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How to read a book fast

how to read a book fast

A good number of students and entrepreneurs want to know how to read a book fast and understand it better, as they want to improve their reading skills and gain knowledge from a book as quickly as possibly. As we know, time is money, and it’s a skill we can learn and improve through practice.

Pushing ahead, we will learn here how to read a book faster and with comprehension to get the most from it.

Environment and Ambience

Make sure the place picked is free from disturbances and diversions and the spot is neither excessively hot nor too cold. Make sure the pages of your book are sufficiently well-lit, but do not center the light directly on your book, as it could bring about eye strain. Research demonstrates concentration and retention abilities are at their peak both in the early morning and in the evening before bed so it’s always better to choose those times to get optimal results.

SMART Technique

SMART is a management tool which can be utilized for effective book reading and comprehension. SMART is:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound

Always keep a target in your mind after selecting the book to as how much time you can devote to reading without losing concentration in a single sitting. Adhere to your goal once you decide what it is, and gradually attempt to enhance your capacity through courses.

As always remember and review why are you perusing the book and what you need to take in or pick up from the book. This will keep your point of focus on track, and you will stay engaged and interested all through your study.

Previewing/Scanning the book

Read the title, table of contents, substance outline, preface and end part of the book or novel to rapidly get a brief on what the book is about. Afterward, begin skimming through the chapters. While skimming, look for words which would get you an understanding what the page is all about; most of the time, you needn’t read all passages and full sentences.

For instance-“Prolonged association with negative people makes us think negatively; close contact with petty individuals develops petty habits in us. On the bright side,companionship with people with big ideas raises the level of our thinking; close contact with ambitious people give us ambition”.

This illustration demonstrates some words which are highlighted that are essential to the passage. These are called keywords. Learning to spot them requires practice, and you need to spend time to learn the strategy.

Concentration and engagement

While reading a book, targeted practice that can be accomplished through speed reading courses lead to you spending less time and reading in a more efficient manner. One of the best speed reading courses that we recommend is Zoxpro.

There are different speed reading techniques that can be used.

how to read a book fast

Pointer Technique– Move your pen, your fingers, even the stylus of your cell phone as you read, as this can keep you drawn into and involved in a text.

The human eyes naturally resist settling to a position of your focus. They move continually back and forth; this prevents you from reading at higher speeds. The pointer technique is highly effective in bringing and directing your eye for speed reading. Practice to deter inefficient eye movements.

Skimming Technique– Skimming is a tool that you can use to maintain reading fluency,which includes watching for essential keywords and phrases from the book. Read the publication’s beginning and end, and give attention to places having expressive pictures and drawings. Skim through the content and attempt to pick up a comprehension of the entire page.

Try not to attempt to retain everything while you experience the book, as it will essentially lessen your pace of reading.

Avoid Subvocalizing– While reading the book, do not speak words in your mind, as this will significantly reduce your reading speed measurably to the speed that you talk.You can avoid mouthing words by eating gum or keeping some chocolates in your mouth.

Abstain from staying stuck on one word – If you get stuck on a single word or don’t comprehend the meaning of it, try to judge its meaning by taking a look at the sentence around the word or underline the word to come back to it later. Most likely a few words won’t have a major effect on the comprehension of a large section of a book; skipping will save a lot of time, as well.

Learn the art of skipping and skimming through a well-designed speed reading acceleration Program.

Continue practicing to enhance your reading speed.

Take Short Breaks

If you feel the information is overwhelming or you are not able to digest the content anymore, it is always better to take a short break and come back fully refreshed. For better comprehension you need a refreshed and calm mind.

Practice Hard

It is not enough to know every one of these methods; you’ve also got to practice them. Working hard to perfect these skills will guarantee they become internalized and stay in your subconscious, reasdy to kick in whenever you need to speed read.To gain momentum in practicing things a fast reading program like Zoxpro can help you in achieving high results in a very short time with a scientific and directed manner.

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