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Acceleread Speed Reading App Review

Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer App for iOS-Review

Reading is one of the four basic skills that indicate a person’s language proficiency. Acceleread is an app which helps in making you read faster and thus improves your learning skill

Many of us, once we are out of school or college we hardly pay attention to developing our reading abilities in terms of speed and comprehension.

We end up reading much below our natural potential speed and find it difficult to read efficiently. This makes reading an unpleasant and time-consuming task.

However, effective and efficient reading is of great importance in every sphere of life – personal, social, academic and professional fields. Hence, we need to take concrete measures to improve reading skills. 

By acquiring certain advanced reading techniques, we can overcome this handicap and make reading an efficient and time-saving activity.

This is where the Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer App becomes valuable and one of the most useful apps to improve our reading efficiency.

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Acceleread App review


Acceleread is a Speed Reading App available on iTunes, providing one of the most effective speed reading training.

The App helps the users regain the reading skills lost or lying dormant since school days – and helps them get over poor reading habits that hinder speed and lead to loss of time.

The App trains users to become faster and more efficient readers. It provides a systematic and graded course that takes into account current reading level and the level they wish to achieve.

Thus it is well designed and personalized program with a clear objective to increase reading speed substantially, within a time frame of about 10 days!

The App has the inbuilt flexibility for users to train at their own pace. It also provides the facility to track their progress in terms of speed and keep them motivated and focused.

Method of Training/How It Works:

After installing and activating the Acceleread App, it determines the user’s initial reading rate and then puts him into a suitable course level as a step to improve reading skills.

The three standard levels are beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each of these levels helps to enhance the reading skills in a gradual manner.

The levels help us to get over poor or wrong reading techniques. Once a particular level of proficiency is reached, the user is placed in the next higher level automatically.

As they assimilate the advanced reading techniques, like skimming, scanning and reading for details, reading efficiency improves.

This is revealed by the person’s ability to absorb more words and phrases and read with focus and not regress or go back.

This also enables the person to adjust the reading speed to suit the reading material! Both speed and reading comprehension goes up. It also increases retention of what they read.

All this progress is well tracked and documented.

Acceleread – Features

Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer App has emerged as a top class App thanks to a number of important features. A few of the key aspects are: 

  • Very well-defined levels of reading courses to cater to the specific needs of the users.
  • Well-designed and graded lessons with instant feedback on how well the users are progressing as well as their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The facility to upload our collection of e-books into the app. This helps to read the material we enjoy reading and at the same time acquire better reading techniques.
  • Complete and easy-to-understand reading statistics, including major and minor aspects like course level completion as well as a number of words, read.
  • It facilitates an interactive and intuitive way of encouraging learning.
  • Family sharing facility enables a maximum of six members of a family to use the App.
  • The App is compatible with various Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  • For the App to function, iOS 7.0 or later version is required.
  • The App supports two languages – English and Spanish.
  • In new versions, a few bugs have been fixed and performance enhanced.

What I like:

Most of the features of the Acceleread App are quite positive that adds real value to the App. However, the following are the features that I find that deserve special mention.

The App helps users attain better reading speeds when they follow the clearly designed and graded course at different levels. The cost involved is only a small fraction of what one may have had to spend in acquiring similar skill development in a regular training course or workshop sessions.

The program is a very user-friendly, interactive and entertaining way to learn and enhance our reading proficiency.

Reviews of the App by users testify to a real increase in reading speeds in a short duration. I too share such an opinion based on my own experience.

What I didn’t like.

It is true that the Acceleread App is an exciting rapid reading App with great features, there are a few matters I wish would be different.

As of now, Acceleread is accessible on the iTunes app store and is compatible with devices that run iOS 7, 8 and 9. The App I understand was last updated in 2014. Hence, it’s rather outdated and does not work with the new iOS 11 version.

It is listed as free on the iTunes Store, but only when you try it out you discover that it’s a free trial limited to just two days. That’s definitely disappointing. You would expect a free trial of at least 10 days. Here, after two days. you need to pay $10 for using it.

It takes time to get used to the whole training system and hence the results may not be as fast or instant as we might expect.


One expert review calls Acceleread ‘the power horse’ of iPad speed reading Apps’ and I believe it is a fair description of this interesting and effective rapid reading trainer App.

Although we do not recommend using it for iOS 10 or later versions.

The App is a cost-effective method for modern users to improve the much-needed reading efficiency both in terms of speed and degree of comprehension and that it is quite user-friendly and interactive makes Acceleread a popular choice.

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