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Become Better and Funnier at Pubic speaking-Course Review

Become better at Public Speaking

How To Become Better and Funnier at Pubic speaking- Review

Do you want to bind your Audience with your elegant and engaging speaking style?

Do you want to grow professionally with loads of opportunities waiting for you?

All top jobs and professional positions require the skill of engaging your audience or people and motivate them.

So, anyone who wants to be a speech expert with a humorous and interesting style can take up this popular Udemy course and learn the techniques and tricks for an engaging and appealing presentation.

Become Better at Public Speaking-Overview and Goals 

The course (Visit Course Website) helps in identifying and making the course taker understand the stand-up comedy techniques and tricks that can be applied in public speaking contexts also.

The course also helps the students learn about how to craft a funny and interesting story to engage their audience hold audience interest.

Also, Sometimes the speakers go blank on stage which is a pretty embarrassing situation.

To deal with this situation the course taker is equipped with some effective memory techniques.

The course takers will also be able to craft memorable stories and incidents around their product or service and learn the techniques used by top Speakers to get laughs and engagement.

The basic goal of the Course is to make the students learn how to bemuse their audience, talk interestingly while gaining following and popularity among them.

For Whom This Course is For

The course is suitable for any person who wants to level up their public speaking skills.

Sales and Marketing Professional, advertising industry professional, aspiring to become stand up comedians, entrepreneurs are the typical set of people who can benefit from the course to a large extent.

Moreover, The course is also suitable for students, beginners or anyone who want to learn a new skill to increase their professional eligibility.

Public Speaking Course Rating

Course Features/How The Course is Presented

The Creator of the Course David Nihill believes that we all have a funny side to our personality and we just need to learn to nurture and nourish that quality to engage and communicate effectively.

The presenter says humor is a skill and so the good news is that it can be learned.

Adding a Story:

The course starts with the teaching about how to create a funny, compelling and interesting story for your audience.

The course also deals about how short or long your story can be so that the audience doesn’t lose their interest.

Adding Humor:

Next, the course teaches about how to add some funny quotient to your story and add some humor so that the story doesn’t sound boring.

Using Images and Visuals:

The instructor emphasizes the proper use of funny images and videos during your presentation or public speech.

The courses teach on the techniques for correct usage of images with some examples.

Memory Palace:

The instructor talks about the memory palace and how this technique can help in remembering the key points of the speech with suitable examples and exercises.

Body Language:

The Course teaches about the proper body language and posture for captivating the attention of the audience.

Spontaneous Thoughts:

The course covers about how to handle the impromptu thoughts and the importance of rehearsing spontaneity.

Controlling the Audience:

The course also covers about how to control the audience in some uncomfortable situations and gain traction and find a funnier side to that situation.


Suitable exercises and examples are given at every step of the course for the students to learn and practice.

Category: Business/Communication, Public Speaking

Video Duration: 3 Hrs, 68 Lectures

Instructors: David Nihill

Pricing: 10.99$.Visit Course

All Udemy CoursesVisit Here (94% Discount)

Social Confirmation: 954 User ratings, 4.4-stars, 13232 students enrolled


How Users are Finding the Course: Pros and Cons 

The tips and learnings provided seems to be really valuable and motivating for people that need to talk in front of people but are lacking the skills to be interesting and funny.

The course has also helped thousand of course takers in evolving their career paths and making them prepare for top jobs.

The majority of the course is geared towards beginning to intermediate-level public speakers, but it also has some insights that an experienced speaker may find helpful.

Some users have complained about the bad audio quality and availability of fewer practice lessons however the pros outweigh the small number of cons.

Become Better at public Speaking-Course Summary 

 I really like the way humor is broken down to something anyone can actually achieve by practicing.

The public speaking course is definitely worth your time as all the skills related to public speaking are packed and nicely presented by the course creator.

Acquiring these skills would certainly make you way ahead of the competition and professional counterparts

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LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2019

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