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3 Techniques To Master Reading Comprehension Skills

Improving Reading Comprehension

LAST UPDATED: August 30th, 2018

Improve Reading Comprehension:14 Skills Involved And 3 Techniques to Master Them

Reading Comprehension skills involves the process of getting the whole meaning of the text as well as the distinct meaning of every word that takes participation in a particular sentence.

Persons who have improved their reading speed with comprehension are quick at finding the answers for their tasks whether official or personal and find more time enjoying their lives.

It is one of the most important qualities sought after in a leader or a highly positioned manager or official.

Reading comprehension involves two persons: the first one is the reader and the second one is the author.

This involves the decoding of the author’s words and using them to construct a clear understanding of the author’s message.

Reading Comprehension Assessment Techniques

Well, merely reading fluency is not adequate; good comprehension is also an essential skill needed to evolve your consciousness and accelerate your reading and understanding skills.

Until you understand the text, speech, or any data that you are reading, you cannot perform better during any assembly, conference meeting, or any other kind of gathering.

Reading comprehension assessment can be carried out by asking the learner some detailed questions related to the text that he/she read.

He/she also can be asked to answer definite inferential questions, which have to be read in between the lines of the text or the passage.

14 Skills involved

• Recognize the language script.

• Understand unambiguous information.

• Gain conceptual meaning.

• Understand the sociable functions of sentences.

• Reaching the conclusion of unfamiliar words or combination of words.

• Recognize the relationship between and within the sentences.

• Understand the references.

• Understand the indicators in the text.

• Recognizing or organizing the text or sentences.

• Making inferences of further text.

• Distinguishing the main concept from the auxiliary details.

• Getting the essence or main concept.

• Reading in order to look for conspicuous information.

• Presume what is coming next.

First, you need to understand the limitations of your reading ability.

Start your reading with any interesting text that you like such as novels, essays on different topics, news reports, etc., that you find are a struggle for you.

Try reading aloud, as it can help you to understand the meaning of the text.

Re-read the already-read text as this can help you to gain the message of the writer through their words.

3 techniques to improve the reading comprehension:

Understand And Evaluate Your Reading

Before you start improving your reading comprehension, you need to perceive that what your current reading status is and what your limitations are.

You can begin by selecting a fragment of different passages or texts with which you are not familiar.

You can go through these essays, novels, or news reports that require a struggle to understand.

Start re-reading your text until you can read the same text in a shorter time frame comparatively.

Also, increase your time; for instance, if you regularly give yourself 30 minutes for your daily practice, increase this period up to an hour.

Your reading comprehension takes time and will improve gradually with practice and devotion.

This is the first step in coming to know about your strengths and weaknesses.

Eventually, you may find that you have removed your issues with reading comprehension and now you are ready to spend your quality time on other enthralling things instead.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Improve or develop your vocabulary by using a dictionary and watching English movies with subtitles in your native language.

Reading comprehension depends on vocabulary, an interaction of words, and context, so you need to be able to perceive each piece before you can understand the whole text.

Do you get stuck while with some words watching a movie or TV show, or talking to strangers or your boss?

Then just relax, make a note of those complicated words that you don’t know, and try to familiarize yourself with those words, along with their definitions, for distinct use.

Don’t waste your time while watching movies or other daily soaps in your native language.

Instead, choose to watch some reality shows, as these shows assist you in staying updated with new words and help you learn various words that you are unfamiliar with.

Read For Amusement

Nothing can be obtained without practice.


Hence, all you need to do is to practice on a regular basis while having fun with it.

Don’t take it seriously; make your reading habit a fun activity rather than a chore.

This will improve your reading comprehension while enjoying these learning moments.

Thus, if you try to include fun in your learning activity, improvements in your reading comprehension will come naturally.

It might happen that you may not understand. This can lead to frustration, but still, you need to carry out your goal by allowing yourself to read to reach the next level.

Don’t worry, and don’t feel negative if you don’t understand some of the passages or texts.

Try to keep an interest and do your best. The best option to develop an interest in reading can be the reading about things that you like the most.

Most people like stories or novels, so go ahead by reading those. After continuously reading, you will find your reading comprehension skills improved.

Reading comprehension is an ability to read the text or passage while understanding the whole meaning of each and every word as well as the sentence, and practice is the best way to improve your reading comprehension.

It takes time and effort to improve and develop your reading fluency and comprehension.

You also need a reading comprehension assessment in order to know what your progress level is and how far you need to go to gain the next level.

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