3000WPM).
  • Preview of the full text is shown including text formatting, images, tables, during a pause in the app.
  • Is Compatible with E-books, articles, any texts, and web pages, It also opens files, weblink and any text received from other apps
  • Various Languages supported are: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian
  • Clean simple and highly user-friendly interface with nice control panels.

Final Verdict:

Reedy App is a well-designed speed reading app suitable for the long form of contents also. 

With lots of shortcuts, nice and clean interface it appeals to the speed readers with over a hundred thousand downloads on the android store.

Availability: Android Play store, Chrome.
Price: 0.99$ Onwards for in-app Purchases, Free To download.

Best Speed Reading Apps 2019: The Verdict

From the above list of top 10-speed reading apps, choose your pick of the app most suitable for your use and enjoy speed reading. There are some other apps too but these are the best rated and installed in maximum numbers. 

Detailed Review: Spreeder Cx Pro,  7 Speed Reading

LAST UPDATED: May 3rd, 2019

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