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4 Simple Speed Reading Eye Exercises

Speed reading exercises

4 Eye Exercises To Improve Reading Speed And Comprehension

Speed reading is an acquired skill that requires the use of different reading techniques and various speed reading exercises that enhance a person’s ability to read quickly. It requires training that can be received through books, seminars, videos, and computer software and good speed reading Exercises.

Usually, when a person reads, they engage the brain, eyes, ears, and mouth to work together to translate text into meaningful words and sentences.

With speed reading, these senses become more engaged in functioning together, thus becoming more efficient in doing their work.

Your eyes play an important role in speed reading.

To read a text quickly, you should have the ability to move your eyes across the page fast, jumping from one word to another and even taking in more than one word at a time in quick glances.

These quick glances are important in speed reading and some recommended speed reading systems focus on building this ability.

Having your eyes trained to effectively expand your vision vertically and horizontally will allow you to read and understand several words at a time on two or three different lines with just a single glance.

This can be hard to take in at first but can be achieved with continued practice.

Here Are Some Eye Exercises For Speed Reading

Thumb-to-Thumb Glancing

This exercise will benefit the muscles in your eye sockets that are responsible for your peripheral vision and your other eye muscles, in general, to make them flexible.

When you do this exercise, glance at your thumbs without moving your head:

  • Look straight ahead with your arms stretched out to your sides and your thumbs sticking out.
  • Glance back and forth between your two thumbs without moving your head from side to side. Do this ten times.
  • Repeat these steps twice.

Writing With Your Eye

This exercise is good for the extra-ocular muscles of the eye sockets, increasing your eyeball’s range of movement and flexibility.

Workout your eyes by moving them around in ways not commonly done.

  • Look straight ahead at a wall far away from you.
  • Write your name on the wall using your eyes to write the letters of your name.
  • Move your eyes around the wall as you would write each letter of your name using a paint brush.
  • Try writing your name in cursive letters as well as block letters.

Hooded Eyes

When your eyes are hooded, they become relaxed.

This exercise is useful if you feel your eyes getting tired and in need of a timeout:

  • Close your eyes halfway in the same way you would before you fall asleep and concentrate on stopping your eyelids from shaking. This will relax your eyes.
  • Gaze at a faraway object while your eyes are still half closed.

Squeezing Your Eyes

When you squeeze your eyes, the muscles become relaxed and the flow of blood and oxygen to your eyes and face increases too.

  • Breathe in slowly and deeply. While breathing in, open your eyes and mouth as wide as you possibly can and stretch the muscles of your whole face.
  • Breathe out slowly. While doing this, close your eyes shut, squeezing them shut as tight as you can. Clench your jaws to squeeze the muscles of your whole face including your neck and head.
  • Continue squeezing for 30 seconds while holding your breath.
  • Repeat these steps five times.
  • Don’t forget to take a break between sets.

These exercises are just part of the training you need to undergo if you are serious about learning the art of speed reading.

The more diligently you practice the methods of speed reading, the more you train yourself to become better at it.

Some good course about speed reading is a systematic and experts guided way to become a speed reader and learn speed reading exercises.

A good course can be instantly downloaded onto your computer so you can start training yourself immediately upon purchase.

I have reviewed some of the good courses on how they are are helpful in speed reading exercises.


LAST UPDATED: May 6th, 2019

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