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Best Typing Software 2019-Review

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A Comprehensive review of the Popular Touch Typing Tutor Softwares

Typing is an essential skill to cultivate today. In its absence, our use of computer devices becomes inefficient and cumbersome.

The need for enhancing our speed and accuracy is now acknowledged more than ever before.

To meet this urgent need, innovative developers have come up with various online software.

A few of the best typing software available is reviewed here.

Best Typing Software 2019-Top 5

  Typesy 2019

Price: $29.95




  Ultrakey 6.0

Ultrakey 6.0 typing software

Price: $39.95





typing instructor platinum 21 typing software

Price: $29.99




  KAZ Typing

KAZ typing Home

Price: $29.99




Mavis Beacon

mavis beacont teaches typing

Price: $29.95




typesy-typing tutor

1. Typesy 2018-19

Typesy(Visit Product) is a sophisticated and complete typing tutor developed by experts.

This program aims to develop proficiency and speed in touch typing which is a big asset in our professional and personal life.

Typesy is scientifically designed, packed with 300 activities and over 500 exercises and supported with clear videos. 


Activity-Centered Training Program:

The program introduces 7 different typing and learning techniques as the basic support for the training process.

These are developed through more than 500 lessons, drills, and activities.

Personalized Educative Program:

In addition to developing speed typing, Typesy has a useful educational component.

The typing practice exercises are related to the vast treasury of knowledge offered by Wikipedia.

Hence, there is general learning even as we enhance our typing skills.   

Clean, Modern Interface:

The program offers a very convenient and comfortable working interface.

Typesy typing software tutor keeps text on the screen at a minimum, displaying only the current activity.

Facility to Track all Training Statistics:

There is a very systematic and comprehensive system to monitor the progress made by the users.

We can easily track our progress and get objective feedback after each section.

Supports Multiple accounts:

By taking out a single subscription, up to five users can benefit from the use of this program on the cloud system.

This is definitely a big boon for families and for groups of close associates.

Features of the License:

A major attraction of the license is that it is quite total.

Typesy tutor software provides the link to many courses, and videos, for a period of three years.

High-Quality Video tutorials:

The course is enriched by videos of high-quality lessons designed and presented by experts.

The instructions and explanations are lucid and elaborate.


The users have the option to choose the background color, font type, font size and the kind of activities to work on.

What I Like

  • Typesy is a powerful and fast tool and that we can master over a short time.   
  • The number and variety of activities including games are simply fabulous.
  • We can adjust the learning speed to suit our skill level.
  • The instructions are very clear and supported with lucid videos.

What Can be Improved

  • Some of the instructions to carry out the activities were a little confusing.
  • The game element of the program is over-emphasized.
  • The software is cloud-based and requires a strong Internet connection. When the network is weak, you are at a disadvantage.


Typesy is incredibly impressive typing software.

Essentially, It is packed with learning techniques and features not found in many other programs.

The activities on offer are numerous and are interestingly varied.

You can surely rely on it to develop typing speed and skills and use it with confidence and recommend to others.

Rating: ★★★★★★

Price: $29.95

KAZ typing Home

2. KAZ Typing-Home

KAZ Typing – Home is a proven typing tutor with wide appeal and acceptance across the world.

The name KAZ stands for Keyboarding A-Z.

The program imparts skills in touch typing. Thereby, it promotes speed and efficiency of the typing experience over a relatively short period of time.  

KAZ – Features

1. The program is based on the special and time-tested accelerated learning method of teaching.

It is a multi-sensory approach and uses muscle memory and brain balance.

This means that we use our senses of sight, touch, and sound which in turn improves memory retention and recall.

Hence, KAZ claims to give a fair grounding in keyboarding in a short period.

2. The New HTML version available is packed with images, graphics, and animations. This makes learning a delightful experience.

