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6 Powerful Visualization Techniques

Visualization technique

LAST UPDATED: August 30th, 2018

Powerful Visualization Techniques: How To Visualize Effectively

It is a ubiquitous golden rule that visualization techniques help us in manifesting the reality we desire.

We may have a slight idea of what we want, but it often lacks the clarity of a powerful image.

Our visual sense of perception is one of the most powerful ways we have to stimulate our mind.

visualization is a powerful technique and can help to go through, grasp and recall the things ultimately improving the reading speed and comprehensive ability of the person.

We are visualizing thoughts and ideas all the time, just think about what you did today morning – Aha ! There was a flurry of images which came into your mind, Right!

It may be something you have seen and experienced before or something just hypothetically linked to your imagination.

Our visuals form the crux of any kind of thought process.

If one looks back at their childhood memories they will encounter visuals with a very deep emotional connection, in a way that the visuals itself will be enough for a person to experience the whole memory again emotionally.

The connection between these visualizations and their corresponding feeling are made deep in the subconscious mind.

This is the reason that visual programming is a very potent tool in leveraging the power of our mind to achieve our self-goals.

We may have seen athletes going into a strong visualization mode before their performance so that they are completely immersed in the situation and confident of the outcome.

This is something which can be applied by any person to completely design the idea they have in their mind, which they want to actualize.

In order to visualize, we must awaken our artistic sensibilities and make our vision so vivid and lucid that we can feel it from the core of our existence.

Ultimately, that visualization will serve as the blueprint you will need to navigate your way through different stages of your journey.

It can also be noted that a visualization doesn’t need to be a fixed image but can be a series of dynamic visualizations.

There are many techniques which can make this process easy to understand and perform but they all rely on a consistent effort to reaffirm the visualization.

so that it invokes feelings which are set deep into our subconscious.

One should understand that any technique which invokes our mental capacity works hand in hand with continuous self-affirmation.

Few Techniques Which Make Visualization Process Simpler 

1. Meditation – It is the cornerstone of self-realisation and the whole purpose of meditating is for centring oneself.

Let me share a small secret with you – that every thought and speech you produce is extremely powerful in giving you what you want.

The strength of the thought, however, depends on your own self-awareness.

Everything you say is a Mantra, and its effectiveness is directly related to how centered and aware you are of yourselves.

Think of your thoughts as an arrow and your mind the bow, it is your proficiency which will help your arrow to reach its target. That is why meditation is the first step into the realisation of any kind of dream.

When one starts to meditate it is important to remember that one should not be too hard on themselves from the beginning.

It takes some time to settle down mentally and physically.

So if you find yourself flooded with thoughts while trying to concentrate just let the thoughts come and go without any of your own involvement, concentrate on your breathing and let the breath breathe you.

Slowly, you will feel a sense of relaxation and stillness of mind.

It is now that you can start introducing visuals with more and more details, let them be absorbed emotionally.

Keep trying to hold onto that visual and it’s feeling for as long as you can it will go into your subconscious mind in a powerful way and make it part of your energy vibration.

2. Add More Details 

Just like a beautiful painting visualisations also need to have a rich sense of details.

Try to pick up any memory from your past and while remembering it try to bring out each and every detail from your mind.

Now, you will realise that the more details which come out, the deeper you can go into the emotional deposit of that memory.

The more detailed the visualisation the stronger will be the emotional connect.

3. Emotional Block Removal 

Visualisations are not only useful for future aspirations but can also be very helpful when dealing with the past.

Many of us have faced painful times at different points in our life, the memory of which remains etched in our deep reserves.

A very powerful technique to heal those emotional knots is to keep visualising that experience again and again but keep reaffirming a feeling of understanding and forgiveness.

It will help in healing any kind of emotional hurt.

4. Drawing Your Visualisations

Even after one has a well thought out plan it gains in weight when it is put on paper.

What this technique really helps in is the preparation of a mental map to define all the objectives.

Visualisation may have many separate parts all of which come together to form that beautiful vision that you want to achieve.

By drawing the amount you will learn what all it takes to exactly form a vision like that, it is like figuring out the key ingredients of a dish and also the order in which they have to come together.

5. Create Your Own Vision Board 

This is a fun and creative way to put in all the visualisations and thoughts together which will empower you to reach your goals.

These can be drawings, photographs, words, phrases etc. all put together on a board to always keep reminding you of your effervescent vision.

6. Feel The Abundance 

A powerful way to manifest a vision is to equate it with a sense of abundance.

Inculcate a feeling of already having your desired goals present for you, although you may not be able to physically feel them at the moment but they are present for you in this universe.

Express your gratitude for what you have and be thankful.

By introducing a feeling of contentment from realising your dream you give yourself an immense amount of confidence and positive emotion.

It is a great way of dealing with any kind of negative feeling due to fear. It helps in relaxing the mind and going forward with ease and joy.

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