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Best Speed Reading Apps

11 best speed reading apps for iPhone, Mac, and Android. Learn and use them for accelerated learning and fast reading with our review here.

Reedy App

Reedy-Intelligent Reader is an android app and chrome browser application that promises you to increase your reading speed of 1.5 to 2 times. Read our review

outread app

Outread App is another addition to some of the good online speed reading app available for iOS devices. Read our review.


ReadMe! is an android and iOS based ebook reader app to assist book lovers in speed reading.

Syllable App

Syllable app is a reliable speed reading app for iPhone and iPad, Integrates with Instapaper, pocket, and readability on iOS. Read fast ebooks and articles.

Quick Reader App

QuickReaders is a popular eBook Reader and fast Reading app available for the iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. Here is our review.

Read quick app review

ReadQuick app is an iOS-based app for speed reading and comprehending the long list of blog posts and articles. Read our review.

Accelerator App

Finish your reading list in record time with Accelerator App, Compatible with iOS devices. Read our review.

Acceleread App review

Acceleread is a speed reading app which helps in making you read faster and thus improves your learning skill, Here is the review of the popular app.

Spreeder is a known online speed reading application, Here is the review of latest Spreeder CX 2018 pro version.

LAST UPDATED: October 31st, 2018