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ReadSpeeder Review

ReadSpeeder-Free Online Speed Reading Program to Develop Comprehension

Readspeeder review

Readspeeder is a free web tool which has been designed meticulously. The program emphasize phrase reading techniques to improve comprehension.

David Butler is the creator of this amazing program, he is also the author of several recommended books on speed reading titles.

The program has been used and appreciated by lacs of speed reading enthusiasts.

So, How it differs from other speed reading enhancement software already present?

Well, The main idea of the program is to train the brain and improve the focus to comprehend better with a decent speed rather than just improving speed and overlooking comprehension.

Main Idea Of The ReadSpeeder Program

Reading With Visualization

The program offers practicing visualization while reading that improves the brain functioning and helps in faster and effective comprehension.

Learning to think fast is the motto of practicing in ReadSpeeder program rather than completely focusing on minimizing subvocalization and regression.

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How the ReadSpeeder helps Speed Readers

1. Improve comprehension by learning to think fast by training your Brain.

2. Getting reading speeds you can honestly expect to achieve with phrased reading, Even a speed of 600 wpm with comprehension can be life-changing.

3. Increase your mental bandwidth by concentrating on larger ideas, instead of just reading individual words.

4. Learning Visualization which improves the concentration levels and hence the comprehension of the reading material.

Most of the Reading Speed Programs offers the solution to eliminate the subvocalization and regression.

They make the readers practice to look through the words faster.

Interestingly, this program developer feels that sometimes other courses make the user go through the study material fast and thus making the comprehension levels low.

The program offers the solution in the form of phrased reading with different formats and that trains the brain in visualizing and comprehending the reading material appropriately.

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Features of ReadSpeeder/Lessons

Lesson 1-Emphasises on actual reading rather than speed of reading, It asks the lesson taker to visualize each phrase displayed which brings in the speed and comprehension naturally.

The lesson starts with a page highlighting the phrases with a blue background.

Phrases of words are displayed in different sizes

Lesson 2-Now, you’ll be asked to focus on the phrased texted displayed without the aid of the highlighting.

Lesson 3-In this practice lesson, a whole sentence from the reading page is displayed in a continuous form.

Some group of words is marked darker with having a smaller font than surrounding words to read which helps improve in focus.

Lesson 4 -In this lesson exercises are read twice; the first time, automatically (and a bit faster) called Auto Mode Practice Run.

And then the second time, you’ll advance the phrases yourself which is called the Manual Mode.

The same exercise is repeated as in lesson 3, In auto-mode, phrases are displayed at 20% above your 3 most recent speeds and then again repeat that in manual mode without any preselected speed.

Lesson 5-A text page is displayed on the screen in a normal page format, the phrases are highlighted with a blue background in manual mode.

This guides the eyes through the reading material.

Lesson 6-The same process is repeated as in lesson 5 except the phrase are simply bolded out without highlighting.

Lesson 7-In this lesson the phrases are bolded and are without highlighting but with a smaller font size which gets you closer to the normal text.

Lesson 8-In this, as in lesson 4 exercises are read twice; the first time, automatically called Auto mode, and then the second time, you’ll advance the phrases yourself.

All these exercises from lesson 4-8 help in horizontal scanning that is training your brain to comprehend from left to right easily and effectively.

Lesson 9– In this exercise, the text is displayed with black and grey shades, without any highlighting or auto movement.

You are asked to move your eyes from phrases to phrases normally.

Lesson 10-This exercises use an innovative technology called‘Focus Dots’.

You will be asked to focus on the red dots around the phrases and let your peripheral vision do the reading of neighboring texts automatically.

Lesson 11-This lesson lets you practice reading as you would generally encounter in regular reading.

In this phases sometimes start on one line, but finish on the next line.

Lesson 12– This module is about practicing what you learned in lesson 9-11 with the auto mode i.e with a preselected reading speed.

And again practicing the same reading in the manual mode.

So these lessons from 9-12 are basically to train your eye for smooth reading and strengthen your peripheral vision Reading.

Concentration Scores

The concentration scores are shown at the end of each test which looks a bit confusing first as initially most get their concentration scores as 0%.

How is that even Possible?

How does the software arrive at a concentration score?

The answer lies in the fact that everytime phrases displayed to the user vary in chunk sizes, and when you are actually concentrating, you tend to take longer times on longer phrases than shorter ones.

So they arrive at a score by measuring the parameter of phrase length vs time taken to read the phrase.

Well, the progress in score lies in the understanding that you have to actually read faster not look faster at the words and most try to dodge this initially.

Several more effective ways to improve Concentration Scores are-

♦ As you read, focus your attention on thinking about what the phrases mean.

♦ Just imagine and visualize the meaning of the phrases and the speed differences will automatically tend to align with phrase-lengths.

They claim that its frustratingly difficult to fool the Concentration Score which I felt is True. Without actually visualizing, it’s very difficult to get a high score.

The score doesn’t need to be perfect, 50% and above score are appropriate to make actual progress in speed and comprehension.

More Features/Metrics

♦The results for everyday practices are shown in a left shaded column with ‘No. of words Read Today’, ‘Gain in WPM’, and how many pages you can read per hour.

♦A library of over 500 books is provided with a number of words in the book, the relative popularity of the book and difficulty of reading.

♦Users can add their own text also for reading, which makes it more customizable as per your reading interest.

♦Progress is recorded in a Graphical form with charts showing different speeds achieved, daily words read and Daily speeds which shows your average reading speed for that day.

♦You can download and save your progress information and data into a spreadsheet. You can save and reset your account information too and reset all the data and start over

♦There is a timer setting function, That you can use for more reading of books and record and track your progress.

♦A fun game is added called Phraseflash in which you need to match the words with the image appearing on screen.

The game is for 2 minutes or If you click a wrong picture after which correct picture will be shown in green and you can start over again.


With a supply of several online speed reading programs focusing on reading words faster, ReadSpeeder has clearly differentiated themselves by focusing on practices and training leading to a better comprehension rather than just reading speed improvement.

The emphasis is on comprehension with a decent speed through various phrase reading techniques.

Interestingly, several metrics have been provided for progress tracking and a concentration score which has made the program unique.

The program has also clearly focused on, the visualization technique, training the brain and guiding eye movements while minimizing subvocalization and regression is not their priority.

Visit the site.

LAST UPDATED: July 11th, 2019

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