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Pocket App Review: Why its one of the favorites among Readers


Pocket App: What it is? What does it do?

Pocket is one of the most useful and feature-rich ‘Read It Later’ apps.

In fact, at the time of its launch, it was called ‘Read It Later’.

Pocket helps you save interesting contents that you come across on the internet.

However, since at that time you may not be able to read those contents or you may be busy with some other tasks or assignment.

So you can save the content on Pocket and read it later when you have the time or it is convenient for you to read.

Not just articles or documents, but pockets will also save images, videos, and links.

It archives everything that you have saved so that you can refer to them later at your convenience.

Pocket App – Overview and Goals

Pocket( Visit Website) is owned by Mozilla Corporations, who also developed the Firefox web browser.

Pocket was launched in 2007 with the name Read It Later.

Initially Read It Later had a free version, as well as a paid version with additional features. 

In 2012 Read It Later was re-launched as Pocket. After the rebranding, all paid features of Read It later was made available free.

It also became an advertisement-free app. In May 2014, a paid subscription service called Pocket Premium was introduced. It had remote server storage of articles and more powerful search tools.

In June 2015, Pocket was integrated as a default feature to the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

It was permanently placed on the toolbar as a button and was linked to a user’s Pocket list in the bookmarks menu.

Later Pocket was developed into a cross-platform app which can be used by Windows,  Android or iOS operating system devices.

How the App Works

Pocket enables the user to save article, web page, image etc. for reading later. These are actually stored in remote servers.

These articles are available on the users’ Pocket app, on the My List option.

The device is synced with the remote server on a regular schedule as chosen by the user. 

Pocket is built into the Firefox web browser. You just need to right-click on the page and select ‘Add to Pocket’.

Google Chrome users will need to register their account with Pockets.

Pocket can easily be integrated as an extension. One can also have a Pocket Bookmark. It is also available for Apple iOS Safari. 

On Android devices, you can install the Pocket App. You can save anything on Pocket by simply clicking the Share button and choosing the Pocket option to save it. The content can be anything like documents, images or videos. 

Being a cross-platform app, Pockets supports almost all operating system on a smart-phone; such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and many more.

Pocket App-Features and Highlights

Pocket has been included by Time magazine in its List of 30 most useful Android apps.

Pocket has several features that make it a very handy app for saving anything you come across while browsing the internet.

Here is a brief list of some of its top features.

1. Easy Content Saving

You can set up Pocket as an extension to your browser. One click lets you easily save any content whenever you feel like saving anything.

Another way is to have the Pocket bookmarklet as your bookmark tool. You simply need to click Save on the content and it gets added to your Pocket.

On your Android smart-phone or Kindle device, you need to tap the Share button and select Pocket to save it.

You can also through email by sending the content to

2. Offline Reading

Pocket saves a copy of the article you have chosen on the device. These are readily available at the My List option.

This lets you read the articles anytime even when you are offline. 

This feature is particularly useful when you are traveling or commuting and have problems with networks.

3. Article View

The Article View feature is a useful reading option that lets you read your saved contents without distractions.

This view strips away the formatting of the saved pages and removes all ads and other junk that scatter the page.

You can also set the fonts and display options to suit your taste.

4. Find Articles of Your Interest

Pocket also helps you discover contents that you may be interested in.

The ‘Explore the best of Pocket’ feature has articles categorized into Must Reads, Trending, Tech, Finance, Health, Travel, Parenting, and Food. These are selected from Pocket-users collections.

You can also indicate the topics you are interested in. This will help Pocket to suggest articles only on topics that you are interested in.

While browsing through any of these articles, you can also save them to your Pocket account with just one click.

5. Recommend, Like, and Share 

When you click the Recommended tab you will find articles that are recommended by others.

These recommendations are based on what you read and save.

You can also recommend to others by clicking the Heart or Share icon.                                                                       

6. Send to Friend Feature 

You can share any content with your friends.

To do this, first, you need to tap the Share button and then select Send to Friend.

Enter the email id and your message. Your friend will get the email from you with the referred content.  They can either read it or save it in their Pocket to read it later.

You can also enable your Notification features to get notified when a friend sends you something to read.

7. Send iMessages

If you are an Apple user, you can send contents to your friends through iMessages in your iPhone or iPad.

Go to the list of contents saved on your Pocket.

You can scroll down or search for any content on your saved list that you wish to share and you can send the content with just one tap.

8. Tag Your Saved Content 

Instead of searching manually for your contents, you can tag the contents.

You can do this by clicking the button and typing the Tag name. All your contents with the same tag will be at one place under the tag.

You can also mass-tag your multiple contents by selecting the contents and adding the Tag to all in a single step.

9.  Change Display Settings 

Pocket allows you to change your display settings. You can change the fonts, font sizes, screen brightness as well as the background.

10. Text-to-Speech Feature

Pocket offers TTS or Text-to-Speech features. You can pause the speech anytime, vary the speed as well as skip through the contents.

This is a great feature when you want to give rest to your eyes and want to listen to the contents.

You can also choose the language versions and the voice of the narrator.

11.  Websites Requiring Log-ins 

Some websites require you to log-in. You can put your login info using the Manage Site Logins feature.

This lets Pocket access contents from such sites without you being required to log-in every time.

This is a very convenient feature and a great time-saver.

12. Clearing the Junk 

At any point of time, you can delete the contents that you no longer require.

You can even mass-delete everything if you wish to start afresh all over again.

About Pocket Premium

In May 2014, Pocket Premium, a paid subscription service was introduced.

Pocket Premium has many more additional features and powerful search options.

You can upgrade to Pocket Premium to gain access to more features.

It costs $4.99 per month, and per year costs are a discounted $44.99 only.

The following are the best features of Pocket Premium.

  • Everything you save is archived and saved in your Pocket account. This is always accessible to you. Even if the website no longer exists, the contents will remain with you.
  • Pocket Premium has the feature Suggested Tags. When you want to save something with Tags, suggestions will be provided and you just need to click the one you prefer. It saves lots of time spent on manually typing out tabs every time.
  • It also has a much more feature-rich Search function.

Pocket App: Review Summary

Earlier there were certain issues with Pocket, but the developer team has ironed out these issues.

Pocket is updated regularly to remove the glitches and include features that are most sought after.

Pocket app is an almost indispensable aid for voracious readers. It helps them save, organize, tag and share important contents that they may wish to read later. It is also a valuable tool for bloggers. Bloggers need to research for their articles.

While doing so they come across useful information and contents. It may not possible to go through that content at that time. 

However, they may definitely like to refer to these later.

Pocket is just the right app for such requirements. 

Whether you are a light reader, or a researcher or blogger who depends heavily on the internet, you will find Pocket an ideal tool to save all your readings and contents at one place.

You can sort these according to your preferences and access from any device.

If you haven’t used it yet, it is high time you get Pocket.

Please share your views regarding your experience with the Pocket app.

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