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Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn and Interviewing Mastery Course Review

An Udemy Course for Job Search, Resume, LinkedIn, Networking, Interviewing and More Hacks

Career Hacking Course

Getting a dream job leads to a life of happiness and fulfillment. But this is not easy in today’s competitive world. But there’s is a way out. 

Career Hacking from Udemy is one of the finest career development courses we have. It covers all the key aspects we need to launch a successful career search.

Some of these areas covered are preparing an effective CV, a LinkedIn Profile and facing and interviews confidently.

Career Hacking- Udemy Course Overview and Goals: 

The popular Udemy course (View Course Website) is a comprehensive one that provides very practical techniques to carry on a successful job hunt. We just need the internet and make use of the rich online resources. 

The course provides tips to prepare a resume that is rich with keywords and capable of attracting the right employers. 

The second skill imparted is the way to prepare powerful LinkedIn profiles. Yet another skill taught is how to create a strong professional network.

An equally useful skill taught is the way to face interviews with poise and confidence. Thus, we see a creative blend of traditional and modern methods to achieve career progression.  

Career Hacking course ratings

For Whom This Course is For: 

This course (View Course Website) is highly useful for working professionals who aim to gain promotion in the current organization.

The learnings would also help them to gain a more attractive position in a different company. It would serve well those planning to make a complete career change too.

The techniques would be most useful for those who are unemployed and looking out desperately for a job.

Likewise, it would prove beneficial for college and university graduates and students of other professional courses. 

Features and Course Topics: 

This course is well-supported with comprehensive lectures and study resources that cover every aspect of an effective job search. 

  • New Job Search Scenario : 

The course stresses the importance of systematic preparation for carrying out effective job hunting. It presents the challenges and opportunities involved and useful tips. 

  • Writing a Winning Resume: 

This module presents the value of a well-written resume and related tips. It explains the big six skills to use along with the application of Reverse Engineering Techniques It guides us with the workflow to create different parts of relevant content. It also provides samples and templates for creating a resume with a professional touch.  The course emphasizes the value of customized CV to match the specific job we apply for. 

  • Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile : 

This section offers extensive guidelines and tips to create a great and SEO- friendly profile with rich content that attracts quick attention. It also provides help to write catchy headlines, executive summary, add apt images, YouTube and slide share links. 

  • Writing an Effective Cover Letter : 

The course points out the importance of a well-written cover letter that would draw the recruiter to your resume. A shoddy cover letter may ruin our prospects. 

  • Imparting of Networking skills : 

This module highlights the importance of incorporating modern Technology and Networking into the process of Job hunting. It imparts the skill to carry out formal and informal networking in a time and cost-effective manner. 

  • Building Confidence to Face Interviews: 

This module provides excellent insights to take on the most crucial step in winning a good job. It tells us the inside story of the interview process and how to prepare well for this challenge. The importance of creating a good first impression and active listening are stressed. It provides tips on using our strength and positive skills to good effect and also how to handle questions about our ‘weaknesses. 

General Details:

Category: Career development & Interviewing

Video Duration: 6 Hrs, 111 Lectures

Instructors: Davis Jones, MBAEazl Publishing, Ludell Jones

Pricing: 10.99$.Visit Course

Social Confirmation: 3150 User ratings, 4.4-stars, 31471 students enrolled


How Students Find the Course: Pros/Cons: 

The students of this course benefit in many ways. It presents them with a complete and practical plan of action to achieve their career goals.

They are enabled to achieve so much in a short time. The interesting and attractive videos make their learning more fun. Sample templates are readily provided. 

The only minor drawback is that it may be practically difficult to prepare customized CVs for each job you apply for over a short time.

Career Hacking Review-Summary and Verdict

Overall, this is a highly relevant course that equips you to get the best out of available job opportunities.

The skill to prepare a well-designed resume that grabs the attention of employers gives you a huge edge over the other candidates. 

Likewise, the ability you get to prepare a sound LinkedIn profile and expand networking opportunities and face interviews confidently will tilt the balance in our favor.

Surely, this is just the ideal course for all those who wish to make an upward movement in their career. It is a great boon for all fresh aspirants as well as well-experienced professionals. 

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