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Body Language For Entrepreneurs-Course Review

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Body language for entrepreneurs 199.99

With this Popular Udemy Course- Improve Your Body Language

Non-Verbal Communication says a lot about your ability to succeed and handle difficult business situations.

A proper facial expression, gesture, and posture of the body are some of the ingredients of the right body language that can sail you through difficult business situations and help you crack your business goals.

So, Do you want to learn the effective Non-Verbal communication skills for your business to succeed?

This is the popular Udemy Course which will teach you all these lifestyle skills in a structured and effective manner and is ideal for Business Persons and entrepreneurs.

Body Language For Entrepreneurs: Course Overview and Goals

The course (Visit Course Website)  aims to Impart non-verbal communication skills to the course takers and master their body language for success in business situations.

The skills imparted can help in effective networking while becoming a great influencer and communicator as entrepreneurs and business owners.

The presenter also speaks about how to catch lies in potential hires, promote your brand, managing a team and effective dealing with clients.

The course helps to build your customer relationship with your non-verbal brand while it also talks about building your business team.

Overall the course seems to be a good resource to develop some seriously useful soft skills of body language communication.

For Whom the Course is suitable

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to take their business to next level, whether you are a consultant, salesperson, marketing professional, software guy or any person who run their own business.

Any person who aims to be getting new customers or making successful deals can opt for the course.

The instructions presented in the course are also useful for the students, beginners or any person who wants to learn and polish a new life skill.

Features and Topics: How the course is Presented

The course starts with the convincing pitch as of why body language and non-verbal communication matters.

Interestingly the course creator puts forward a valid point as What you say is not that important as how you say it.

Non-Verbal Language

 The course aims to improve the non-verbal body language of the students through suitable techniques and tips.

The Course takers are also taken through the techniques of reading the face and reading body signs to gain a better understanding of the person they are interacting with.

Customer Interaction and Building a Good Reputation

Having a good number of sales figure is a result of a great customer relationship and your nonverbal communication with your clientele plays a big role in building that rapport.

The course aims to trains you about the right body language to deal with your customers.

Pitching with the right technique and customer validation through Lean start Up Method are also some of the learnings that the course topics mention about.

Building Your Non-Verbal-Brand

Perception of your business created in the mind of your customers plays a huge role in converting them.

The course trains to you to conceptualize a non-verbal brand edge in the minds of your prospects magnify your influence.

Team Work Skills

The course aims to make you skilled in team management and its various aspects besides finding great partners for your business.

Building connections for your business and hiring the right talent team are some of the takings from the popular Udemy course.

Tackling High-Pressure Situations

The tutor helps in tackling the various high stake situations like fundraising, talking to investors and gaining their attention besides crafting your negotiations pattern and public speaking skills.

Networking, Cold Calling, and Persuading.

A significant goal of the course is to develop the networking skills of the student and develop a mutually fruitful relationship with the right people engaged in your business networks.

Practical scenarios are presented in the course to practice these skills.

Pro Tip-Total understanding and application of the teaching will take time, however, a little application time for the learnings will most certainly make a difference in the long run.

General Details Summarised

Category: Personal Development/Influence, Body language

Video Duration/Language: 5.5 Hrs, 30 Lectures/ English

Instructors: Vanessa Van Edwards

Pricing: 10.99$.Visit Course

All Udemy CoursesVisit Here (94% Discount)

Social Confirmation: 3019 User ratings, 4.6-stars, 31860 students enrolled

Lifetime access and certificate of completion are awarded.

At the end of each course, course takers can participate in a quiz.


How Users are Finding the Course: Pros and Cons

Important concepts were amplified in the course, and there was a lot of ground covered regarding non-verbal body language and creating the right image for your business.

One thing in which this course could be improved is by including more quizzes after the session.

There could be more questionnaire and I strongly believe it would help students even more to learn the concepts taught in the course.

Some reviewers also found it to be good for someone just starting out but are lacking for the life long learner.

Some of the More Improvements Can be

1. Attach photos or videos in all posture that the course explains.

2. Answer all question in Q&A section or if the instructor wants to answer on her blog, she can attach the link to go to the discussion of the question on her blog.

(Also for non-native English people, the course is easy to understand because the course instructor speaks quietly and intelligibly, which makes it easy to understand)

Body Language for Entrepreneurs-Review Verdict 

The course instructor is very precise and explains different expressions with examples and most importantly how to improve the results in high stake situation which is a great way to teach.

The course (Visit the Course)  is filled with Great energy, easy to listen to, and has relevant topics for anyone who talks to other people, what’s not to like?

Although a more visual content would have added to the appeal of the learners.

The course has increased my awareness of my body language. As a development exercise, I now spend my time reading my colleague’s body language at meetings and workshops.

Also, the instructor provides a robust learning topic applicable to all works of life and this makes the course a certain try.

Learning new skills and getting the desired outcome is an important life quest. Constant learning can help you in pushing closer to your goals in a very short time. Here is a list of other popular Udemy courses that can help you in achieving the right career position and life skills.

Have you taken the course?

Have you taken any Udemy Course? Please do comment in the comment section.

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