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Iris Reading Courses Review-2019 The Definite Guide

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Iris Reading-Popular Online And In-Person Classes to Boost Reading Skills and Productivity

Iris Reading

Iris Reading a trusted name for those who want to increase their reading skills and boost their productivity with highly sought online and In-Person live classes(available in all major US Cities and Important Cities of the World)  speed reading program.

The course is designed for professionals and students and lifelong learners who want a competitive edge with little time and effort commitments.

The course progresses from beginner to advanced in a structured manner.

The course claims to be highly popular and is used by millions of people worldwide in speed reading training.

We are reviewing their reading courses for both online and live class and in addition, we are also talking about their other courses which we feel are important to boost your productivity and give you a career advancement with a competitive edge.

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If you are on a budget Udemy’s SuperLearner 2.5 Course provides a great value.

Iris Reading Courses Summary

Iris Reading
Iris-Foundation Course
5 Hour Video Training Based on in Person Classes
Iris-Mastery Course
Over 8 Hour Video Training Based on followup of foundation course
Iris-Advance Course
Over 14 Hours memory and comprehension video training
Iris- All Courses(Online)
All three Video based Training Course in a Bundle
Iris Live- In Person Classes
Workshop based training available in all major cities(US, Europe etc.)

Iris Reading Course Goals

An Iris Reading Course will judge your current reading speed and comprehension and gives you comprehensive training with their online and live classes structured program and improve them in a short time.

♦Increase the reading speed and comprehension even at high speeds to get more out of your reading effort.

♦Increased Focus, eliminate distractions and reduction of bad reading habits.

♦Improve memory and recall of the information you have already read in a scientific and structured manner.

♦Reading and comprehending News articles, Magazine articles, textbooks, reports, and technical materials effectively and with speed.


Iris Reading foundation course

Iris Reading Foundation Course

This is an In-person class based foundation course for speed reading learners and intends to focus on people having less time.

The course teaches the various strategies and techniques to improve reading speed and comprehension.

Foundation course is an Introductory course for beginners and students who intend to learn speed read and is very popular among the learners’ community.

The course is compatible both on the desktop and mobile devices and Includes a free ebook “Focus” by Leo Babauta.

Features and Contents-Foundation Course

♦16 Instructional Videos to teach to speed Read with Lifetime access.

♦5 Hours of high-quality content.

♦Improve understanding comprehension, focus, and concentration

♦Videos are based on their in-person class

♦Training to skip unnecessary words in Reading.

♦Speed Drills Practice(Seeing Words at a Faster Pace than Your Normal Reading speed)

♦Teaching Speed Reading Techniques and Strategies

♦Techniques to read informational, News and fiction reading materials

♦Reading on digital screens

♦Knowing your average Reading Speed

♦Techniques to read and manage email faster

♦Certificate of completion

♦Bonus Pdf on “30 Tips To Improve Your Memory.

Suitable For: Students, Beginners.


Iris-mastery course

Iris Reading- Mastery Course

This is an advanced course designed to further increase the reading speed even further.

The course includes advanced techniques for high-speed comprehension, speed reading technical materials, reducing subvocalization, eye training, memory improvement etc.

This course is suitable for those who are familiar with basic speed-reading techniques and wish to take their speed reading to a higher level.

Also included are 12 videos, 8 hours of content and e-books. This course is also useful for those taking ACT/SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT tests.

Features And Contents-Mastery Course

♦12 instructional Videos with lifetime access.

♦Over 8 hours of content

♦Training on How To Read Group Of Words and reduce Subvocalization

♦Learning about eye movements and exercises

♦Teaches Visualization techniques to read and remember

♦Teaches about how to Increase your focus on speed reading.

♦Comprehension strategies while speed reading.

♦Some advance speed reading exercises and a session on how to read one book a day

♦Strategies for Tests: ACT/SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT

♦Certificate of completion

In addition, the new course also adds on about how to improve your memory using the Fibonacci plan of study which actually teaches you when to review the material you have read and at what intervals you should review for maximum retention.