3. The new SEN/Dyslexia edition makes it a big boon for a wider section of users.

4. The program allows coursework to be carried on all digital devices like mobiles, laptops tablets, and PCs.

5. Users can carry on the learning and practice with focus and undivided attention. This is because the program does not display let pop-ups, ads or other distractions.

6. The website is a secure one and is committed to protecting our data and privacy.

7. Unlike many other programs, KAZ does not believe in providing games. The developers believe that such games make users lose their focus.

8. Different editions of KAZ are available to meet the special needs of adults, juniors and the family.

9. The program makes effective use of certain combinations of only 11 words used to create five 5 scientifically structured phrases. These form the basis for a remarkable basis for helping the ten fingers to use the keyboard efficiently.

What I Like

  • There is a systematic provision for retraining our fingers and eliminate the bad typing habits.  
  • The price is quite reasonable and justified for the kind of returns we get in developing a very vital skill.
  • The addition of the SEN/ Dyslexia version, without any additional charges, is a great move.

What Can be Improved

KAZ Download file usually takes a long time to load on my laptop. This is a big program which causes the delay. It will good to find a way to overcome this issue.


KAZ is a well-designed program where users can work at a comfortable pace.

The multi-sensory approach makes it a very effective option to improve our typing skills.

KAZ may not be free, but it offers a very focused and distractions free platform to achieve the best progress over a short period of time.

Rating: ★★★★★★
Pricing: $19.99 Online,$29.99 Desktop, $59 Online /5 users

mavis beacont teaches typing

3. Mavis Beacon

Mavis Beacon is an online typing tutor first released in 1987 by The Software Toolworks and continues to be popular.

This tutor offers step by step guidance on how to improve our typing efficiency and keyboarding skills.

Mavis Beacon provides improved user interface and claims improved skills in as little as 2 weeks.


1. The tutor provides a comprehensive and systematic learning environment. There are over 400 customized lessons and skill-building games, as well as assessments and practice exercises.

2. The program provides for elaborate tracking of the specific and overall progress made. The reports of these enable us to identify specific areas of strengths and weaknesses.

3. The graphic representation of the Progress made over a period of time helps us to get motivated. In addition, the summary report provides a neat snapshot of our performance growth. This is further supplemented with a Curriculum Map to help us monitor our progress in the entire training program. 

4. The multi-level games included in the 16 Arcade-style games format, goes a long way in making the learning an entertaining and pleasant task.

5. When the users work hard and with sincerity to register progress, they are rewarded with the system of “recess time” and certificates of completion.

6. An interesting and attractive option is to enjoy favorite music by importing MP3 files of your choice even as you type.

7. There is a rich variety in the material of the practice content. These are authentic passages and extracts from literary classics, autobiographies, poetry, best sellers and exciting non-fiction.

8. The program provides instructions on a personalized and dynamic scale. For instance, it can automatically place you in the required level of the course depending on the current skill level. This keeps happening all along the training program.

What I Like

  • We can see our detailed performance by individual keys. This helps us to practice specifically.
  • The option to type right along with the practice text is a great way to develop accuracy. The text we type appears in the lines in between the given text. The errors appear in red along with a warning beep.

What Can be Improved

The setup process is rather slow since the download involves a big 400MB installer. It is a test of our patience and perseverance.


Mavis Beacon is a practical and user- friendly typing program.

The typing tutor has a lot of attractive graphics, a convenient interface and a series of fun games, suitable for users of all age and levels.

Going in for the program will be a wise investment. 

Rating: ★★★★★★
Price: $29.99 Family Edition, $19.99 for Single user

Ultrakey 6.0 typing software

4. Ultrakey 6.0

Ultrakey 6.0 is a reliable touch-typing tutor motivating users to learn with passion.

The tutor is based on a comprehensive learning program of speed typing.

Moreover, It has a variety of course content and practice materials.

These training materials cater to the specific needs of different users with different proficiency levels and professional needs.


The program Offers a Comprehensive Learning Management System:

Ultrakey 6.0 provides clear, simple and effective instruction to users in different aspects of touch-typing.

