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18 Best Tony Buzan Books Worth Investing Your Time

Tony Buzan Books

Anthony Peter Buzan, popularly as “Tony” Buzan, is a reputed English writer and educationist. He is best associated with the concept of mental literacy and a mental technique called mind mapping. 

He has also built a reputation for promoting memory enhancing mnemonic techniques and mind mapping systems. In December 2006, he developed and launched an innovative software program called iMindMap to build mind mapping. He has been a prolific writer with over 80 books to his credit. These books fall into three categories – memory building books, speed reading books, and mind mapping books. Here is a list with the brief description of best Tony Buzan Books worth reading.

 Speed Reading Books: Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan the Speed Reading Book

1. The Speed Reading Book (2006): 

There is so much of information around us to read and absorb. If we don’t have speed reading skills, we are at a big disadvantage.

This Speed Reading book by Tony Buzan, an acknowledged expert in the field, shares his insights to build our speeding reading to a commendable 1000 words per minute or more.

It is not just skim reading but with proper comprehension and retention. The book is easy to follow for all types of readers. 

Buzan Study Skills

2. The Buzan Study Skills Handbook: 

In this comprehensive book, Tony Buzan combines the great insights of his three areas of expertise – Memory, Speed Reading, and Mind Mapping.

It is thus a handy and highly useful guide for students and other learners for all-round development. 

They can thus improve their brain power, concentration, study skills and improve their performance in examinations. This, in turn, results in enhanced academic grades and a general sense of accomplishment. 

Buzan Bites Speed Reading

3. Buzan Bites: Speed Reading: 

The book by Tony Buzan presents a key area of the author’s interest, speed reading, in a very condensed form. This ‘bite-size’ book version highlights the important aspects of his innovative speed reading techniques.

It is presented in an easy and fun style and we can apply the methods readily to register remarkable progress in speed and comprehension. 

It is a very handy source of training for students, teachers, and professionals who wish to improve their reading power.

Tony Buzan Books: Mind Mapping 

The mind map book Tony Buzan

4. The Mind Map Book: 

Tony Buzan is credited with popularizing the concept of Mind Maps. Thus this book is considered the most authentic and reliable one to turn it our advantage.

The book, packed with color illustrations,   describes Mind Maps as ‘the Swiss army knife for the brain’.  It highlights a note-taking technique that has and continues to transform the lives of many millions of people.

The book reveals techniques to enhance memory, creativity, and power of concentration.  

Mind Map for Kids Tony Buzan

5. Mind Map for Kids. (2003) 

Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps for Kids is the author’s first book written especially for children between 7 and 14. The full-color workbook explains the mind map principles in a simple form.

Thus it has helped children to benefit immensely in the classroom. The effective note- making skill has helped them cut time spent on homework and enjoy learning.

They are also empowered to prepare for and take exams with confidence and perform well. 

Modern Mind Mapping

6. Modern Mind Mapping For Smarter Thinking:

This is a modern age version of the author’s time-tested Mind Mapping principles. He had introduced the novel educational concept about forty years ago. 

It has been already put to good use by over 250 million people. The book establishes the continued validity and applicability of the principles in the field of education, business, and everyday life.

Tony Buzan has collaborated with Chris Griffith, another writer, and thinker. 

7. The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps: 

This book is an excellent and authentic guide to the principles and impact of Mind Mapping. It highlights in particular, the way this special mode of note-taking helps readers excel in every sphere of life, be it academic or professional fields.

It demonstrates how exactly the educational tool works and helps users achieve their full potential. It is a highly practical guide to many real-life situations, made more appealing by its all-color layout.

mind maps at work tony buzan

 8. Mind Maps at Work: 

This book is authored by a world-famous authority on memory building, creativity, and Mind Mapping.

Mind mapping is a powerful and novel form of note-making and note-taking that ignites our creative thinking. He uses his well-tested concepts as applied to the workplace.

This will serve as a practical guide for all professionals to achieve unqualified success and job satisfaction. The book also presents many success stories of individuals and companies that have reaped the benefits of his techniques. 

Mind map handbook

9. Mind Map Handbook: The Ultimate Thinking Tool:  

This book is a wonderful guide to the principles of Mind Mapping, pioneered by the author.

It is a handy volume that will help the readers to discover their innate potential and achieve success in every sphere of life. The Handbook is, in fact, a compact volume that combines three important works.

These are the Power of Verbal Intelligence, The Power of Creative Intelligence and How to Mind Map. 

Tony Buzan Memory Books

Tony Buzan the Memory Book

10. The Memory Book:

The Memory Book highlights the immense potential of human memory – and shows how to make the best of it.

The author presents time-tested and innovative memory techniques that produce consistent results. This book primarily helps readers to improve their memory power.

In addition, it also helps to increase our I.Q., creativity, and imagination.

There are tips on how to remember dates, names, numbers, and even whole texts. It propels users to greater success in life. 

master your memory

11. Master Your Memory (2006): 

In this book, the author shows us the unlimited capacity of the human memory. He outlines ways to tap this potential to the maximum.

He offers simple and interesting tips to improve our ability to store and recall names, dates, lists, and telephone numbers and so on.

He has special sections in the book for the benefit of students preparing for exams, those learning new languages, and even for card players. There is an interesting chapter on recalling dreams! 

Briliant Memory Tony buzan

12. Brilliant Memory: 

This is a short and precise version of Tony Buzan ’s ideas on memory development.

