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Become a SuperLearner 2.5 Version: Course Review

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become a superlearner 2.5

Become a SuperLearner 2.5: Udemy Course To Boost Reading Speed and Improve Memory

With a huge amount of information and learnings to be accomplished everyday Udemy’s Course ‘Become a SuperLearner 2.5’ is one of the best choices for you.

Become a SuperLearner course(Visit Course) is about improving your ability to learn new skills, advanced memory techniques and long-term retention and application of the information quickly and effectively.

The course is a nice blend of instructional learning, worksheets, exercises, quizzes and learning games for Students and professionals.

Here are my review and experience of using the Become a SuperLearner V2.5 course.


1. You will be learning speed Reading skills along with a decent amount of comprehension, i.e a concentration of more than 80%.

2. The course will teach you how to hack your memory skills through practical memory techniques resulting in recalling a large amount of information easily.

3. Long-term retention of the information learned by developing the cognitive and neurological infrastructure of the brain.


♦ The course aims to triple the learning speed of learners with more than 80% comprehension.

♦ You will learn memorization skills that can help you learn to memorize even thousands of data points in an orderly manner.

♦ Learn anything more quickly and effectively with long-term retention of the information and recalling when necessary.

♦ Applying the teaching to learn any new skill you want to learn in a very short time.

♦ The course provides tips and techniques for learning a new language, remembering names and phone numbers easily.

Here is a short Video about the Course:

For Whom

♦ A school student or a university student, even for beginners who need to read and process a lot of information this course has proved to be highly rewarding.

♦ A professional or a CEO who needs to gulp huge amount of information every day and apply the information.

♦ A learner or hobbyist who wants to learn something new to improve his career or lifestyle.

How It Is Laid Out

♦ More than 5 Hours of High-Quality Video Content with 62 Lectures.

♦ Demonstration Videos and 12 Downloadable resources with full lifetime access.

♦ Homeworks, assignment, games, worksheets and other supplementary materials to practice.

♦ A certificate of completion with is provided at the end of the course

Training/Teaching Methods: Become a SuperLearner 2.5

Videos and Lessons

The course has instructional videos with in-depth analysis and instructions on how to apply the techniques to improve Learning, Memory and Reading Skills.

Worksheets, Assignments, and Supplemental materials are provided so that you practice what you are taught meticulously and apply the learnings.

Some courses overwhelm the learners by long instructional materials, In this case, I found a good balance of timing intervals between instructions and allowing the learner to work and apply the learnings practically.

Memory Techniques

The course teaches systems for creating and maintaining long-term memory and retention through the tested techniques and amazing methods below:

♦ Spaced Repetition i.e reviewing the knowledge in a systematic and deliberate manner improving the retention effectively.

♦ Mind Mapping a powerful technique for creating, storing and organizing new learnings and recalling where ever the implementation is required.

♦ Memory Places Concept to improve the memory.

♦ Number memorizing techniques through visual memory skills and sophisticated techniques and strategies for maintaining your memory for long-term

Addressing Bad Reading Habits

The course delves into some of the bad reading habits and how to measure your comprehension initially without tricking yourself.

The course then addresses how you can minimize subvocalization with some useful techniques of eye movements i.e improving your eye span to increase your reading speed and comprehension.

I also really like the idea about markers – I never had anyone explain memory in that way before.

Exercises and Games

The course has been designed meticulously to keep the learner/student engaged through exercises, games, and quizzes and learner is being able to really learn the skill.

The instructional material is also very well organized and the exercises are explained in great detail. For me, it was a great improvement but you must continue applying what you have learned in the course.


Time Commitment

The course will require 2-3 hours of memory and speed-reading practice and training per week, and last roughly 7-9 weeks.

It won’t be easy – but if you put in the work, you are guaranteed to succeed.

Also in another way, You can spend the 25-45 minutes 5-6 times a week (maybe split up practice and actual course learning into smaller sections) and you will be done with the course and implementing these techniques in no time.

Best of all, since you are learning memory and speed reading strategies you can use them with whatever information you are currently learning.

What I Like

1. Improves the comprehension, memory, and reading speed by practical and effective techniques with lots of practice, games, worksheets, and assignments.

2. The speed is of the course is good. The interactive parts are gold and I love how you explain the science in our brain chemistry. These are the kind of techniques I would love to see children taught as a norm

3. Students with Visual or Leaning Impairment can also benefit from the course by contacting the instructors before purchasing for maximum benefit from the course.

4. The course materials and references are great, I love the Ted talks, and even the reference to the podcast, which I recently subscribed to and finding to be a great compliment

5. Highly Qualified and educated instructors who are passionate about sharing their guidance in the course

What I Didn’t Like

1. I feel the course should have more visual aids, illustrations, and more examples of how to apply the techniques.

2. Also, I think it will make the video more interesting and engaging if the writer writes on a whiteboard or something similar.

3. Some course takers have reviewed about that the program causes confusion and is not clear in what we should be doing and not doing? Eg. should we do chunking exercise, should we play the SVTM game or not?

4. Asking for ratings too early in the course doesn’t allow the student to get a real feel for the course and may be a turnoff for somebody.


The course talks about reading, learning and memorization skills, however, if you want to purchase the full version,  for that you need to check out their SuperLearner Masterclass which is on a bit pricier side.

There are some good alternatives available related to speed and comprehension skills which you can go through in the review of my best speed reading courses.

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This course will help you in almost every area of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to learn a new skill, read faster, or remember more names.

Read More: how to speed read.

The course has also so far helped in giving me a better understanding of how the memory works in storing information and Interestingly, how to work towards ensuring that relevant info is stored in the long-term memory.

I can tell that a lot of effort was put into perfecting this course for the Udemy audience. I find that It’s simple, yet challenging and includes tips and techniques I’ll use for the rest of my life

The core lectures are actually very useful with many of its components like memory palace, speed reading, applied language learning, etc. and contain lots of value for the price.

One thing needs to be remembered that you must continue applying what you learned in the course, otherwise you will lose it.

Summary: Become a SuperLearner 2.5 Review

become a superlearner 2.5

Become a SuperLearner 

If You have taken the course, kindly share your experiences in the comment.

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