It can be adapted to meet the needs of groups of learners or individuals who could be of different levels of proficiency in typing to start with.

The program offers extensive support to the learners via the web, email, and telephone.

Ultrakey Allows Users to Set Individualized Goals and Proceed with the Training at Their Own Pace:

It takes into account the age, proficiency levels and learning needs of the users.

The program identifies the specific problems and offers remedial support through special practice and tests.

The training program also incorporates different instructional strategies like video, graphics, and animation to lend variety and interest. 

Users Receive Recognition and Appreciation:

When users improve their typing skills and complete different stages of the training program.

This is a big motivation for the young or old users to put in greater efforts.

Users can also get certificates based on international typing assessment standard.

Efficient Record Keeping:

The software provides for maintaining the systematic records and displaying detailed reports.

This is ideal for a group of students who have enrolled from a school under a teacher’s guidance.

It can manage the records of thousands of users from a single institution and provide authentic reports whenever required.

This is a big benefit for the administration. 

What I Like

The program is quite user-friendly and provides materials and methods suitable for a young or adult learner.

Professionals can access materials for typing from their field of work and easily relate to.

The maintenance cost and related expenses are quite low.

What Can be Improved

Though the program is meant for all ages, games are not part of the practice strategy.

Adding these would definitely make it more attractive for kids and young learners.


UltraKey is one of the finest typing tutors available to build our skill and speed.

By spending as little as 20 minutes per day for three or four weeks we can make remarkable progress in touch typing.

Since there is multi-media support and a clear learning path, success is assured.

Rating: ★★★★★★
Price: $29.95 Single User, $39.95 Family Edition.

typing instructor platinum 21 typing software

5. Typing Instructor Platinum 21

The program has employed the latest technology to create an educational and entertaining typing tutorial for beginners, intermediate and advanced level, users.

It provides a comprehensive training program with about 20 different lessons and supporting practice materials.

The variety of tasks ensures that users pick up various typing skills with ease.


Nature of lessons :

There are twenty distinct typing plans, designed by experts to cover the letters and numeric keys as well as symbols.

Besides, users can create their own lesson plans. Each lesson culminates with a random-words test.

You also receive a stamp of recognition after the successful completion of each lesson.

Learning as an Adventure :

The program takes the users away from a conventional classroom environment on a thematic adventure trip.

In fact, they can learn to type while being on a world trip, a photo safari, or even a time travel trip.

Typists take up lessons, tests, and game challenges and as they to improve their typing skills they get to visit exciting places.

Simultaneously, they can, win game challenges, and register high game scores.

Thereafter they can collect visas, time stamps and photo as rewards and add in their travel passports.

There are 36 different exciting destinations to visit. It’s great fun indeed.

Variety of Typing Skills :

It’s not all fun. The games and lessons are geared to teach the specific typing skills of speed, accuracy, and rhythm, dexterity, and retention.

Comprehensive Progress Reports to Identify Strengths & Weaknesses:

A variety of graphs and charts indicate clearly the progress you make.

You can view details of proficiency for each hand, finger, row or even key.

This helps you to find out your exact strengths and weakness and practice accordingly.

What I Like

  • We get very specific and real-time feedback on our progress. This helps us to focus on our weak points and overcome them.
  • We can create our personal learning Plan and lessons. These are packed with interesting texts, games, tests and favorite music. The three adventure travel games add a lot of fun and excitement.

What Can be Improved

  • The variety of learning options and support material provided may prove a little complicated and confusing for beginners. They would prefer a less complex system.
  • The Travel adventure format may not appeal to serious and advanced users.


Typing Instructor Platinum is an appealing program with an unusual travel adventure theme.

Well designed and progressive lesson plans supported by arcade-style games make learning a pleasure.

The system of prompt and regular rewards keep users hooked on to this comprehensive program.

