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Outread App Review-iPhone & iPad

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Outread Speed Reading App-Train To Read Faster

Reading is a basic skill that determines the language proficiency of a person. Outread is another addition to some of the good online speed reading app available for iOS devices.

The small digital screen and the limited text we can view in one go, make it more difficult to read faster, comprehend better, and enjoy what we read.

Many of us may still enjoy curling up in bed with a best seller, read and turn over the pages of the printed book.

All the same, we need to move with the times. Since a vast reading material is available online, we can access these on our mobile devices and read anywhere while on the move.

However, speed and ease of reading are issues. The Outread speed reading app offers a happy solution.

Overview: Outread App

Outread is an advanced and dependable speed reading app trainer available in the market today.

It has incorporated a number of time-tested reading techniques to enable the users to browse through their reading lists in an efficient and convenient manner.

The basic support comes in the form of a highlighting marker that guides our eyes to go through the selected reading material.

The highlighting provides a rhythmic flow of eyes across words and prevents unnecessary jumps, resulting in improved focus and concentration

It is also interesting to note that reading speed increases without compromising on the degree of understanding or comprehension.

In conventional reading, language experts point out that efficient readers are capable of reading faster without loss in comprehension.

They also tell us that slow readers do not comprehend better despite the below par reading speed.

What matters is the judicious use of a blend of well-established techniques of reading like skimming, scanning and reading for details. 

It is a new experience to read substantial material off a screen/monitor and this calls for some practice and training to gain a level of comfort and control.

This is where the Outread App facilitates the reading process.

One of the key features of this App, the dynamic highlighting marker, helps the reader to remain focused on the reading process.

This is vital since there is a natural tendency for users to go back or retrace the phrase or line one has just read.

The highlighting marker helps users to avoid this regression and carry on reading manageable chunks of text smoothly.

Thus the whole process becomes seamless and more efficient and progressive. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the speed of reading.

Another favourable aspect is that with Outread, the whole page of text is displayed, rather than a few lines.

That provides a more natural feel of reading as it happens when you read with the whole page of a printed book or magazine in front of you.

This facility enhances reading comprehension, ease, and pleasure.

Method of Training:

To become well- versed and comfortable with using the Outread App, the users need to first understand the key features available.

Then, they need to undertake a process of self-training and practice by following the step-by-step guidelines and tips provided.

Soon it will turn into a comfortable and joyful experience.

Through practice, you will get to know how you can create your reading list by adding text documents, website pages or sync different articles.

Since all these get automatically saved on all of your devices, you can read them offline as well, whenever you have the time and inclination. 

You will get a good feel of how it works by going ahead with the act of reading, by selecting the piece you wish to read and tap the Play button.

Users have a number of options available when embarking on the reading process.

You can choose the reading speed, the position of the highlighter as well as the font size.

It is up to you to achieve a reasonably good speed, stay focused and move forward with a good level of comprehension.

Features of Outread:

Outread Speed reading App is packed with features that contribute to the reading speed, comfort, and efficiency.

A few of key features are given below: 

  • Compatible with the latest models of iPhone. iPad etc.
  • Everything you add like text documents, articles or websites is saved for offline reading also
  • Syncs with other reading Apps like Pocket, Instapaper, Pinboard and Readability
  • Can Browse inbuilt added free eBooks directory.
  • Can add .txt and .rtf documents ,.ePub books(DRM free) and export from web pages.
  • Filter and sort the articles stored by various categories.
  • Adjustable Reading Speed, Style and the Highlighter Size (length of the chunk of words you read at once).
  • Daily reading statistics for tracking one’s progress.
  • Distractions like ads and non-essential items are cut out.
  • Highlighting and Dimming modes of reading with two themes(Day and Night) and five fonts are included.

What I Liked Most:

I am happy with most of the features of the Outread app already outlined above but I am particularly fascinated by the following:

  • The display of the leading photo and text of the reading material with all the distracting elements cut out.
  • 6 people from family or friends can use the app after setting up the family sharing feature.
  • Flexibility in controlling the speed and highlighted the length of text.
  • Day/night reading optional themes and fonts to suit all reading environment.
  • Sorting to locate the exact reading material.
  • Overall high level of user-friendliness and affordability.

What I didn’t like:

While the Outread is an exciting new App with great features, I have just a few issues to point out. 

  • Currently, the App supports only English. I wish a few more major languages were added.
  • An added algorithm to vary reading speed based on the complexity of words could be an advantage.
  • Importing of files has to be done one at a time, which is a bit tedious.


Outread is a new and exciting addition to the range of online reading Apps. It has several outstanding features that make it a good package and price worthy.

The app is Comprehensive and with a price of 2.99$, It’s highly affordable too.

Although adding some more languages such as those in Rocket reader or Acceleread can result in improvements in the user base.

However, It is sure to serve as an incentive for more and more people, especially among the younger generation, to take up reading as an enjoyable hobby and derive immense benefit.

Have You used the Outread app?

How is your experience of using the app?

Kindly share in the comments.

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