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What Is Average Words Per Minute Reading?

Words per minute reading

Average Words Per minute In Reading

When it comes to reading or typing skills, speed is often measured by the number of words you can process in a minute. This term is called words per minute reading, usually abbreviated as WPM.

For this purpose, a word should be at least five characters long in English to be counted in your WPM score. Punctuation and spaces are also considered as characters.

In speed reading, performance is commonly measured by knowing the following three things:

Average Word Per Minute Reading:

#Average Speed (AS)

This measures the number of words you can read in one minute.

Now, this means:

In this Measurement, you don’t have to understand anything that you read.

To measure this, count the number of words in the page you will use for this test and time yourself reading the page.

After you are finished reading, stop the timer and check how long it took you to finish one page.

Now, divide the number of words by your time.


That is your average speed per minute.

#Processing Speed (PS)

This test will measure how much of the information written on the page you understood when reading fast.

In speed reading, it is important that you read fast.


It is more important that you can understand what you have read regardless of how fast you go.

To measure this, have someone ask you questions regarding the page you have read.

The number of correct answers will determine the percentage of your comprehension.

#Memorizing Speed

This test measures the number of words that you can both read and understand in one minute.

To measure this, multiply your Average Speed by your Processing Speed as a percentage.


The average range that a person can read at is usually between 200 and 250 words per minute.

Based on studies, it is believed that in general, a person can only understand half of what they have read.

Without help, certain reading problems may cause an average person to get stuck in this range and never improve.

Reading problems such as regression, reading sub-vocalization, and concentration are some of the common problems that may hinder a person’s reading skill improvement.

When you hear the term speed reading, the first thing that would probably come to mind is faster reading.

Although this is true, speed reading is not just about increasing your speed to become a fast reader. It also has other benefits that you can actually find useful.

Speed reading is a good exercise for your eye muscles and your brain.

The more you exercise your brain, the more efficient it becomes.

An efficient brain is quick to absorb information, process it correctly, and respond accordingly.

As you take in more information at a quicker pace, you are able to gain more knowledge within a shorter span of time.

When done right, speed reading can also help you with your workload, especially if reading is a work-related necessity that you are obligated to do.

This means finishing your tasks quicker so you can have more time to work on new ones.

If your goal is to increase the number of words you can read in a minute, a tested and proven tool that is guaranteed to help you is some good course and good tutorials on speed reading.


LAST UPDATED: February 19th, 2019

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