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Reader’s Edge Review

reader's edge review

The Reader’s Edge is a powerful speed reading program offered by the Literacy Company with ample exercises and tests.

Basic And Pro are the two versions offered which are priced $79.95 and $149.95 respectively with windows only compatibility.

More and more people are turning to speed-reading programs to enhance their reading speed.

This is because the ability to read faster in this ‘Information Age’ is an advantage.

You are able to understand the reading material i.e your textbooks, office files, or your favorite fiction faster.

In your school or college, it helps you study faster and score more.

Similarly, in office, you can work smarter and more efficiently as learning fast helps you save a lot of your time.

The Reader’s Edge stands out amongst the several Speed-reading packages available.

Here’s a brief review of its features and what is unique about the program.

How Reader’s Edge Works

Reader’s Edge is a product from the Literacy Company and is suitable for all age-groups.

It works on certain well-known principles of speed-reading.

These include exercises for the vertical and horizontal span, mobility training, recognition tests, and many more.

These have been tried and tested as very effective in improving the reading speed.

Some of these are:


This is the habit of silently reading the texts. It is picked up during childhood and stays even when people become adults.

Obviously, sub-vocalization restricts the reading speed to that of speaking speed. Thus, one cannot read faster than one can mentally speak those words.

Reader’s Edge helps minimize and eliminate Sub-vocalization.

When you are no longer required to speak the words, reading gets faster.

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Fixation Span:

This means the spread or the width of a number of words that can be read at one time or a glance.

These glances as the eye jumps from one set of words to another are called saccades.

You read by focusing your eyes on a set of words.

If you can learn to see more words at a time, you can read them faster.

Reader’s Edge helps improves this fixation span to let you can read more words at a glance.

Fixation Time:

Our eyes take a pause when we switch over from one set of texts to another.

This brief pause slows down the reading speed.

Reader’s edge helps in reducing this intervening time. Consequently, the reading speed is increased.

Paced Reading:

When the reading speed is changed or varied, the functions of the brain and eyes get coordinated and conditioned.

It is like a horse being made to run at a different speed as a part of its training.

These exercises help in building up your stamina for an enhanced reading speed.

Eye Exercises:

There are exercises to train and strengthen the eye muscles to focus well.

The faster the eyes can move around to focus, the faster you can read.

The moving and flashing images and texts exercises help your eyes to move and focus fast.

As a result, the speed of reading text increases.

Regression or Re-reading:

Often a reader goes back or reads again what he has just read. This backward reading is a major barrier to Speed-reading.

Reader’s Edge software helps eliminate this annoying habit.

Comprehension is improved as you will be able to concentrate better on the text being read.

Reader’s Edge Highlights and Features

Reader’s Edge is developed by Richard Sutz who is also the CEO of The Literacy Company.

It comes in two versions – Basic and Pro priced at $79.95 and $149.95 respectively.

The Basic version can be installed on one computer and has 8 kinds of exercises.

The Pro version can be installed on two computers and has 12 sets of exercises and a few additional features.

Given below, are a few features and highlights of the Reader’s Edge:

Just 15 Minutes Practice Required:

The Reader’s Edge requires you to practice for just 15 minutes every alternate day.

It is guaranteed in the course to double your reading speed in a month.

You will also be able to improve your comprehension skill.

Starts with your Current Reading Abilities:

At the start of the course, there are speed and comprehension tests.

This measures your reading abilities at the beginning of the course.

Your scores at the starting point will help you keep a check on your progress.

Guided Training:

Reader’s Edge comes with a detailed lesson plan.

This plan is executed through sets of step-by-step instructions.

The guided training helps you go through the lessons.

The timely instructions help you go through the exercises.

Setting your own Reading Goals:

The software allows you to choose your own reading goals.

Thus you are not forced to work beyond your capabilities. You can work at your own pace.

Also, this customization feature is excellent and takes care of individual differences.

Comprehensive Coverage:

The Reader’s Edge covers not just Speed-reading, but several other aspects.

It helps to improve comprehension, vocabulary, and memory retention.

The Program also works at boosting the skills related to recognition, recall, and word-association.

Importing your own Content:

Reading standard texts may be irrelevant or boring for the user.

Reader’s Edge allows you to import your own contents for reading exercises.

The Clipboard Text feature allows you to import your own reading material like your emails, web pages, or any other documents.

Extensive Reading Materials:

The 8 reading techniques make use of more than 200 comprehension tests and the reading library has more than 300 books.

This helps you in choosing a variety of materials to avoid monotony and boredom.

Tracked Reading Exercises:

There are 8 kinds of reading exercise strategies with plenty of variety.

These are timed and your performance is recorded.

You can evaluate your performance continuously and keep track of your speed-reading goals.

Pros: Reader’s Edge

The Money Back Guarantee is a feature offered to make you choose Reader’s Edge without any apprehension.

The company provides a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

In case you are not able to double your reading speed in a month, you will get a full refund. 

The other Pros of the Reader’s Edge are:

♦ The course is suitable for all age groups and educational levels

♦ An impressive range of contents,  E-books, and other reading materials

♦ One can customize the goals and track one’s own progress The course is available online and on demand which lets you take the course anytime 24×7.


♦ The speed-reading strategies are not unique, as these elements are found in other speed-reading courses too.

♦ The course is ideally suitable for young and adult learners; but not for more elderly who need more training on memory and retention.

♦ The software is not very appealing in appearance, or user-friendly. It looks and feels outdated. The interface is cluttered with options.

♦ The Basic version has certain shortcomings like limiting the installation and user accounts. However, the Pro version has more features but is expensive, whereas similar features are offered by other speed-reading software.


The Reader’s Edge 6.0 is a simple to use Speed-reading software that does not make any unrealistic or very ambitious promises.

It sticks to the basics of Speed-reading and guarantees at least twice the reading speed.

The Reader’s Edge 6.0 uses well-tested techniques and strategies to help you achieve a jump in your reading speed.

If you want to go in for a reliable software with a good track record, you can opt for the Reader’s Edge.

You may not find it very glitzy with fancy graphics. But it surely delivers what it promises.

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