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eyeQ Advantage Review

EyeQ Advantage

About the eyeQ Speed Reading Brain and Reading Enhancement Program

The eyeQ advantage system of information processing and speed reading was developed in the 1980’s in Japan by Dr. Akihiro Kawamura.

Also, Dr. Kawamura has authored 72 books on brain function, reading and learning technology.

The system was used in school, universities, and corporations in Japan for 30 years.

Jeffrey C. Flamm, Co-founder, and CEO of Infinite Mind brought the eyeQ program to the United States.

Subsequently, It was adapted for the English language and now used extensively in school, homes, and businesses.

Infinite Mind is a human performance company which produces products that enhances human potential.

Interestingly, Several studies have shown that eyeQ system helps students increase their reading speed by 2 to 10 times.

Students process information more efficiently and their ability to learn and retain information is greatly enhanced.

They also perform better on standardized tests.

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The functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) tests at the University of Utah and Cal-Tech at Pasadena, found that language and auditory activity spread through all areas of the brain, including those responsible for reason, conceptual learning, memory, vision etc.

Earlier these were restricted to a small area known as Broca’s Area.

The eyeQ system exercises the brain to improve mental processing.

Hence, Doing the eyeQ session regularly helps one stay mentally fit and retain the enhanced processing skills.

The seven-minute exercises strengthen the eye muscles and increase peripheral vision.

This enables us to intake more material at every glance. It also helps stimulate the right side of the brain which is associated with creativity.

In addition, the neural pathways are kept stimulated which makes for stronger eye-brain connection and improves thinking and reaction time.

Features of eyeQ Advantage

The eyeQ advantage is a speed reading program that also enhances comprehension skills and memory.

It is intuitive in its working which means it doesn’t require overt and excess effort. It can be used by anyone to speed up their reading.

Students will find it useful as it also improves their focus.

eyeQ attempts to promote efficient learning by training your mind to grasp the information faster.

The program helps to boost memory and aims to enhance the eye-brain connection also.

By training the user to see more and process information faster, reading speed is enhanced and comprehension abilities are improved.

Including the above, The program also incorporates eye-exercises for the six sets of eye-muscles.

There are also vision exercises to increase peripheral vision.

Some of the features that are highlighted in their websites are mentioned below, with more details and clarity.


eyeQ Advantage Speed Reading Benefits

Everyone benefits by saving their time, if they can read faster.

Essentially, for professionals working in offices, or students studying or doing their assignments; faster reading helps then get more done at the same time.

The increase in productivity is what the program aims to achieve.

Vision Therapy and Eye Exercises

When you train your eyes to see more, you are improving your vision.

This not only improves your eyesight but also relieves you of eye-strain.

There are different kinds of vision therapy exercises. These include those for developing the peripheral vision and eye tracking exercises.

The course incorporates 17 eye exercises comprising of flashing images, identifying and tracking objects moving across the screen, and texts to train the eye to focus and build reading stamina.

Detailed performance statistics are generated immediately after taking the tests.

Mental Stimulation

The program stimulates the mind to comprehend the written material faster.

It enhances the effectiveness of studying.

Therefore, a student can read and understand the reading material, and respond to test questions in a shorter time with greater effectiveness.

Short Daily Training of 7-minutes only

The eyeQ training program requires just seven minutes per day.

This is enough to get optimum benefits from the program.

Instead of long, tiresome and hectic sessions, few days in a week; the short daily sessions are easy to work out by anyone.

Reports of Progress

The eyeQ constantly monitors the performance of the participants and the reports help you watch your progress.

The impact of the progress will be seen on your reading and comprehension skills.

Accessibility and Friendly UI

The eyeQ advantage program can be accessed from any device such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, with an internet connection.

The User Interface is user-friendly. This is because precise and helpful instructions are given on how to follow the exercises and tasks.

There are distinct icons and the color schemes are pleasing to the eye. The navigation around the items is easy and convenient.

Customized Progress

The eyeQ advantage training is not one size that fits all.

The program allows the participant to develop and progress at his own pace.

The training is based on individual reading level and reading pace. The participant moves to the higher training level according to his or her progress.

Improved Accuracy

The eyeQ’s reading training helps identify and address reading issues of individuals.

The focus is on identifying the important information and retaining them. This helps in improving the accuracy of reading efforts.

Reading Therapy and skill development

The eyeQ’s reading therapy techniques target the issues that inhibit reading skills.

The training also leads to improving your decision-making skills and your ability to recall information.

It also improves mathematical abilities and mind-body coordination. This has also been found to be particularly helpful in situations like dyslexia.

Easy Guided Training and Classroom Integration

The system is designed to guides the participants through a new learning concept.

In case the program is being used in educational institutions, the educators and tutors don’t have to spend time and effort creating a new curriculum.

The eyeQ training can be readily integrated with classroom sessions.

Free Demo

The eyeQ program offers a free demo. You can try this out to find if it is suitable for you.

There is a test at the end which measures your progress.

For this, the registration process is simple and the links are given on their website.


Presently the eyeQ program comes in three plans:

1. The Monthly Plan: It costs $19.99. It is to be paid monthly and you can end it or cancel it anytime.

2. The Annual Plan: It costs $99 and is to be paid annually. What I feel is that It turns out to be the most economical of all, as the cost breaks down to just $8.25 per month. This means a saving of over 59% over the monthly plan.

3. The Quarterly Plan: It costs $39.99. It is the most popular plan as it amounts to saving 33% over the monthly plan.

There is also a 90-day performance promise.

This means that for any reason whatsoever;

if you are not completely satisfied with the eyeQ program, you can contact them within 90 days of your original purchase, to get a full refund.

What I Like: eyeQ advantage

  • The eyeQ Advantage course is suitable for all age-group and educational levels. It benefits everyone, even those with learning disabilities too.
  • It is accessible anytime on the internet, and conveniently available through any device including mobile phones.
  • It requires just 7 minutes time in a day to do the exercises.

What I Don’t Like: eyeQ Advantage

  • Many elements of the course are available with other speed reading courses. In that sense, the course is not very unique. The course is designed more as a quick-fix gym for the eye rather than a speed reading course.
  • You cannot upload your own content, which you can do with certain other speed reading courses.
  • After a participant has completed the course; the follow-up access to the system should have been at a lower discounted price.


There are several speed reading courses available in the market. A few of them are equally good as the eyeQ system. For example, you can consider these courses;

– Iris Reading: It is an online speed reading course. It offers a level of courses; Foundation, Mastery, and Advanced Comprehension and Memory course. The Foundation course starts at $75 after discounts.

Rev It Up Reading: It is also a well-reputed online course. It has 9 learning modules of about 30 minutes each. The course can be covered in about 5 hours in just seven days.

7 Speed Reading: This is a cloud-based course which lets you study from on one device and then continue on another. It comprises 7 learning strategies covered in 15 training activities which take about 6 hours.

 RocketReader Online: This course has 32 lessons and requires only 15 minutes of training a day. You can see progress within just two weeks.

Legentas Online Speed Reading: This is also an online course and the interface has been designed excellently well by UX experts. The course has 20 lessons.

Kwik Reading Course: This is also a good and affordable course. It comprises of 21 daily lessons.


The eyeQ program is a reliable and tested methodology for brain and eye coordination and speed reading.

The cost of the program is comparable to other similar courses.

It offers good discounts for its plans to make it more affordable.

One can definitely go in for eyeQ if one is looking for not just a speed reading course but the one that also has several other benefits such as developing the mind and memory retention skills.

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LAST UPDATED: May 3rd, 2019

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