Rating: ★★★★★☆
Price: $29.99

Typing master 10

7. Typing Master 10

Typing Master is a comprehensive typing tutor to develop speed typing and keyboarding skills.

It helps users to enhance their skills of touch typing in a relaxed and easy manner.

The tutor is packed with a lot of useful features.


  1. The program provides real-time analysis and feedback of our progress. That proves useful to create specific remedial practice materials and tests effectively. 2
  2. The training program to develop touch typing is very systematic. The package has about 10 hours of lessons and practice materials and tests; The training makes use of an easy and eye-catching visual style of training. For instance, the color-coded displays guide our hands and fingers into the right position. This facilitates maximum typing speed and accuracy. 
  3. We can avail a free typing course for a week. Additionally, there are also a lot of free training materials. 
  4. Typing Games Zone is an attractive section with a lot of typing games that make learning less formal and great fun. The Nitro Typing Racer, for example, involves typing words and thereby driving a car. It is sure to attract the children and others who are young at heart.

 TypingMaster is a great program to enhance our touch typing skills.

Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Price: Free, $39.90 for Pro Version.

keyblaze typing tutor

8. Key Blaze:

Key Blaze is a Free Typing Tutor that helps users improve their current typing skills.

It is a highly interactive program for improving g the typing speed substantially.

Key Blaze is an ideal program for professionals like writers, secretaries, and journalists.

Several useful features in Keyblaze are:-

1. It works with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

2. The tutor offers detailed and user-friendly lessons and practice materials which include drills, and even passages of prose and poetry.

3. The program includes audio dictation lessons which are of great professional use.

The tasks are organized in a graded manner. Also, there is an initial skills test to find out our present level.

Thereafter, we can enter the program at a stage that matches our proficiency level.

At any stage, we can set out own typing speed goals. 

4. Free Games provided add fun to the learning process. Users need to buy advanced games. 

5. This tutor encourages users to use all ten fingers.

The visual displays indicate the right position for each finger.

We can monitor the progress we make and get to know difficult words and characters that we need to practice more. Also, typing speed is displayed continuously.

6. Typing lessons are available to practice not only the main keys but also, the home keys, punctuation, symbols and numbers.

7. We can print out the course completion certificates and feel a sense of pride and achievement.

Key Blaze is a dynamic and interactive typing tutor that is best suited for professionals.

Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Price: $30

GS typing tutor

9. GS Typing Tutor 

GS typing tutor is an online typing course that develops the touch typing skills in a systematic manner.

In a short period, users become familiar with the ‘qwerty’ keyboard and are trained to give up faulty typing habits.

Several features are:-

  • The lessons are comprehensive and geared to develop typing speed and accuracy simultaneously.
  • It is suitable for users of all age groups – from a 9 year of kid to an adult of any professional background.
  • Special the numeric keypad course and for special characters help improve speed. These are of great benefit to secretaries and financial personnel.
  • We can avail three different formats of test for improving typing speeds. These are termed General, Type at Will and Original Copy formats. The program also gives you the option to add your own files as the text for tests.
  • The program provides for five games to make the training process is entertaining and effective.
  • It supports keyboard layouts in about 30 different languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.
  • The program monitors our progress continuously and generates clear reports and graphs. It analyzes to indicate the difficult keys and offer specific remedial practice.
  • Users have the option to customize the interface color, on/off button and other display features.
  • It allows multiple users to benefit using the same computer. However, each user can maintain his own account file and have independent records and reports.

GS Typing Tutor is clearly a versatile and convenient program to build our typing skills.

Rating: ★★★★☆☆

Price: Starts from $29.95

rapid typing tutor software

10. Rapid Typing Software

Rapid Typing software helps us easily improve our speed and accuracy in typing.

In addition to the introductory course for all, there are three levels of courses on offer, Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. 

We can practice specific groups of keys close to each other. The program also guides us on the finger to use for these keys.

We have the option to create our own lessons and tests with materials of our interest.

The software can be used free of cost for personal, or institutional use.

