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Become A learning Machine 2.0- Udemy Course Review

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How to Become a Learning Machine: Read 300 Books This Year

Everything you learned in school or basic education is becoming less relevant as time passes and you need to gain an actionable knowledge at every stage of life.

The best way for this is to read more and more books in a year and for that Udemy’s ‘Become a Learning machine 2.0’ course can be one of the best choices available.

Learning can be a fun activity besides being a very useful one when you know exactly how to learn fast and put it into action steps.

Become a Learning Machine is really a very good, useful, comprehensive and applicable to daily life course.

It can change the way, how you choose and approach books and master the learning’s gained from reading.

Become a Learning Machine Course Overview

This course is phenomenal for learning on how to digest non-fiction books. As the instructor says, books are a tool, this course is a tool.

The course(Visit Course) is recommended for anyone and everyone that is looking to improve their reading, add valuable knowledge and looking to develop and grow themselves.

Engaging presentation and lots of important key points that are applicable and effective are some of the characteristics of this course.

Also, this is not a “get-rich-quick” kind of course. It’s a very humble and honest explanation of what it takes to truly excel in something.

While the course is foremost about reading, something equally important I learned is why one would/should read.

I really enjoyed Brandon’s process of using a book as a tool: to quickly discover what a book is about; what to look for in the book; and how to navigate quickly to the areas that make the most valuable contributions. Typically Brandon’s microwave/oven analogy is very useful.


The Course aims to teach you insights about how to read more books in a year.

Become a Learning Machine Claims you would be able to read at least 100 books a year after completing this course.

The course will make your learning become a part of your subconscious and you would start taking action on your learning almost immediately.

Also, the outcome will be an increase in the reading speed and improved memory of the material you read.

For Whom: Become a Learning Machine

♦ Anyone who has a lot of non-fiction books to read which are lying on the shelves and which they have always wanted to complete.

♦ Students, Beginners who want to and need to learn a lot, College Attending Academics and Managers or CEO’s who need to gulp a large amount of information every day.

♦ Any person who aims to read a large number of books in a year but unable to do so due to the lack of time.

♦ The course is specifically designed for readers aiming to read a large number of non-fiction books in less time.

The instructor has suggested going for a good speed reading course instead if the person is aiming to read a mix of both fiction and non-fiction books.

Features: Become a Learning Machine

1. Introductory Module On Why to Read More Books Every Year

Despite the same idea or background, some people reach the superhuman level of success.

Where is the catch?

The instructor clearly mentions the secret lies( which is no more a secret now haha) in the habit of reading more and more books every year.

Brandom Hakim mentions the famous personalities who are insanely successful like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk and their clearly differentiating habits of reading lots of books every year.

Also, Reading more and more books are the only way to get real-life learnings, grasping new things, and getting an education beyond conventional schooling

2. How to Choose What To Read and What Not

Not all the books are created equal and you need to skip some books to free your time to get through the right books you actually need to read.

The course teaches you to pick the right books for your reading activity and complete that in a day or two with real learnings.

You would get crystal clear on what 3 types of books would really move you forward and which books are just a waste of time.

Also, You would realize that you don’t have to feel guilty for skipping sentences, heck, you can skip whole sections if you have mastered the material.

The course is specifically designed for reading more nonfiction books and the instructor clearly mentions that it’s is important to go through reading the right things that to read the wrong things quickly.

A reading tracking sheet is shared with the course takers for picking the right kind of books.

3. Mindset Shift for More Reading

A single paragraph of a book can be more important than 1000 of phrases or powerpoint slides.

A single idea properly applied can change your life than 1000 ideas which just confuses you.

So the instructor emphasizes always asking one single question.

The question is;

How you can apply the book learning in your real life while reading?


What do I do with this information that I am reading?

This single mind-shift change can revolutionize the way you choose and read books.

Basically, Learning should translate into an action or it is rendered useless.

4. Developing a Reading Ritual

Not Just read, just read daily, the instructor emphasizes developing a reading ritual and make small changes in your habit which will lead to a big change in your life after a considerable time.

