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Typesy Review 2018-19 Edition

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Typsey Typing Tutor-Cloud Based Interactive and Fun way To Learn Typing

typesy-typing tutor

Typesy is an advanced and comprehensive typing tutor software designed at eReflect by a team of real experts.

It is meant to make you proficient in touch typing and that becomes a big asset in your professional and personal life.

The tutor is scientifically designed to make learning to type fast, efficient and fun. Typesy is the product of more than 6 years of research in typing, motor learning, and computer science.

It is packed with 300 activities and over 500 exercises to develop the skill of speed typing.

Moreover, Typesy provides personalized instruction and guidance through very lucid videos.

Here is our review of the latest edition of Typesy 2018.

For Whom Typesy is For

Typesy is for students, professors, professionals and anyone who needs to use the computer. In short, it is for everyone.

Those who type slowly are at a huge disadvantage in getting better jobs, or to work efficiently.

Such people are better off starting with Typesy to derive its immense benefits.

Benefits Of Typesy

Improved Results for College and School Students

An accurate and correct touch typing makes it convenient to type your assignments and do research. Moreover, communication becomes easier.

So, with Typesy typing training, you would be able to complete more work and assignments in a very less time and that would make you eligible for better grades.

Improved Eligibility for Jobs and Workforce

An individual who can touch type easily and effortlessly is always preferred in Job opportunities.

A good touch-typing skill is necessary to get your job assignments and work done in a short time.

Use Computers With Ease

Correct touch typing means you can use computers effortlessly and with confidence in almost all the tasks that you do on your computer.

An improved typing skill builds up your confidence and self-reliance.

Step By Step training

Typesy includes easy to use interface, step-by-step video training, effective drills, and fun games that make students love to learn from this popular typing tutor.

Cloud Design

Typesy’s Cloud-based design gives Greater Flexibility for classroom-based typing teaching and its very simple to implement too.

You can also learn at your own pace and the software just adapt as per your need incredibly well.

Practicing On Typesy

Typesy is amazingly easy to use typing training software and just demands some discipline from you.

Just Practicing it for 7 mins a day can transform the typing speed in 2 weeks.

This makes types one of a kind in its league that can deliver results so quickly and effectively.

Method of Training/How Typesy Works:

After activating the program, you need to set up the single or multiple user accounts.

Next, you have to set your typing goal. you could start with the default setting of 30 words per minutes with an accuracy of 90%.

Depending on how it works out for you, you can conveniently readjust your typing speed and track your progress using the “Track Progress” tab.

The first step is to watch and understand the highly informative and well-designed video tutorials.

These cover topics like ‘Why Touch Type’, ‘Setting a Goal’ and ‘Keyboard Features ’.

Advanced learners can skip some of these and take up the Advanced Course lessons.

Areas covered in advance course lessons include achieving accuracy or speed building, numeric keypad, and importance of ergonomics.

You will soon understand the real meaning and importance of touch typing.

To enhance your typing skills further, the program offers plenty of free studies and practicing opportunities and a variety of lively Typing Games.

Similarly, there are exercises for Keyboard Practice and lots Speed Typing Exercises.

Languages and Keyboard Type Supported

Typesy right now supports the US English QWERTY, British English, Canadian, Spanish, Australian, and Brazilian Keyboard layouts. The courses, however, is in English and that should be kept in mind.

Features of Typesy:

Typesy is packed with basic and advanced features that make it the leading software for speed typing. Here are a few in some detail.

Activity-centered training program: 

♦ The program introduces 7 different typing and learning techniques as the basic support for the training process.

These are developed through more than 500 lessons, drills, and activities created by experts.

There are also 16 different typing activities and games.

These are geared to meet the needs of different levels of users. Thus, different members of a family, for instance, will find them very useful.

Over and above these, there are around 600 additional practice exercises.

♦ We all enjoy learning in a relaxed and fun-filled environment, don’t we?

This is where the different types of educational and computer games concepts are adapted to create specific learning activities.