Interestingly, the offer about no registration or usage limitations is a big attraction.

It is ideal for classroom use if we install it on a local server. Besides, Students work from their workstations too.

We can also use the portable version of the software.

The Typing Tutor tracks our progress, and we can follow it at any stage of the training.

The Lesson Editor feature helps us to customize our lessons and we can add, change, and remove lessons or group them into desired courses.


RapidTyping is a feature-packed user-friendly typing software for different levels of users.

It is best suited to meet the needs of students in any educational institution.


Price: free

11. Tipp 10 Typing Software

Tipp 10 is typing software we can use with our browser and is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux too.

It is a 10-finger touch typing software that can be accessed free of cost.

It is a very user-friendly program. Hence, children and beginners can get going without any kind of hassles.

The lessons are designed intelligently and are quite practical and interactive.

For instance, the texts respond to our typing mistakes by repeating the wrongly typed letters.

This, in turn, helps us to practice and get over our errors to improve our touch-typing speed.

The twenty graded lessons include those that focus on special characters and numbers.

Interestingly, a wide range of text materials and the game’s format keep users engaged.

The feedback provided is immediate and comprehensive after each lesson.

Users also get rewarded with points after each lesson completed.

Users also get a detailed printed report of their overall progress.

Overall, Tipp 10 is an excellent, typing tutorial that adapts well to the user’s needs.

12. All the Right Type

All the Right Type is a high-quality program designed by typing experts.

The methodology and sequential learning system are highly efficient.

We find a dynamic use of technology, prompt evaluation and clear analysis of the use of fingers.

Users can learn at their own pace in a supportive environment.

The tutor has been adopted successfully in classrooms across the USA as it uses tried and tested classroom teaching methods to develop typing skills.

It readily meets the needs of students and teachers alike.

The program provides clear instructions to students on all aspects of efficient typing. Students have fun while improving their typing skills.

Meanwhile, teachers can sit back and monitor their progress and let the program do the hard work.

Teachers can print certificates and awards for the students’ achievement after they complete a task well.

The software comes in two modes: one for homeschoolers and another as the multi-user version for schools.

This software stands apart from other typing training programs for kids because it is web-based.

All the Right Type tutor makes learning touch typing real fun for children.  

13. Typing Tournament Online Tutor

Typing Tournament tutor is a comprehensive, 10-finger touch typing course suitable for children and adults of all age groups and proficiency levels.  

We can progress at our own pace through 16 levels and 128 well-structured lessons.

It is based on the innovative Multiple Progressions Model.

The tutor works on the principle that we must master a set of keys before moving on to practice on a new set of keys.

We have the option to enter a level that matches our current skill level.

Animated demonstrations and visual prompts help to teach proper position of fingers.

The program also helps us develop the right posture while typing.

The Games and Drills are centered on a highly captivating medieval tournament theme where we are to challenge the Dark Typist!

Users can take up 16 medieval combat games like Dragon’s Cave and Throne Room which adds to the fun element of learning.

Also, There are powerful class management tools that save the time and effort of teachers who engage their students.

The typing tutor software works on all devices like Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Tablets, iPads and iPhones and is also compatible with all major browsers.

If we have an Internet connection, we can access the program anywhere and anytime. 

Rating: ★★★★★☆
Price: $60/year single user license.

Typing Tournament

14. Master Key

Master Key is a highly versatile and established typing tutor suitable for students and other learners.

It works smoothly on any platform be it on Mac or Windows as it uses a standard interface.

The software is compatible with various keyboard formats like QWERTY, Dvorak, or Colemak.

We can practice the typing skills through interesting games and track our progress at every stage. That is a big bonus to keep users deeply interested and learn fast.


15. 10 Fast Fingers

This software provides a very novel way to create interest in building our typing speed and proficiency.

It provides an interesting 1-minute free typing test to assess our current speed. This is available in more than 40 languages and uses the top 200 words in the language.

