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ReadMe! App Review


Readme!-An eBook Reader App for iOS and Android

Readme! is an android and iOS based ebook reader app to assist book lovers in speed reading. The app uses Spritz technology accompanied by focus reading and beeline reading technologies to increase the reading speed up to 1000-1600Wpm

With lots of customization options, Unique walnut interface, and sync functionality, ReadMe! app has garnered lots of attention among the speed readers community and proved to be an excellent option.

Here is our experience of using the ebook app.

Modes of Reading/Technology Used

Users can enhance their reading experiences with the help of Reading Technologies or what we can also call as modes of reading that is used in the ReadMe! App.

Below are the reading technologies used.

Focused Reading:

Focused reading implies paying attention to a few sentences rather than reading long form of texts.

The App displays a few words at a time on the screen with customized settings of fonts size, number of words and speed of display of the words.

This seems to be a good strategy, rather than seeing a whole page for reading, stripping the rest and focusing on a few makes the reader less distracted.

Spritz Technology:

Integration of spritz reader, the basis of which is  focusing on what is essential and control peripheral vision spread.

In free Version, you can spritz with up to 5-word chunks with speed up to 450wpm which can be upgraded and higher levels are unlocked in the premium version.

Spritz requires an internet connection but you can cache your books for offline availability.

With this technology, I would say even one book a day reading is possible.

Beeline Reader:

Beeline reader makes reading faster and easier by using a colour gradient that guides your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of next.

Readers are shown the sentences on the page with varying colours which are completely customizable.

The varying colours of the text guides the eye and make the transition smooth from a sentence ending to another sentence beginning.

The Result is a reduction in eye movement and effective reading of the digital contents.

I would say It’s a good strategy to integrate the BeeLine Reader into the app, which has won lots of recognition and awards for improving the reading speed and reading fluency for readers of all profiles of readers including people suffering from dyslexia.

More Features

1. Both ePub and Pdf formats are supported, While ePub is included in the free version, PDF books are supported only in the premium subscription.

2. A focus point icon is used on the pages called optimal recognition point(ORP) which highlights the word in red, so that eye movement is minimal.

3. The books can be transferred by email to the library, by Dropbox, or can be downloaded from computer and internet browser.

4. Synchronization feature is integrated into the app where you can continue reading with different digital devices and start reading the page from where you left reading or took a break.

Bookmarks and your latest page is updated on all devices simultaneously.

So, You stop reading on your iPhone at a certain sentence, You can start reading from the same sentence with your iPad.

Also, The ease and speed of the synchronization make it praiseworthy.

How It is Laid Out

Once You download the app, You can gain access with a one-click login through the Facebook profile while also the app welcomes a new sign up through email.

3 Choices of account are given to users other than free account and features

Premium-Subscription option available for 0.99$/month or 4.99$Per Year, renewed automatically unless a user has opted out of auto renewal.

One Free Week-A free week premium subscription is allowed to users for experiencing all the premium features available in the app for reading.

So basically its a 1-week trial subscription to enable all features.

Premium Pass For a Day-Users is given a free access to the premium features for a day once they have watched 10 seconds of advert supplied by Google.

Free day pass by watching adverts appealed to some users but to my disappointment Sometimes the advertisements are just not available for a day free trial unlocking.

The problem has been answered as of when I raised a query:

Ads available for the free day pass works as long as Google is able to provide short video ads which sometimes is difficult to match any relevant video ads by google for a variety of reasons. so a free day pass seems to be unavailable.

A book is preloaded and some features can be experienced through the book in the free account.

Some books are protected by publishers(DRM) to read on other apps and sites. App only works with DRM(Digital Rights Management) free books, google books, kindle

Tip: Convert books to .ePub, and this works well most of the times.

What I Like

♦Minimal waste of time in finding the reading position and, remarkably smooth transition from one sentence to another.

♦Well, I felt the reading is less strenuous and the app also mitigates reading fatigue.

♦This reading app is an excellent rapid reader App with great import features including email, Dropbox and browser.

♦Excellent customer support with a quick reply and timely addressing of all the queries.

♦Full support for high quality and feature rich ePub reading formats which make the book reading a good experience.

♦Uses Spritz interface in conjunction with 2 more methods of reading unlike several other Apps of similar nature, reading of long ebooks accompanied with comprehension becomes a breeze.

♦Uses colour to guide the eye from line to line increasing speed up to 20% immediately

♦Sometimes we don’t want to read in a hurry, So there is a customization of the speed of reading as per your mood or grasping capacity, which also makes it highly useful even for people with dyslexia.

What I Didn’t Like

♦Limited offline capability with offline support and offline caching featured only for ReadMe! premium subscribers.

♦Syncs reading with other devices but only available via subscription.

♦Some user finds it troubling to download books into the library, however following the instruction and ensuring the book in a correct format this shouldn’t be a problem.

♦Adding files sometimes I felt is cumbersome and as soon a book is added it prompts to rename which sometimes can be bit frustrating.

♦Some users have reported the app as not easy to use intuitively as Pdf reader, also would love to have an added feature of scrolling the page than swiping.

♦I felt the app is nagging for a subscription every now and then, This can be avoided and users bounce rate could be improved.


With so many excellent speed reading apps in the market like Reedy, Rushreader, and Fbreader, I would give this App a plus over others as it has more Spritz options and reading methods.

Both Spritz and BeeLine Reader work well at all times and has been integrated seamlessly, making reading easy and enjoyable and complementing the spritz technology.

I had no regrets about becoming a premium member, especially since, It permits me to increase my reading speed and reading long lengthy books becomes a breeze, while I would also recommend reading the cancellation policy before subscribing.

The reviews that criticize the app because the developer charges something for it are, I believe, are somewhat unreasonable as we should expect people to be paid when they develop and provide something we want for the job intended.

With feature and image rich ePub reading in free version, Readers can brush up their reading skills while further enhancing to pdf enabled premium feature.

With all being said, ReadMe! makes an excellent choice of an app for book lovers, while it can be used for casual and relaxed reading also.

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