It allows having some definite structure regarding your study for maximum retention.


Iris Foundation Course

Iris Reading foundation course

5 Hrs Of content

Video Course

Iris Mastery course

Iris-mastery course

8 Hrs Of content

Video Course

Iris Advance Course

14 Hrs Of content

Video Course

Iris Reading- Advance Comprehension and Mastery Course

This course is to improve your memory by teaching you to use proven strategies to understand and remember the reading material.

The memory improvement system works for everything including passwords, birthdays, to-do’s etc.

The course includes 30 videos and 14 hours of content. The techniques taught include The Link System, The Peg System, The Memory Palace System etc.

Bonus Included are “The Substitute Word System” and 3 free additional Pdf guides on:

How To Remember More of What You Read
How Your Memory Works
Remembering Names

Features & Content-Advance Comprehension and Mastery Course

♦30 Instructional Videos with lifetime access.

♦14 Hours of high-quality content.

♦Teaching the multiple reading processes of Viewing, Overviewing and then Reading.

♦Improving comprehension by 80-20 Rule method.

♦Techniques to read news Articles, Magazine Articles, Textbook, and Technical Material.

♦Comprehension tips for Kindle Reading.

♦Note Taking strategy.

♦Memory Techniques, Learning Mnemonics, Memory Improvement.

♦Focus Improving Strategies and How to limit distractions.

♦Various Techniques to Deal with technical terms while reading

♦Dealing with Chart Diagrams and Formulas

♦Techniques to remember passwords, birthdays and appointments.

♦Memory Tricks and Games

♦Certificate of completion

♦Training to use the substitute words system


Iris Reading- Supplemental courses

ris-mind mapping course

Iris-Mind Mapping Course Package

This package is an online video course which teaches and trains you about the popular ways of mind mapping.

Mind Mapping is collecting about the visual outline of information which includes effective note taking, brainstorming and project management.

Joseph Rodrigues who is a mind mapping expert teaches about how to use it effectively and creatively for any learning you want.

The programme teaches to and get more out of your time in everything that you do and applying the learnings to a practical situation.

The programme content includes a package of 15 short instructional videos with approx 91 minutes of content and mind map templates for each of the lesson.

One thing I like about the course is that lifetime upgrades of future upgraded versions are also provided without any charge.

The programme comes with a certificate of completion.


Iris-Personal Productivity Course

Iris-Personal productivity course

Increasing productivity in work and in your daily life is a challenging task, Well, in that case, this course come to your rescue and a great add-on to the speed reading courses already available with the Iris Academy.

The course teaches you strategies and techniques to boost your productivity and have more time in the day which is highly important for busy students, professionals, managers, and CEO.

Several Other Course Objectives and Contents are-

♦Improving Focus and eliminating distractions

♦Scientific productivity-What is working and what is not.

♦Strategies to Avoid Procrastination

♦Time management to get more done in less time.

♦Nutrition, Exercise and Meditation tips to increase productivity.

♦Optimizing sleep to boost productivity.

♦Meeting strategies.

♦Teaching Effective decision making.

♦Dealing with excuses, fear, and worry to boost producivity

♦Making a checklist, To do List and Evernote training.

♦Dealing with staff and coworker.

The course gives you an edge on the other workforce and competition and includes 33 instructional videos of around 13hrs of content with a lifetime access.

As a Bonus 3 free webinars on “Quick Life Hacks To Maximize Your Productivity”, “Top Productivity Apps for Professionals”, “Top Productivity Apps of Students” is also included.

The product also comes with a certificate of completion.


Iris Reading- How To Remember names Effectively

If you easily forget the names of the person you meet, then this course helps you remember the names just like an able professional and Politicians.

The course teaches you the tips and techniques to remember names more easily and with a long term retention.

The goal is to improve business communication and making lifelong meaningful relationships in a professional environment.

