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Reading techniques

Reading techniques

LAST UPDATED: January 6th, 2019

Reading is a method of communication that works effectively to translate writing into meaning. When you read, your brain undergoes a series of complex processes that enable you to make sense of different shapes and letters to form a word or a sentence that you can understand.

Your brain and your eyes work hand-in-hand to fuse the images together into words which allows you to convert these texts into meaningful language that can be used to interact with others.

Reading is an integral part of one’s everyday life. It can be used to entertain yourself as well as further your knowledge.

In order to make reading worthwhile, you need to process what you have read and understand its meaning. This is called reading comprehension.

Types of Reading techniques


This technique refers to quickly going through texts to get an idea of their article. By skimming, you get only the main points you want without going through all the unnecessary details. This technique is useful if you want to get an idea of a page before you decide to read it in detail or if you want to review a passage quickly.


This technique involves using the eyes to quickly look across sentences to pick up pieces of information.

Detailed Reading

This process is a slower form of reading where a person starts at the beginning, slowly proceeding until the end is reached. This type of reading requires every sentence to be carefully read. The goal here is to fully absorb the accurate details contained in a text and be able to understand at least 80% of the information read.

Active Reading

This type of reading requires the reader to be physically involved while reading a text. This can be done through highlighting important passages, reading or thinking aloud, asking questions about what has been read, and answering these questions.

It is believed that when you become actively involved in what you read, you can gain a better understanding of the meaning of the text.

Speed Reading

This type of reading uses different methods with the aim of increasing the reading speed without affecting one’s understanding of the information read. Speed reading is believed to help improve comprehension by allowing the reader to view the text as a whole, and highly-recommended fast speed reading courses are ideal in unlocking this ability within you.

This can also be used to your advantage since speed reading will allow you to read more in a shorter time span while retaining the information.

An individual’s academic skills are built on good reading foundations. These foundations are important as you go on about your daily activities, whether they are work-related or otherwise.

Building on your reading techniques can significantly improve your work efficiency and productivity. Used properly, these techniques will help you free up precious time you can use to do other tasks.

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