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QuickReader App For iOS: Read eBooks Faster Than Ever

Reading with speed and comprehension gives you an edge in today’s competitive world. QuickReader is a handy addition to the world of fast eBook Reading apps, but compatible only with iOS devices.

The developers claim it incorporates the #1 speed-reading technology.

The software guides and trains users to read all kinds of materials – fiction and non-fiction, with remarkable speed.

QuickRead App thus serves both as a great eBook reader and a speed reading App.

Method of Training by QuickRead Program:

QuickReader combines the newest technology with well- established teaching techniques of reading.

The aim is to develop sound reading habits and optimized visual tracking and gets rid of faulty reading habits like subvocalization.

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As you progress regularly through the text material, you will be able to increase your reading speed.

A basic technique emphasized is to train your eyes to take in multiple words rather than words in isolation.

You need to train your eyes on how to see in multiple words at once. As you do so, you will start seeing the trees for the forest by focusing less on the component parts of a sentence and comprehending straight to its larger meaning.

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You will be thus able to get at the overall meaning of a piece of text much better and faster.

QuickReader Features:

QuickReader is packed with many exciting and useful features like:

♦ It is compatible with iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

♦ The App gets regularly updated with Version 4.7 released on 11 July 2018.

♦ Has a highly customizable interface, letting you set the look and feel of the reader screen.

♦ Provides for touch-free reading at different speeds without the need for turning the pages constantly.

♦ Has access to over 6500 downloadable EPUB books from within the app through

♦ Integrates with the Instapaper which allows you to save web pages to read later and moreover, the app also integrates with iBookshelf which allows you to catalog your physical or eBooks.

♦ Can add your favorite ebooks downloaded from any standard OPDS catalog.

♦ Can access articles, and other reading material using the Pasteboards of the App.

♦ Customize colors, fonts, text size, margins and more for the perfect reading experience.

♦ Enhance your reading focus and eliminate distractions

♦ Can track your reading improvement with QuickReaders’ Speed Tests. 

Pros and Cons


While many of the features outlined above are beneficial, I found the following as the most striking advantages of this App.

♦ With family sharing feature enabled, up to six family members cause this App.

♦ The App is available in nearly 20 languages. This makes it a very handy tool around the globe.

♦ The access to downloadable free books is a big attraction for an avid reader like me.

♦ The liberty to customize the interface in terms of fonts, and color is a big advantage.

♦ The inbuilt techniques help us to get over our poor or faulty reading habits, stay focused and become efficient readers.

♦ The possibility of increasing our reading speed two or three fold over the initial speed is a big attraction of the app. 

♦ I like the fact that we can import our own books in epub format and read the book at different reading speeds and fixations.


There are a few areas where the App needs improvement.

  • Currently, we cannot read from iBooks.
  • Introducing a font for dyslexic readers would be great.
  • As far as I know, this app does not seem to read pdf or word documents.
  • I wish I could use the app to import Kindle books and iBooks library.


One of the few other popular speed reading apps is Syllable app which is also compatible with iOS devices. It shares features of Quick Reader like customized reading speed, font size, and type.

However, it emphasizes the prevention of sub-vocalization as the main technique to improve speed.

Accelerator App too is for iOS devices. It makes use of the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, (RSVP) method and integrates well with apps like Instapaper and Pocket.


The QuickReader App is priced at $4.99. This is quite a good bargain for the kind of features offered and the thousands of books you can access and read. The reading speed also improves with training on removing bad reading habits. 

Users have an option for a free sampling of the features by downloading the free Lite version from the App Store. It offers a few short books and a speed test, and feel of the guided reading.


Quick Reader is a very efficient speed reading Apps available today. It is compatible with all iOS devices.

Systematic and effective use of the App will go a long way in overcoming wrong reading habits, if any, and develop the right techniques.

QuickReader is an ideal choice for all – students, bookworms, and professionals alike to significantly improve reading speed. Moreover, Reading turns into a memorable experience.

Note: A free version called QuickReader Lite Edition is also available with limited availability of features and limited customizations in the app. However, another Version for children aged 9-11 Years called Young Readers Edition is priced at $3.99.

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LAST UPDATED: April 24th, 2019

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