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How Fast Do I Read?

How Fast Do I Read

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2018

Reading is an important aspect of a person’s everyday life. It is the most effective activity that people do to gain information and further their knowledge. To read, your brain undergoes a complex cognitive process engaging different senses. This decodes different symbols and constructs meaning once processed and understood.

Although people read more often than they think they do, the majority are only average readers. What this means is that the majority of people can only read 200 words per minute (wpm) and be able to understand only 60% of what they read.

Compared to a top reader who can read more than 1000 wpm with 85% comprehension, an average reader is five times slower in reading and inefficient in understanding. Efficiency in reading can be determined by the reading speed and the rate of information retained.

For the average person who reads 200 wpm with 60% comprehension, the rate is only 120 efficient words per minute. A top reader can go as high as 850 efficient words per minute.

If you want to improve the pace of your reading, it is important that you keep a record of your progress. Measuring your reading speed requires the following:

Average speed

This is the number of words you can read in a minute, regardless of memorizing or understanding. To measure your average speed, read a page from a book and use a timer to monitor how long it takes you to finish the entire page. Count the number of words on the page and divide it by the number of minutes taken. This is your average speed.

Processing speed

Although reading fast is highly important in speed reading, in order for a reading speed to be considered good, taking account the comprehension of the text is important. Excellent and highly-recommended speed reading programs like speed reading acceleration course focus on teaching you how to comprehend what you’re reading in this way using a metric called processing speed. To practice this on your own, have someone ask you questions about the page you’ve read.

The questions should be prepared by someone else to avoid bias. The rate of your comprehension will be determined by the number of correct answers you get. This is your processing speed.

Memorizing speed

This is the number of words that you can read and understand per minute. You can measure this by multiplying your Average Speed and Processing Speed (in percentage).

Basically, speed reading is mostly about your memorizing speed. The following table by Turboread is a range of reading speed for you to refer to as a guide.

1-100 words per minute (wpm)

This is the speed children learn to read. If a person does not progress past this range, they are considered to be at borderline literacy.

Little to no understanding of the text read is most likely to be expected and reading is considered to be hard work.

100-200 wpm

This is the range of speed of someone who has done the minimum amount of reading necessary in their life. At this range, keeping up with technology and current events can be hard and comprehension and memory can be expected to be less than 50% of what the person has seen.

200-250 wpm

This is considered as the average speed that the majority of people can read at. Without help, this is the fastest they can go. Comprehension is half of what they’ve read.

250-350 wpm

People who have finished high school or keen readers read at this pace. This is considered slightly above average and comprehension is more than half of what they’ve read.

350-500 wpm

Well above average with comprehension of up to 75%

500-1000 wpm

This is reading at an extremely efficient speed, also known as power-reading. Comprehension is excellent coupled with speed.

1000 or more wpm

This is speed reading. If your reading speed is at this range, you have control over your reading as well as comprehension. To reach this level, properly improving your reading skills is a must.

Enhancing your reading skills is important if you want to maximize your productivity. A speed reading course such as Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets is a great tool to hone your skills and become an efficient speed reader. This course will provide you with a step-by-step guide for learning how to read over 1,000 wpm while retaining all the information you’ve read.

For just $27, you get a whole package of useful tools about speed reading plus three bonus products which will assist you in achieving your goals.

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