The course teaches you, step by step on how to create a reading ritual and stick to that.

A ritual tracking sheet is also provided to track on how you are following with your rituals.

5. The Double Time Solution

This is a simple trick you would be taught, with which you can read double the number of books without spending any extra time.

Everyone has the same amount of time every day, but we have a choice also on how we can allocate our time.

This trick leads to assessing the reasonable time required to do a task by you and then double that time for a surest successful outcome.

The course equips you with the 4 Insider Reading Tools that you can apply to become a better book reader and read faster

6. Memorizing Things For a Long Term

A major problems readers face is that they tend to forget 80 percent of the information they read in a very short time.

The course teaches you how to remember the key takeaways and learnings from the book you read so that it becomes permanently ingrained in you.

Moreover, You will learn to apply the information and you would be able to put yourself in action with the knowledge you got from the book.

7. User’s  Interface Experience

The course is highly user-friendly and very easy to grasp. Even beginners wouldn’t find it complex as it is a highly structured course.

A course review on the actual course website which sums up the user experience is;

“My reading style in the past has been to read every word which has really slowed me down. This course has completely changed the way I look at books now and has given me some valuable insights as to finding a purpose for reading”.

8. Money Back Guarantee

The course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee which is a risk-free approach for learners who want to read more and more books in a year.

9. Certificate of Completion

Become a Learning Machine course comes with a certificate of completion after successfully going through the teaching material.

How the Course is Laid Out

Lectures: 33 Lectures

Instructor: Brandon Hakim

Video Duration: 2 Hrs

Pricing: (Visit Course)

Included: 1 Article and 9 Downloadable Resources


What I Liked

♦ I liked about the several advantages of the course, such as algorithmized explanation, reference to the experience of great personalities and conclusion of the lectures.

♦ The GIIC acronym is such a time saver and especially emphasis on reading the conclusion area before actually reading the book for the information can be an eye-opener for many people

♦ I liked this course because it introduces a new way of thinking about books.

Books are a tool, and they can be used to get the information you need or to get wisdom from authors who have the knowledge you need

♦ I absolutely love the quotes mentioned throughout the course.

♦ Brandon’s enthusiasm is refreshing and encouraging, and his ideas clearly presented, understandable, and immediately applicable.

What Could be Improved

♦ It would be better if the trainer provides some materials like diagrams, plans, tables, schemes so that learners can visualize what they have learned so far

♦ Sometimes I felt the course turns into a motivational training instead of focusing particularly on reading skills.

♦ The trainer sometimes becomes overcritical of the schooling system, about which I feel that there are enough school educators who are trying to make their best and provide students with practical skills and knowledge base needed for a future career.

Alternative: Become a Learning Machine Course

Clearly, the focus is on non-fiction books and the instructor has advised taking some good speed reading course If you have a lot to read in fictional materials also

Also, It would have been better, if the trainer would have dealt how to go with your textbooks or purely technical books like physics, chemistry, mathematics etc.

One way to improve this course is to actually show you going through a book in detail in how you read it.

You often tell us what you would do, but you should do more walkthroughs.


‘Become a Learning Machine 2.0’ course motivates you to apply the things you have already been learning to real-world applications and improve life instead of just possessing knowledge.

The course(Visit Course Website) also has a major takeaway which seems to be obvious to me now which is you do not need to read everything in the books you read.

Instead, only the things that you can apply to your life right now are important to read(Magic Of Decluttering).

This course also has a lot of actionable actions for you to bring to your life at once in a decently compiled way.

However, It would probably be more useful if some of the motivational/ marketing stuff can be cut out and instead, add in a couple of short walk-throughs with some books to demonstrate the tools in action 

Some insights I love are the “microwave and oven” books  and I love the idea that you can find the summary of the microwave books on the internet instead of reading them cover to cover

I also love the idea to make a summary in your own words after each chapter and only one sentence to describe the book after finish reading

In a nutshell, This course is an eye opener on how to choose a book, how to read it properly and encouraging to act on what you learned.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve not only the vision about reading, but also want to become a better reader.

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LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 2019

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