The very process of trying out this test repeatedly improves our skill.

The program also holds typing competitions to motivate users.

16. Speed Typing Online

It is a free online typing test with great features.

It has a natural and refined mode for text entry and provides extensive performance reports. We also have the choice of customizing aspects of text style and duration of the practice session.

There are different lesson formats like Classic and advanced lessons depending on whether the user is a beginner or a fairly skilled user.

17. Typing Club

TypingClub is very effective web-based software to learn typing skills. It is a free program free for both individuals and schools.

It is a lively and interactive program made exciting by the game format of exercises.

There is guidance at every step with videos and support to show hand positions are shown while typing.

Users get motivated as they get badges and stars awarded after completely after each level and stage. 

18. Sense-Lang

Sense-lang is a full program for improving typing efficiency which provides clear instructions, online typing games for practice, and well-designed typing tests.

These are available for practicing letters, words and sentences and paragraphs.

When the training is completed successfully user get certificates and diplomas too.

The lessons in the typing tutor program are graded in terms of increasing complexity.

Other Softwares

1. This software is widely used in schools. Teachers and students like the interactive lessons and games.

2. TypingCat: This touch typing tutor has basic and advanced levels. Users can enjoy game-centered lessons.

3. TypingMe: It is a simple and entertaining typing tutor that develops the use of all 10 fingers.

4. Klavaro: It is a flexible tutor and supports keyboard layouts in a customized manner.

5. Keybr:  It is a free online tutorial that provides a highly advanced learning experience.

6. Datatype: This program offers free touch typing lessons, practice exercises, and tests and certificates.

7. Tux Typing: It makes typing great fun for kids and is totally safe and virus free.

8. KTouch: It is a touch-typing tutor with many levels and supports various keyboard languages.

Features To Consider before Buying the best typing Software:

The Target Users: We need to find out if the program is meant for users like us.

Method of Training: We must go in for a program that offers a method of training that is suitable and comfortable for us.

The Nature of Activities and Practice Materials: A study of these will tell us how well the program is designed. Check on the supporting features like games and instructional videos too. 

The Interface: Determine that the working interface is comfortable and convenient. If we can customize the set-up, it is an added advantage.

Tracking Facilities: If the program has a systematic and comprehensive system to monitor the progress we make, it is a definite plus point.

Cost Factor: Whether the software is free or paid and if so how much is also an important aspect. We need to ensure that we get our money’s worth.

Advantages of Using a Typing Software 

  • Learn to type fast and accurately
  • View/Monitor our typing proficiency through regular and prompt feedback 
  • Modify  practice based on progress made
  • Customize the learning process
  • Customize interface settings for ease of learning
  • Master the typing of  letter keys, numerals, and special characters
  • Use the touch typing method effectively and save time and effort involved in typing.
  • Learn and practice typing postures that prove healthy and less tiring.
  • Develop confidence and professional growth   

Our Review Process:

The review process involves a number of vital steps.

  • Getting Access to the Product: This is essential to make an independent and objective review. Since many of them are free, we just had to download the program and proceed.
  • Using the Product and Finding Out all About its Various Features: The list of features on the official website guided us to go ahead and check them out for ourselves. Some of the features we especially looked at were:
  • Principles that determine the training program
  • The range and variety of lessons and practice materials and tests
  • The scope of customization of the learning process
  • Tracking system
  • A Comparative Study of Similar Products (alternatives)  in the market and a clear indication of the strengths and weakness and cost of the product being reviewed
  • An Overall Clear and Fair Verdict about the product.


All the different typing software we have seen stake their claim to increase our speed and accuracy. 

However, one program that stands out from the rest is Typesy.

 The tutor software is packed with learning techniques, numerous and varied activities including entertaining and educational games. 

We can confidently rate it as the number one among today’s typing programs. 

Which tutor do you consider as the best typing software available in the market?

Have you experienced any of them?

Kindly, comment about your thoughts.

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