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RocketReader Review

RocketReader Review

RocketReader Online Program-Improve Your Reading Speed And Comprehension

RocketReader is a path-breaking speed reading course that uses artificial intelligence linked reading techniques.

These techniques help to improve your reading speed and comprehending ability.

Moreover, The program helps you to get rid of your faulty reading habits.

RocketReader offers well-designed materials and well-structured exercises. As a result, It acts as a tremendously useful guide in learning how to speed read.

RocketReader is ideal for students of the school, college and university levels, professionals in any sphere.

In short, those who need or love to read more and more for their self-improvement and recreation.

RocketReader Top Features:

1. RocketReader Training Techniques Are Based on Research:

The training techniques adopted are based on extensive reading proficiency research.

These were carried out by well-known experts in the field.

For instance, Keith Rayner worked on eye tracking and movement.

Ethel Matin’s field of work was a rapid serial presentation of reading text.

and, Timothy Bell’s study focused on comprehension and speed using graded reading text.

The methods to eliminate poor reading habits are a pre-requisite for better reading.

Also, These methods are backed by a number of speed reading advocates like Evelyn Wood, Tony Buzan, and Robert Zorn.

Some of the standard reading-proficiency techniques incorporated in Rocket Reader are:-


Grouping Exercises

Speed Training

Comprehension Testing and

Memory Training.

2. The App Helps to Set and Achieve Realistic Goals:

By sincerely working for about 15 to 30 minutes a day, You can achieve the goals you have set to improve reading speed and efficiency.

You can increase the speed of exercise as you improve.

Even if you are very good speed reader; the tests can be adjusted to move fast enough.

From the average reading speed of around 200 to 230 words a minute, users can set a realistic target of reading 500-800 words per minute and can soon achieve it.

This is done along with improvement in comprehension and retention of the reading text.

Moreover, Such advances are possible in about 2 months of systematic training.

3. Has Lessons and Exercises to Overcome Faulty Reading Habits:

RocketReader is provided with convenient lessons to get over the poor reading already a person has.

These include subvocalization and reading of isolated words.

Speed is accomplished by eliminating re-reading sentences and presenting blocks of words.

Previous sentences are covered up as the reading proceeds.

The inbuilt Flash training allows you to read groups of words with a single glance.

Through sustained and regular practice, users are prevented from going back to their old faulty habits.

All that they have to do is work on 20-30 minute on sessions daily. Longer and irregular sessions are not advisable.

As the new reading skills get fixed, the old habits disappear gradually.

The Speed Training exercise can also be used to specifically remove vocalization.

This usually comes down when the speed goes over 200 words per minute.

Read: Subvocalization

4. The Lessons and Exercises Are Highly Structured :

RocketReader exercises are of four different patterns.

These are termed Quick, Revision, Detailed, and the Works with each having its own assigned time frame.

You can choose the plan to work on depending on the time at your disposal.

For example, the Quick Lesson takes 15 minutes, and while the Works takes 60 minutes.

At the end of every RocketReader lesson, you can take the speed test and monitor your progress.

5. RocketReader Offers Vocabulary Improvement Techniques:

Though not directly expected in a speed reading program, vocabulary building is also taken care of in the program.

RocketReader exercises, reading the material, and speed tests introduce a dynamic list of words and phrases depending on the level of the users.

Thus they derive immense benefit from acquiring a lot of new words.

The best illustration is the specialized vocabulary product called “RocketReader Vocab” that trains us for a powerful SAT-level vocabulary.

Flash Training exercises further provide opportunities to sharpen one’s vocabulary.

6. A Wide Range of Reading Texts:

RocketReader offers more than 500 reading texts drawn from different interesting sources like excerpts from popular books.

These materials cater to the interests of users of all ages.

There is a good blend of fiction and non-fiction reading material.

Also, You can also import your own PDF, text and Word files that cover real-life material into the program.

7. Comprehensive Comprehension Tests:

Each reading text comes along with its own specific set of comprehension tests.

Essentially, This helps you to monitor the level of retention.

Also, there are over 10,000 questions of a multiple choice type which tests you in a comprehensive way.

8. Results Can be Generated in Graphical form and Printed:

A Guardian or a trainer can print out or graphical interpretation of progress of their students or children.

The crucial element of time management is also covered well.

Graphs are especially useful because a look at the image of the rising reading speed can be very motivating.

9. SAT Module Packed With Resources:

Students who plan to take the challenging SAT test can rely on the vast resource available in RocketReader Online.

It has materials for critical reasoning, sentence completions, roots, word formation through prefixes and suffixes, vocabulary enhancement, and Math questions.

Features at a Glance

500+ Graded Readings Material with Comprehension tests

♦Print results and graphs of Improvement

♦Drills, Exercises, and Comprehension Tests with the score.

♦SAT module packed with Resources

♦Add your own reading material

♦Memory Development Module and Addressing Bad Reading Habits.

What I like: RocketReader

While I enjoyed using most of the features of the program, a few points stand out.

What I like most about the program is that the claims about increasing the speed as well as comprehension are quite justified.

Rocket reader is in some of the best programs which produce the result. You end up faster and more accurate in your reading.

♦The quantity, quality, and variety of reading materials and exercises are fabulous and you can’t really ask for more.

What Need to be Improved:

RocketReader operates on a one-person-per- subscription principle. I wish it could support multiple users as many other programs do. 

♦The program is only available online and the price begins at $139 for a three month and is $259 for one year, This makes a bit expensive.

♦Unlike 7 Speed Reading Course where ebooks are provided, the reading texts provided in RocketReader Course are only excerpts and not a full-fledged reading material.

♦Technical support is rather slow and response time is about 4-6 working days. which can be improved further. 

RocketReader Summary:

Unlike some good speed reading software course, RocketReader seems to be a bit costlier.

However, It is a speed reading program with much effective reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary training features.

RocketReader helps you to get rid of our in-built poor reading skills by employing scientific and standard techniques.

Since, it is easy to use and powerfully effective, it can prove to be a better way of learning speed reading.

You have the freedom to practice whenever you can spare the time and make steady progress.

Moreover, Excellent customer feedback establishes its worth beyond all doubt.

LAST UPDATED: March 20th, 2019

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