For instance, the ever popular and traditional game of ‘Hangman’ is sure to excite the young users. So will the Typing Monster game.    

♦ A great plus point of the learning process is that you can learn at your own pace.

You can set the parameters depending on your level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user.

Personalized Educative program

While Typesy is primarily software to develop speed typing, there is a big educational component that comes as a welcome bonus.

The typing activities of Typesy are linked with, which is a wonderful ocean of knowledge.

Thus, you will be able to educate yourself on many areas/topics even as you improve your typing.

All that you have to do is Wiki Connect to use the vast web resource while carrying out typing exercises. 

Typesy also provides access to a vast library with 500 eBooks drawn from a range of general subjects and plenty of fiction too.

You can thus choose what suits your reading tastes and enjoy your typing practice sessions.

Clean, modern interface

The program offers a very convenient and comfortable working interface.

It keeps text on the screen at a minimum, displaying only the current activity.

Typesy also offers sleek lines and shapes to keep you interested and focused on what appears on the screen.

Facility to track all training statistics:

There is a very systematic and comprehensive system to monitor the progress made by the users.

While doing any part of the course, your progress is tracked and objective feedback provided after each section.

You just need to use the Track Progress tab to get a clear idea of your performance indicators like typing speed and accuracy.

Such feedback helps users to set more challenging individual goals as they proceed. The outcomes keep them motivated and focused.

Supports multiple accounts:

A single Typesy subscription allows up to five users to register on the cloud system.

This is a big incentive for a family or a group of close friends to get the best out of the program.

Anyone, 6 years or older, can benefit from the software. Thus the group can learn in groups and support and motivate each other.

Features of the license :

A major attraction of the license is that it is comprehensive. It gives wide access to all courses, tools and videos for a period of three years.

Moreover, you have the option to synchronize your learning with the cloud server.

This means you can access your courses from any computer with Internet access you to import, create or share lessons among multiple users.

Hence, you can work from home and then continue from your office laptop.

What is more, you can share each and every one of your typing achievements online.

You can also compare your progress with the average user and your friends. The cloud link also enables

High-Quality Video tutorials:

The course is enriched by videos of high-quality lessons designed and presented by experts.

The instructions and explanations are lucid and elaborate. Different crucial aspects of speed typing are well covered.    

Customization :

The users have the option to choose the background color, font type, font size and the kind of activities to work on.

Certificate of achievement:

The option to have attractive certificate proficiency after completing different major stages is also an attractive feature.

It adds to the satisfaction of seeing your effort recognized.

Features at a Glance

♦517 Drills, exercise, and activities Crafted by Experts

♦Windows, Mac, Chrome, iPad supported with unlimited desktop Installations

♦5 User accounts

♦500 eBooks Library for all the levels

♦Cloud-based typing tutor which makes it accessible from any place with an internet

♦Practice for 7 mins a day

♦16 entertaining typing activities and games

♦Social Sharing functions on Facebook

♦7 Learning and typing techniques and strategies

♦Syncs with all the devices.

♦Progress tracking, Goal Setting and Customisation functions inbuilt

♦Video Training and instructions by Experts included.

Pros and Cons:

What I Liked About Typesy:

I liked some of the features of Typesy more than others. Let me mention a few of these.

♦ Typesy is clearly a powerful and fast tool and we can master it by spending a little time. As little as 10 minutes per day will bring good results.   

♦ The number and variety of activities provided are simply fabulous. Thus, it is suitable for users of any age, skill level, and interest. Young and old will find it equally useful and interesting.

♦ I particularly liked the game activities that help us to learn in a fun environment. The adaptation of the classic Hangman and the computer game, Typing Monster are two games my kids enjoyed very much. In this process, our typing speed, as well as accuracy improved significantly.

♦ I was particularly happy I could adjust the learning speed to suit my skill level. I was neither a novice nor an expert in speed touch typing.

♦ The typing activities and exercises were very clear and easy to follow and work out. I commend the developers for the step-by-step video instructions that accompany the program.