This course includes lifetime access to around 90mins of content and a certificate of completion.

All the future upgrades of this course are free of charge and its compatible with mobile devices also.


Iris Reading- How To Talk to Anyone To Advance Your Career

Iris-How To talk to anyone course

This course teaches you to boost your career by training you on how to build a meaningful relationship.

The course involves communication enhancements, networking and social skills and training on how to reduce anxiety around social situations.

The lessons involve doing better in one to one interaction scenarios, group scenario and online interaction scenario with training of Persuasion techniques and principles.

The course comes with lifetime access of more than 3 hours of quality content with a certificate of completion.


Summary Supplemental Courses: Iris Reading

Iris-Mind Mapping
Iris-Personal Productivity
Iris-How To Talk to Anyone

About Iris Live Classes

iris live classes

Iris Live classes or workshops as they call are more customized to the type of reading material you are dealing with.

Professional, students and lifelong learners who are not comfortable interacting online and are more inclined to face to face interaction can take live classes at nearest major cities of the world

They have In- Person or Live classes in most of the major cities of US and International cities, which Includes Beijing, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Mumbai.

It has three main In-classroom packages:

Crash Course (90min Session)

This teaches Speed Drills to Increase your reading speed, How to improve your focus and concentration, Basic strategies to improve comprehension

Foundation Course (4hr Workshop): (Speed Reading & Memory)

In addition to the Crash course contents, it comprises Advanced Strategies, Memory techniques, Mind Mapping etc. and even includes ACT and SAT Reading Prep Course.

Mastery Course (8hr Training)

It covers the above topics and more. It also teaches, How To Deal with Graphs, diagrams & formulas, 1-on-1 personalized Instruction, and many more other techniques.

Schedules and Agendas for Workshops


For More Cities

  • 1
    Live Classes in Chicago
  • 2
    Live Classes in Los Angeles
  • 3
    Live Classes in New York
  • 4
    Live Classes in San Francisco
  • 5
    Live Classes in Washington DC

Our Rating:

What I like about Iris Reading Classes

♦The flexibility of online classes and availability of In-Person live classes.

♦Interaction opportunity with like-minded peoples in live classes.

♦Effective and excellent course structure.

♦Interactive webinars with live commentary by learners.

♦I am amazed by the sheer variety of courses tailored to individual needs and competitive pricing.

♦Lots of Bonus Materials and Lifetime free upgrades are included in almost all the courses.

♦Courses supplemented with highly rated mobile apps for iOS and Android phone users

♦Certificate of completion after every course.

What I didn’t like about Iris Reading Classes

♦The course contents dove-tails into several courses. In other words, several topics are repetitive.

♦The course focuses on young learners and students.

♦The course is not tailored for adult or matured learners; especially the elderly who need more memory training.

♦In Person classes slightly expensive.


So, does picking up Iris Reading courses gives an advantage over the other courses and why should you consider it?

You can read our review of the major speed reading courses with their advantages and disadvantages.

I have also added some of the single course reviews for your reference.

Read: 7 Speed Reading Review

Iris Reading- Verdict

The course is designed to give every edge to a professional, student or a learner in a competitive and professional environment.

Courses are focused on improving a particular skill and move on to another one with advancement in courses, so it can be taken stepwise by a beginner or a person seeking advanced skills.

Therefore, for learning two different skills one has to buy two different packages.

Some people find this better as focusing on one skill at a time makes it learn more effectively.

Some people find this a bit costly proposition.

The In-Person life classes are highly praised and efficient and have given more option to people who are not comfortable seeking learning from online classes which is a good edge to its competitors.

The course has excellent apps for both the iPhone and Android users with lots of drills, practice materials, and sessions in the course which include how to handle speed reading on digital devices also.

For a beginner, I would highly recommend to start from a first level course and slowly advance to a higher level of courses.

How is your experience with Iris Online Classes?

If you have attended in-Person live classes also, Please share your experiences here in the comments.

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