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Syllable App For iPhone – A Review

Syllable App

Read Through Your Articles And eBooks In a Flash On iOS Devices

Syllable App is a reliable speed reading app for iPhone and helps you learn to read faster.

The app can access articles from platforms like Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability and improves your book reading skills too.

We have many different Speed reading Applications with their own special features to achieve the purpose. Likewise, this App provides its own strategy to achieve speed reading.

It recognizes a common reading issue called subvocalization that hinders our reading speed.

Essentially, It assists us to overcome this problem, while reading the texts.

Besides, this App has several other in-built features that enhance the speed reading in a very gradual and progressive manner.

Method of Training:

Subvocalization is the tendency to read words in our head thereby bringing down the overall reading speed.

Syllable provides the technique to minimize such process of reading words in our brain.

The method is to push you to read through the text material quickly so that you don’t get the time to read the words aloud.

Interestingly, the idea is to create a situation that urges the brain to keep pace with the words that appear on the screen.

In addition, the Syllable App provides another technique called chunking.

This means that you read a certain number of words in one go.

Both these techniques are well integrated with other special features to make it an effective speed reading App.

Although, you will take some time to understand and utilize various features like importing text and customizing viewing options of font and light effects that is worth it. 

You will also judiciously step up our reading speed as you make progress.   


The Syllable App has many interesting and useful features like:

  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Can be downloaded from iTunes
  • Option to change the reading speed from slow to fast
  • Indicates time required for reading the given text
  • Add articles from Clipboard or even by typing
  • Change the font type, size, alignment, text position
  • Can set “night mode” for comfortable reading in dim light
  • Alignment options available for dyslexic users
  • Can vary the number of words shown on screen to a maximum of 5.
  • It supports importing of articles from PocketInstapaper and Readability.
  • Version 2.1 and above has a new ‘article extracting engine’.

More New Features: Syllable 2.1

Pros and Cons: Syllable App


While most of the features outlined above are beneficial, I found the following as the most striking advantages of this App.

♦ The technique of reducing subvocalization, a brilliant idea. Including some others, We know that this factor hinders reading speed a lot. Thus, a root cause of slow reading is tackled.

♦ I discovered that when you archive an article in Syllable, it gets automatically archived in Pocket, Instapaper or Readability. That’s a great facility to cut down the queue size in these platforms.

♦ The facility of Dynamic type support helps you to adapt the size of text to the system setting.

♦ It is also good to see that the new versions of the App are more advanced and a few bugs have been fixed.

♦ Complete customization of the font features and adjustment of the screen lighting for comfortable reading even in dim light is a welcome feature. 

♦ The App allows us to copy and paste emails and such other texts. Thereafter, we can read them without any distraction presented by images and ads. Hence, we can stay focused and save our time.


♦ Syllable now requires iOS 7.0 as a minimum version

♦ I would like to see the App adding more reading apps to the list of compatible connections.

♦ As far as I could see, the App supports the use of only English.  A few more languages would definitely add to the appeal and wider usability.

♦ Besides, at times, I had trouble in going back to an article I had just finished reading.


There are many other fast reading Apps available today. Namely, Some of the popular ones are:

  • Reedy
  • Spreeder
  • Dictator
  • iReadFast
  • Spritz
  • Outread App

Here, we have a review of some of the best speed read apps available in the market.


While Syllable App is one of the most appealing fast reading Apps available today. It is compatible with iOS devices only.

Moreover, Effective and regular use of the App is sure to improve reading speeds and overall comprehension.

Priced at $2.99, it offers an excellent and convenient solution for readers who enjoy reading books, and articles.

To Summarize, this app can meet the professional needs of the present generation, who are faced with an information overload.

How is Your experience of using the syllable app?

Please share your comments.

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