What I Didn’t Like:

♦ There are some aspects of the program that I found difficult to use. Some of the instructions to carry out the activities were a little confusing. Probably, you need to be more computer-literate.

♦ I wonder if the game element of the program is over-emphasized. I agree that the fun aspect may attract some users but others prefer more serious reading and typing activities. I would have like to see a greater proportion of serious activities.

♦ The software is cloud-based and requires a strong Internet connection. When the network is weak, you are at a disadvantage.


Not many speed typing software match the versatility and comprehensiveness of Typesy. One of them is Ultrakey, which offers around 700 activities. But it is more expensive.

Many other programs like” rel=”nofollow”>, Typing Instructor and Keyblaze have at the most 3 learning methods and 50- 100 activities. Typesy uses 7 learning methods and 300 activities.

Yet again, is good to refresh one’s skills, but not very good for beginners.

Ultrakey is good for beginners while Typing Instructor is most entertaining. In contrast, Typesy is the one that is suitable for users of all levels of proficiency.

Typesy Faq’s

Does Typesy Provide a Trial?

No Free Trials are allowed. However, All purchases are guaranteed to be secured and are covered by their 12-month no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

So you can invest your money without any worries, Just contact their help desk in case you are dissatisfied and your money would be refunded.

How Much Time Do I Have to Commit?

The typing tutor recommends using the training for 7 minutes a day for around 3-4 weeks for a significant change or improvement in speed and accuracy of typing.

A 3-times change in typing speed is guaranteed with adaptive features that customize the exercises as per your skill level.

Will I Get Any Personal Training?

With Typesy all the instruction comes from your personal trainer in high definition video quality. Moreover, Typesy combines video training with advanced computer typing exercises that bring results in less time

Is eReflect Company Reputed?

e Reflect is a leading and renowned education software development company.

The firm has developed several other famous tools like Spreeder CX7 Speed Reading, and Vocab1.

The company has offices in the US, Asia, and Australia and serves tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

On What Devices is Typesy Compatible?

Typesy is compatible with Chrome Browser, Window Desktop Installs (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10), Mac Desktop Laptop, iPad.

It is available through your browser on all of the devices including Android and syncs automatically.

Conclusion and Verdict: Typesy Review 2018

Typesy is an incredibly good typing tutor. It is packed with learning techniques and features not found in many other programs.

User Interface: Typesy meet all the expectations regarding lessons, reinforcements, skill levels, typing challenges, and feedbacks with an excellent user interface and structured program.

Excellent interface with Video Training, activities and drills and a large number of fun games makes it suitable for both children and adults.

Cloud-Based: Typesy is a cloud-based app and that makes it usable anywhere or in a classroom environment. It is effortless to monitor the progress of all students in real time.Typesy is designed as a well-rounded education application product that saves users tons of time.

Multiple User Accounts: Some tutor doesn’t allow multiple accounts on one license. With Typesy your whole family gets to the benefits on one single license.

5 user accounts can be set without any additional cost on a single license. Each user can set their own individual profile on their different devices.

A social Sharing function feature is also available by which users can share their typing skills and improvements with their family and friends.

Help, Support, and Refunds: The software developer eReflect provides good support via online chat, Telephone or email

The customer is also Entitled to a money back guarantee. Within 365 days of Purchase if the customer is not satisfied they can contact the help desk for a refund.

This feature makes it almost risk-free to trial and use.

You can definitely rely on Typesy to improve your own typing skills and speed.

The activities on offer are numerous and are interestingly varied which should keep you eager to learn and improve over a short period of time.

You will also really enjoy the personalized instructional videos and fun activities. 

The price is also quite reasonable.  It is the speed typing software that you can use with confidence and recommend to others as well.

Feel Free to ask me any questions about the types touch typing software program

Have You Used Typesy? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  • Price-$29.95,  5 Users per License 
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    Expert Typing Tutor with Video Guidance,Fun games and Exercises. Easy Interface,Cloud Based ,and iPad, Chrome, Mac, Windows Compatible.For all Ages.
  • Rating: ★★★★★★
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