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Accelerator: Speed Reader App Review

Accelerator App

Speed Read Articles From The Web at Superhuman Speeds

We are exposed to a vast amount of reading material in digital form and in print. To browse through even a small part of all that, we need to able to read pretty fast and for that speed reading apps such as Accelerator App can be used to practice effectively.

Also, we need to comprehend what we read. Such effective reading skill that blends reading speed with good levels of comprehension is the need of the hour in every sphere of life today.

The various speed-reading Apps available in the market go a long way in meeting this vital need. 

A good course combined with the best apps can do make a great improvement in the reading speed.

If you are looking for a software-based fast reading course, you can check our review about one of the best selling:-

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If you are on a budget Udemy’s  SuperLearner 2.5 Course Provides a Great Option.

Various programs that improve reading skills fall into two main categories.

1. E-Reading apps that visualize text material to process it faster.

2. Apps that impart techniques aimed at increasing speed as well as comprehension.

‘Accelerator Speed Reading App’ belongs to the first group.

Accelerator (Formerly Velocity) is a reliable speed reading app for iOS devices like iPhone and iPads.

It has a clean interface and integrates well with applications like Instapaper and Pocket.

It provides three different themes to suit different reading environments. Interestingly, It becomes very easy and convenient to save online articles and speed read later.

However, You cannot upload your eBooks or documents.

Method of Training/How it works:

The App makes use of the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, (RSVP) method.

The App allows users to save web pages and documents in different format like Pocket, Instapaper and Readability list.

This is done through the Safari web browser that is inbuilt. Essentially, It then converts the text to a more readable form and you can read the text one word at a time.

The App displays a line of text in the center of the screen and moves through it at a certain WPM (words per minute) rate which can be pre-set to suit your purpose.

With the technique, This App claims to help users read at a high speed.

Also, words are displayed one by one, So, you can read articles from the web at quite high speeds and progress well in completing your reading lists.

According to Lickability, the developer of this App, one-word-at-a-time approach is the best for improving speed and comprehension. 


The App has many interesting and useful features like:

a. Requires iOS 10.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

b. Multiple text sizes and automatic background updating are possible.

c. Browse and save articles from the web and supported apps Read the text, rich text, and word documents.

d. Automatically read text and links from clipboard and web pages from Safari with the Accelerator bookmark.

e. Specialized typeface designed for dyslexic readers.

f. Unrestricted Web Access.

g. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.


While most of the features outlined above are beneficial, a few outstanding benefits include:

a. Display of one word at a time, A Proven Technique to improve reading speed.

b. Facility to re-read the article in normal format and go back to unfamiliar words

c. Ideal for speed reading of technical material

d. Has a definite role in improving speed and level of comprehension.

e. A sliding bar allows you to adjust the reading speed depending on the length and nature of the content.

f. Provision for a maximum of six family members to use this App, using the Family Sharing set up.


There are a few drawbacks of the App that needs to be Improved:

a. A number of users felt a lack of clear information about how to use the App. It takes time to get used to working.

b. The content is limited to WebPages. E-Books and other types of pages files cannot be accessed.

c. It supports only English, a few more languages would be a welcome addition. 

d. There are some issues with the way the App converts reading material with a lot of bullet points.

e. It is difficult to use the App effectively with material that is humorous or satirical since speed reading does not permit reflecting over the implied humour.


There are many other fast reading Apps available today. Some of the major ones are:

  • Spreed
  • Reedy
  • Spreeder
  • Dictator
  • iReadFast
  • Spritz.
  • Outread

You can read about some of the apps in our review of the best speed reading apps.


Accelerator Speed Reading App is one of the most appealing fast reading Apps compatible with iOS devices. Effective and regular use of the App is sure to improve reading speeds and overall comprehension, thereby meeting a growing need among modern users.

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LAST UPDATED: May 10th, 2019

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