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What Should You Do to Increase Your Reading Rate

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Increase Your Reading Rate:12 Tips and Techniques

Reading rate implies how fast you can complete your books, journals, business reports, newspapers within a time frame.

Fast reading not only helps you in completing the project in time but also helps in learning for a long term and “That’s How it Works, any type of learning builds like compound Interest.

The normal speed of reading is around 180–230 words per minute, whereas a speed reader, can achieve a level of more than 700-900 words per minute.

So we will discuss the techniques that improve your reading rate and overall performance in life.

First of all, you need to take a reading test of yourself so as to know what is your current reading rate and target for a specific reading rate of x words Per Minute.

once you set the target to follow the below-mentioned set of practices and techniques to improve the reading rate.

How To Increase Your Reading Rate

1. Good Ambience

Make sure the place picked is free from disturbances and diversions and the spot is neither excessively hot nor too cold.

Make sure you are reading in good light as low light could bring about eye strain.

Research demonstrates concentration and retention abilities are at their peak both in the early morning and in the evening.

2. Skimming and Scanning

There are various skimming and scanning techniques which can help in getting an overall idea of what the study is all about and helps in overall grasping of the material in a short time.

For more refer “Best Ways of Skimming and Scanning”.

3. Pointer Technique and Hand pacing technique

 Move your pen, your fingers, as this can keep you drawn into and involved in a text.

The human eyes naturally resist settling to a position of your focus.

They move continually back and forth; this prevents you from reading at higher speeds.

The pointer technique is highly effective in bringing and directing your eye for speed reading.

Practice deterring inefficient eye movements.

For more Refer here.

4. Avoid Subvocalizing

While reading the book, do not speak words in your mind, as this will significantly reduce your reading speed measurably to the speed that you talk.

you can avoid mouthing words by eating gum or keeping some chocolates in your mouth.

Read More: Subvocalization and Ways to Minimize it

5. Bad Reading habits

It is important to deter and mark upon your bad reading habits and improve upon them.

Make a note of all the bad reading habits you are having and slowly try to improve upon them.

More Reference: Overcome Bad Reading Habits.

6. Practice Word Chunking

Word chunking is the process of squeezing in more words for every eye fixation.

Thus we can reduce a line to less number of word chunks, requiring less number of eye-fixation per line and this accelerates the reading speed.

7. Learning to Use Both Sides of the Brain

The left side of our brain controls things like written and spoken languages, analytical, numerical and logical skills, whereas the right side of the brain controls things like creative skills including imagination, visualization, memorization etc.

For more refer here.

8. Overcoming Bad Reading Habits.

Bad reading habits affect not only your reading speed but also your ability to comprehend and recall.

Do you want to increase your reading speed? To do so, you must review your reading habits and identify the ones that hinder your speed, comprehension, and recall.

Once you have identified the bad habits you must work towards eliminating them.

For more refer here.

9. Abstain from staying stuck on one word 

If you get stuck on a single word or don’t comprehend the meaning of it, try to judge its meaning by taking a look at the sentence around the word or underline the word to come back to it later.

Most likely a few words won’t have a major effect on the comprehension of a large section of a book; skipping will save a lot of time, as well.

Learn the art of skipping and skimming through a well-designed speed reading course.

10. Improving Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the basic stepping stone in learning a language, speed reading or reading and comprehending books, reports, journal faster.

Improving it day by day is a challenging task faced by entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and ambitious people.

Though building a sound vocabulary takes time, it’s a matter of practice and the process can be simplified by following some useful techniques.

For more refer here.

11. Improve your Memory

A good memory is an asset for life, and essential for everyone on this planet.

Imagine a computer or a smartphone with abysmally low memory, and you can understand how memory puts a limit on functionality.

The same is the case with human beings.

Not everyone is endowed with a great memory, but there is no reason why anyone can not improve his memory.

For more refer here.

12. Practice Hard

It is not enough to know every one of these methods; you’ve also got to practice them.

Working hard to perfect these skills will guarantee they become internalized and stay in your subconscious, ready to kick in whenever you need to speed read.

To gain momentum in practicing things a fast reading program can help you in achieving high results in a very short time with a scientific and directed manner.

By utilizing all the methods and techniques written above and starting with the right mindset anybody can improve his reading skills and improve upon.

The key here is measure, improve and track the changes. There are various articles on this website which you can follow and do all these things effectively.

LAST UPDATED: February 16th, 2019

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