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Speed Reading Advice


Some bad reading habits such as Subvocalization can impair your reading speed significantly. So, you might be wondering? What is Subvocalization and How you can tackle it? Read Here.

speed reading

Increasing reading speed, we basically re-learn and re-adjust the brain’s usual functioning for reading. Read here how to re-learn and re-adjust the brain’s usual functioning for reading and get more out of it.

8 bad reading habits

Speed Reading is an essential habit to develop If you want to grow in life but bad reading habits can make you lose your valuable time and concentration. Read here how to overcome them.

how to read a book fast

A good number of students and entrepreneurs want to know how to read a book fast and understand it better, as they want to improve their reading skills and gain knowledge from a book as quickly as possible. Read here how to do it.

Words per minute reading

Average Words Per Minute Reading

When it comes to reading or typing skills, speed is often measured by the number of words you can process in a minute. This term is called words per minute reading, usually abbreviated as WPM. Read how to calculate it.

Reading techniques

Reading is a method of communication that works effectively to translate writing into meaning. In order to make reading worthwhile, you need to process what you have read and understand its meaning. Here are the techniques.

How Fast Do I Read

Efficiency in reading can be determined by the reading speed and the rate of information retained. If you want to improve the pace of your reading, it is important that you keep a record of your progress. Here is how you can measure your reading speed.

LAST UPDATED: February 20th, 2019