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Instapaper App Review 2018 With Alternatives

Instapaper app review

Instapaper – Incredible Read Later App On the Go For iOS, Android and Desktops

Instapaper is a very handy service application that lets you save contents on the web, which you can read later.

Often while browsing the net, you come across interesting web pages or content.

You would like to read them, but at that moment you may be too busy or focused on looking for something else.

You close the tabs and lose information forever.

But, Now you no longer need to regret this.

You can Instapaper the article, post or webpage, and read it at your leisure.

You can even read the ‘instapapered’ content on any device of your choice like on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or even an e-reader.

Instapaper – Overview

Instapaper(Visit Website) was started by Marco Arment in 2007.

At that time it had a “Read Later” bookmark and the articles were stored as Texts.

In 2013, Instapaper was sold to a company, Betaworks.

In 2016, Instapaper was acquired by Pinterest.

In 2018, the ownership of Instapaper was taken over from Pinterest and restored back to the company Instant Paper Inc.

Initially, Instapaper was a paid app. Later, when it was owned by other companies, and it was made a free service with a Pro version having additional features.

Later a Premium subscription was offered which contained no ads and a few more features. In 2016, Pinterest made Instapaper a free service again.

In August 2018, after Instapaper regained its independent entity status, it again started the paid Premium feature.

This is because Instapaper has a goal of being self-sufficient without seeking recourse to venture capital.

Instapaper aims to create a sustainable long-term product and business.

How to Start Using Instapaper

It is easy to start using Instapaper.

Just visit and register yourself.

The process is simple and takes a few seconds, unlike other web services that make you fill-in a lengthy form.

You can start using it immediately. While you browse, you can save whatever you wish to, for reading it later.

On your computer browser, you can click the specific bookmark button “Save to Instapaper”.

On your mobile phone, you can choose “send to Instapaper”. That is all you need to do.

The most convenient way to use Instapaper. is to add the Instapaper Browser Extension.

Just click on the link and it is added to your browser and resides as an icon near the address bar.

You just click the icon to save for reading later.

You can also use The Instapaper Bookmarklet. Just drag it on the Bookmarks Bar, and then you can click it to save the webpage.

Once it is saved, a message saying “Saved!” will flash on the screen.

For easy reading, there is Instapaper Text bookmarklet. You can drag this to the Bookmarks Bar.

When you click any page, it converts the page into simple text-only view. This helps you read the article easily and without fatigue or distraction.

You can use all these features free.

However, if you opt for Instapaper Premium you will get several additional features such as full-text search, unlimited notes, and an ad-free experience.

The subscription costs $2.99 per month. You can also opt for the yearly subscription of $29.99.

Features of Instapaper

With the free Instapaper, you get the following features:

No Limits to How Much You Can Save:

Instapaper allows you to save as much as you can. You can save unlimited pages, articles videos or anything that you find interesting on the net while browsing.

You Can Organize Your Saved Items in Folders:

You can create your own folders to save your items. This helps in organizing the items according to your own requirements.

All Articles are Synced Across Devices:

Instapaper syncs your saved articles on the web and across all devices. So you can start reading on your laptop and later continue reading on your smartphone or tablet.

Save From Several Apps:

Not just web pages from your browser, but you can also save from the popular apps like Twitter and many more.

No Limits to How Much You Can Save:

Instapaper allows you to save as much as you can. You can save unlimited pages, articles videos or anything that you find on the net while browsing.

Create Highlights and Comments on Text From an Article:

You can create Notes, which are texts that you have highlighted in an article. Besides, You can also post these Notes.

Moreover, You can also view these Highlights from anywhere as these are automatically synced between all your devices.

When you buy Instapaper Premium, you get some more additional features. These are:

  • Speed-read 3x faster your saved articles

  • Make a Full-text search for all your saved articles

  • On mobile, you can have Text-to-Speech playlists

  • Make unlimited notes

  • No annoying ads in between your saved articles

  • “Send to Kindle” feature

The subscription helps support Instapaper financially so that it continues to serve its users in the most effective ways.

Instapaper launched a website, in 2008, which contained curated articles selected from the most frequently saved articles in Instapaper. Later in 2012, this was renamed as The Feature.

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Best Alternatives to Instapaper in 2018

In May 2018, Instapaper had to suspend its services for users living in the European Union.

This was due to the requirements of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

However, after compliance, the services were re-started on August 7, 2018.

As a gesture of goodwill, Instapaper also offered free use of its Premium services for six months to the affected users of European Union.

During that time, users were looking for alternatives to Instapaper.

It would be worthwhile to have an awareness of a few alternative services.

Here are some of the alternatives, user consider as worthy:

1. Pocket

The pocket is considered as the best alternative to Instapaper.

The pocket can be used with any browser by adding it to the extensions. With Firefox it comes integrated.

You just need to click the button on the address bar to save anything you find interesting.

Pockets also present you interesting items and websites, when you open a new tab.

It also emails a daily digest. Pocket also syncs your saved items on all your devices.

Pocket also has a text-to-speech (TTS) feature, which reads out your articles.

There is a premium version which is ad-free and has many more features including permanent bookmarks, advanced search etc.

2. Evernote

Evernote helps you select and save text, article, page or website.

In Evernote, You can create folders to categorize and save them.

You can save in a browser in desktop and read it later in a smartphone.

However, it has a maximum limit of synching up to 60 MB content in a month and the maximum size is 25 MB.

However, these limitations can be avoided by opting in for Evernote premium.

The premium version can also search within stored documents and PDFs.

Evernote also stores scanned business cards.

Every month up to 10 GB content can be synced of maximum size 200 MB, Interestingly, there is also an Evernote Business plan with more storage.

3. Apple Reading List

Apple Reading List is best for those who use Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

It cannot be used with other popular browsers or on Android phones.

The Software is especially suited to Safari browser and you can click the Share icon and then click ‘Add to reading list’.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep comes as a Chrome browser extension, which makes it very convenient and easy.

It also works on other browsers, Android and iOS.However, It integrates well with Google’s product and Android.

An important feature of the keep is its use as a to-do list. Interestingly, it offers options for note-taking and creating tasks. Also, You can have Reminder features as well.

There are a few other alternatives as well.

Microsoft and Windows users may find Microsoft OneNote very handy and useful. It integrates well with other Microsoft’s apps.

ReadKit is also a similar bookmark and reads later app especially for Mac users only.

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What started out as a simple web service, Instapaper has inspired a number of similar services or apps.

It began as a tool to bookmark pages on the internet for later reading and presented an easy to read uncluttered text view of the material.

Instapaper has now been made into a productivity tool that helps you achieve more and save your time.

It is indispensable for anyone who uses the web on a daily basis.

Instapaper helps saves your time and effort in looking around for those precious pieces of information that you have always wanted to read and share.

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