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FutureLearn Review 2019

LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 2019

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IFutureLearn US

What is FutureLearn?

FutureLearn is a digital education platform. It is a MOCC learning platform that provides
education to a mass audience and learners across the globe.

FutureLearn is an Open University that is also an online learning platform. It has partnered with some of the top universities of the UK.

So far it has partnered with more than 143 universities in the UK and other countries.

Are You Aware Of The Term MOCC?

If not, then you must be missing on a chance to get a free education on hundreds of courses that
are offered free.

These courses are conducted online by top Universities around the world.

Here is more information on MOCC, and one of the best such opportunity, FutureLearn!

What is MOCC and How it Benefits You?

The acronym MOCC stands for Massive Open Online Course. There are several MOCC courses
that are offered by FutureLearn, EdX, Coursera, Udacity, and others.

Some of the amazing benefits of MOCC’sare given below:

 The courses are free

 These are available for anyone to enroll

 The course learning and participation is flexible

 The flexibility enables you to work as usual while doing a course

 It helps you advance your career

 You can get accreditation, degrees, and diplomas

 It provides the most affordable way to continue your education

A Brief History of FutureLearn

FutureLearn was founded in December 2012. It is a private company that is fully owned by The
Open University in Milton Keynes, U.K.

The Open University was established by Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth II in 1969.

The university’s more than four decades of experience in distance learning is the USP of FutureLearn.

FutureLearn became the first platform which enabled people to get a degree from the top UK
university through their smartphones.

It started off with 12 University partners which included The Open University, University of Birmingham, Kings College London, University of Leeds, The University of Bristol, University of Southampton, University of Exeter, University of Warwick, Cardiff University, St Andrews University, University of East Anglia, and Lancaster University.

Courses offered by FutureLearn

FutureLearn has a diverse range of courses. It started its courses from October 2013.

The courses range from Business and Management to History, Health, and Psychology, Law,
Teaching, Literature, and many more subjects.

Here are some more courses that are being offered:

– Creative Arts and Media
– Science, Engineering, and Maths
– Tech and Coding
– Politics & the Modern World
– Languages & Cultures
– Study Skills
– Nature & Environment

There are short courses as well as in-depth programs. These courses are created by several
different universities.

When you complete all programs and pass all assessments, you can get an internationally recognized degree.

FAQ’s about FutureLearn

Here are some FAQ on FutureLearn.

Can I take a course at FutureLearn free?

Yes, you can take a course of study absolutely free. But your access to the course will be limited
to its duration plus 14 days. You do not have access to the tests and you do not get a certificate.

What are the benefits of Upgrading?

When you upgrade, you get unlimited access to the course as long as it exists.

You get access to tests in the course. This access includes articles, videos, peer review steps, quizzes, and many more learning materials.

This means you can pursue the course at your own pace. You can also refer to the course
materials anytime you want.

You can use the Certificate of Achievement or Statement of participation to prove your credentials.

This is especially useful in your job or seeking employment.

How to upgrade a course?

Upgrading a course is easy and can be done at any time, before, during or after the course.

Will I get a certificate of Completion?

You will get a Certificate of Achievement when you complete the course with at least 70% sores
on tests.

Will FutureLearn help me get a degree recognized by a university?


There are several courses at FutureLearn which enable you to get academic credit and
qualifications with the delivering university.

You can continue your study with them and eventually get the Degrees that are offered to any other student at the University.

How it is like to Sign Up and Learn at Futurelearn

Learning at FutureLearn is a very enriching experience. There are several innovative ways which
help you pursue the curriculum of your choice.

The courses are designed according to the principles of effective learning.

A few of the innovative ways of learning are given here.

Learning Through Storytelling

The learning is imparted through high-quality videos and articles. Interestingly, there are no boring long classroom lectures.

Every course is through a story and there are challenging quizzes to test your understanding and tips which help you learn.

Discussion For Learning

You can add your comments after going through the contents of the study.

These help you discuss the material with your fellow participants as chats for the exchange
of ideas and discussion on what you have learned.

Visible Learning

To make the learning process visible to your there is an overview of the course, activities assigned each week and records of your completed activities.

There will be more visible signposts which shall indicate your progress throughout the course.

Community Supported Learning

You will not learn as a solitary learner but will also be connected with a community of learners. This helps you contribute to the community as well as compare your progress without stress.

Social learning

Having a massive-scale social learning platform is a new way of learning.

For this expertise and experience has been drawn from The Open University, BBC, social media designers, and other FutureLearn partner universities.

A few of the methodologies used, to achieve the learning objectives, are:

Quizzes – You can take the quizzes as many times as you wish. These are designed to help you
learn the course material in a fun way.

The marks are not counted for arriving at the total course score.

Tests – Tests can be accessed if you have opted for an upgrade of your course. The scores are
added to your overall course scores.

You can take the tests only once but you get a chance to make three attempts for each question.

Exercises – Solving the exercises lets you put your learning into practice. The exercise scores
are not added to your overall scores.

Assignments – Assignments are a longer form of the course work that you are required to
take up.

Once you submit your assignments you cannot edit them. So it is advised to draft an
assignment properly and then only it should be posted on the submission box.

Assignments are reviewed, and you can also review other learner’s work.

While getting reviewed in case you do not agree with the review you can flag them as inappropriate, so that the moderators can check it.

What makes FutureLearn so special?

FutureLearn has many advantages over other distance learning programs or online colleges and
courses. Here is some key information on FutureLearn that makes it stand out over others.

 The first advantage is that anyone can sign up for these courses.

 The courses offer complete flexibility and it is unlike being enrolled or tied up with a
particular college.

 The teaching style is different other open source online learning platforms.

 As the name FutureLearn implies, the pedagogy is futuristic and unlike the traditional

 You can interact with other students, follow their discussions and stay connected with

 Interaction with other learners helps you get support and clear your course-related

 You can upgrade and pay the fee anytime after enrolment.

 Get a certificate after completing a course.

 Learners can work through the course and programs to earn an accredited Graduate or
Master’s Degree from a reputed University.

 The fees you pay cover everything including tuition and examination fees, and
accreditation provided by the course.

A few cons of FutureLearn

You may find a few cons, but these are not very substantial to dissuade you from taking the
courses. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of these.

 You need to score well throughout the course and complete the course with the
stipulated scores to get the degrees.

 You need to “upgrade” and pay the course fee to get official degrees from the

 The fees for the courses are variable. However, it depends on the course and the University that is
offering the course.

Final thoughts on why you should choose FutureLearn?

FutureLearn uses modern methods of teaching and the course materials are interesting and

It also offers the reassuring presence of top Universities which sets it apart from
other similar MOCC.

Additionally, If you wish to pursue an accredited course to achieve your professional goals and improve your
existing skills, you can do it flexibly while you continue with your present job.

These free online courses are offered by the world’s top universities to help you achieve your goals. Further, you can earn an academic or professional credential from a leading university.

Also, this will help you enhance your employability and enable you to pursue further study.

FutureLearn offers you the best choice to earn a formal degree from an accredited university.

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