He reveals many of his secrets on the subject for the benefit of his readers. He makes it clear that these techniques can be applied in all kind of situations, – at school, home or at work.

Readers can gain the confidence to remember anything of importance to them, be it names, numbers, study texts, poetry or even shopping lists. 

13. The Most Important Graph in the World

This book gives a clear idea about the role and importance of the human brain and the memory power it has.

Buzan outlines very important techniques to improve memory. By following these methods, we also stand to improve our emotional IQ, creative ability and overall intelligence.

It has been widely used by students at different levels, business leaders and other professionals.

Most of them have found the methods suggested most practical and effective. 

Use Your perfect memory

14. Use your perfect Memory:

The book provides a number of innovative techniques for improving our memory power.

Generally, human beings utilize only a small proportion of the brain power and memory we have.

Tony Buzan, known for his original views on brain power and memory, has shared his valuable insights with his readers.

These techniques are valid for users of all age groups, level of education and professional status. They can apply these principles to specific and everyday life situations.  

Business Books by Tony Buzan

Mind Maps for Business

15. Mind Map for Business: 

Mind Maps for Business is considered the first book on mind mapping that Tony Buzan has written specifically for the business world. In this book, Buzan shares valuable insights and powerful techniques on mind mapping as applicable to business. 

The right use of these techniques can help business people of all levels to improve production, grow and expand rapidly, and make innovative decisions. It will help them to become focused and negotiate better. 

Use Your Head BBC books

16. Use Your Head: BBC Books 2006.

This is Tony Buzan’s classic book on how we can improve our brain power. It was published in 1974 and made an impact straight away.

Since then it has been published across the globe in five continents and translated into over 25 languages.

More than million copies of this book have been sold and it continues to transform the lives of people all over.

It inspires the readers to supercharge their brain and thereby achieve their innate potential. 

Mind Maps At Work 1

17. Mind Maps at Work: 

This book offers a new and refreshing look at the author’s well-established concept of Mind Map in the context of the workplace.

Applying these ideas will help users keep ahead of their co-workers.

It is packed with practical suggestions, mental drills and case studies of successful professionals.

These will motivate us to perform to our potential and achieve great success. It puts together a remarkable blend of color, association, and images to convey the message.  

The power of creative intelligence

18. The Power of Creative Intelligence: 

The human brain is an amazing part of our body. It is capable of creating millions and billions of ideas.

It is a treasure house of creativity. This book by Tony Buzan helps readers to make the best of their creative potential to make real-life decisions.

The book provides interesting tools and fun games to present these novel ideas. He links these with his famous Mind amp techniques and lives of famous personalities. 

Tony Buzan-Biography, Contribution, and Philosophy: 

Anthony Peter Buzan was born in  Enfield, Middlesex, on 2 June 1942. He had his school education at Vancouver based Kitsilano Secondary School.

Buzan had his undergraduate studies at the British Columbia University. The subjects he studied included psychology, English, mathematics, and science. In 1965-66, he enrolled at the University of Simon Fraser. He had the distinction of serving as the first president of the Simon Fraser Student Society. At this time, He also became active in Mensa and went on to become an editor of the prestigious International Journal of Mensa.

Buzan popularized the concept of mental literacy and a technique called mind mapping. He was inspired by the creative techniques by renowned personalities like by Leonardo da Vinci and  Einstein. He was also influenced by the concept mapping techniques proposed by Joseph Novak. In collaboration with Chris Griffiths, a Welsh entrepreneur, he developed an innovative software program on mind mapping. This digital version was called iMindMap. 

He created in 1970 a very successful educational series for BBC called Use Your Head. He went on to present many of the creative ideas in a series of five books. These covered different aspects of his principles on mind mapping, speed reading, and memory development. By 2003, it has been estimated that these five books alone sold over 3 million copies. That was just the beginning. He went on to become a prolific writer who penned 80 books in all. 

He has made a singular contribution to the field of education, psychology, and literature through his books. He has made a remarkable imprint on the educational and literary scene of our times. As a renowned author, he has written books on concepts like “genius quotient (GQ)”, spiritual intelligence, memory power, and speed reading. He has also served as the President of the Brain Foundation as well as the Brain Trust Charity. As an ultimate recognition of his contribution to human thoughts, in 2011, he was Nobel Prize for Peace and Economics.    

Tony Buzan presented a lot of original and highly useful ideas and techniques on creativity, sound study methods, memory development, and the highly popular mind mapping process to aid learning. He believes that students should be taught the way to take up the very task of studying itself before they begin any course. If they start reading or learning without being so equipped they may end up as frustrated earners. On the basis of his study and observation about the function of our brain, he identified a Memory rhythm. He has come up with the finding that that we remember what we learn at the beginning and end of a period of study. By having shorter study sessions, we can create more beginning and end situations. This, in turn, would improve the effectiveness of our study. He also emphasized the importance of reviewing old concepts learnt when we start a new study session.  

Tony Buzan is best remembered for his trail-blazing ‘mind map’ concept. It is an innovative and pictorial note making and note-taking technique that has revolutionized our thinking and study process. It employs color and shapes represent ideas related to each other in the form of radial notes for a particular topic. A well-compiled mind map has the appearance of a tree with several branches. It is a wonderful study tool.   

Tony Buzan will always be remembered and respected for his far-reaching and original contributions to the field of education and psychology. 

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