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How To Read Group Of Words:Chunking Words

Read A group of words:Chunking words

Everything About Chunking Of Words: Read 200% Faster

Speed Reading requires one of the most important technique called chunking words or reading a group of words.

chunkingNow, What does that means?

Whenever a person tries to read a book or a journal a slow reader reads a single word at a time.

In the Image you are seeing on the left, its difficult to comprehend by looking at a single word.

So, Basically, chunking words mean a technique of combining a group of words for processing in your brain and comprehend that group of words as a whole.

Chunking combined with Previewing and Hand pacing can prove to be a very useful speed reading technique for speed readers and can make you read 800-1000 words per minute with a little practice.

Benefits Of Chunking Words

I Remember that in school how it was taught to combine a group of letters and process it as a meaningful word and then read word by word.

But reading a single word at a time makes the process of reading slow down.

Singe Words Hardly Carry Any Information While a Group of Words Can Carry Relevant Information, So Reading One Word At a Time Makes Reading Slow.

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So going by the same technique, it is better to learn reading a group of words that comprehend the meaning of a sentence as a whole.

Speed Readers have the same approach of combining multiple words at a time.

Combining this technique with Skimming, Previewing, speed readers are able to comprehend about the paragraphs in seconds.

More Improvements Of Using This Technique

♦Reduction in Subvocalization

♦Understanding the Main Idea of a paragraph as a whole.

♦Reducing skip back eye movements or Re-Reading or going back over what you have read  already

Visualization of the reading material as a whole and gaining an idea about what it’s all about.

Chunking Words: If You Need To Worry To Learn It?

No, Not at all.

It’s not difficult to learn reading a group of words and with a little practice and training, you can learn to read a chunk of words and comprehend its meaning.

There are publications and good apps available to help you in reading chunks of words at a time.

Starting level requires you to chunk two words at a time.

The medium level requires 3-5 words chunking at a time.

The advance level requires you to practice reading and comprehend combining 5 or more words at a time.

Combined with hand pacing you can level up the chunking process.

Once You master chunking two words level up and start chunking 3-5 work at a time.

How To Level Up Your Chunking Process

1. Divide the sentence into two part and fix your eye on the first part and then again fix on the second part.

Try to combine most of the word in the first part and then do the same for the second part.

Use your pen or finger or even smartphone stylus for applying this technique.

Warning: Do not go for difficult reading material Initially.

It can be applied on easy to read material first then go for difficult readings.

This helps in:

♦your vision will extend.

Reduces Fixation and Regression.

2. Combine other reading techniques and strategies with chunking and that will help to level up your speed reading.

3. Overcome Your Bad Reading Habits.

For more: Bad Reading Habits

4. Learning visualization techniques.

5. Ignoring words which act as Just filler words.

Chunking Words: Training

Its Good to stick to a plan and practice for 10-15 minutes daily so that you don’t get exhausted in the process.

Practicing Regularly Is the key;

Start with level 1 and practice reading group of 2 words at a time, and then slowly move from 3-5 and then to 5 or more words.

Tip: Do not try to skip a level.

Slowly level up your game and start practicing to read and comprehend better.

Tip: Use hand pacing to jump from one-word group to next one.


Courses such as Rev It Up Reading and Udemy’s  SuperLearner 2.5 Course can help you systematically in gaining traction, but they are paid options.

A good Resource is  Ron Cole’s Alchemy Training Unlimited.

It’s considered one of the best material to learn and many speed readers use this material.

He is also the Author of the book: How To Be A Super Reader: Read faster, understand more, remember for longer.

You can learn to chunk though several apps and downloadable software and some good courses also.

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LAST UPDATED: May 3rd, 2019

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