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7 Speed Reading Review-EX 2019

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Can You Triple Your Reading Speed And Comprehension With 7-Speed-Reading?

7 Speed Reading is software by eReflect which Aims to Improve your reading speed and comprehension through their popular application. The software teaches to practice different techniques used in speed reading.

The Product aims to increase your speed reading and learning at the same time by boosting your memory power and learning through a structured practice module and process.

7 Speed Reading is a cloud-based software and it can be used anywhere with an active internet connection.

7 Speed Reading has video instructions and interactive modules with a huge library of e-books.


However, for a more personalized experience, you can check about other alternatives such as Rev it Up Reading  Course.

Also, Udemy offers one of the best course which is also a value for money option. If you have less budget go for Udemy SuperLearner 2.5 course


7 -Speed-Reading Focuses On Improving 

  1. Reading Speed-Increase your reading speed up to 3 times quickly.
  2. Comprehension-Understanding of the material even when you speed read.
  3. Learning and Practice- Trains you to learn the speed reading techniques and make use of them.
  4. Addressing the bad reading habits learners and eliminate it

7 Speed Reading In a Nutshell

          Speed Reading Course and Software
  • Software & Expert Guidance Based
  • Training with fun games & exercises
  • Cloud/Window/Mac/Linux

              Price: $79.95 

Who Can Use

1. CEO’s and Managers who need to read reports and require extensive reading and comprehending.

2. Students and learners who are in schools and colleges and requires reading and comprehending their study books and improve their exam grades.

3.  Avid book readers and learners who constantly want to improve their knowledge bank by reading more and more books.

4. Housewives who want to help their children with homework or during their exam times.

5. Professionals who are looking for boosting their career and earn more money and rewards in life.

How It Works

1. Besides giving you the software, guidance is available by world-leading experts in speed reading on how to use the software highly effectively.

So the course promises to give you the power of technology with the guidance of expert instructors

2. Bad reading habits accumulate in us since childhood and they remain with us for long, so this course addresses the bad habits of reading through their scientifically designed exercises.

You would automatically get rid of the habits once you complete the course with expert guidance.

3. 15 training activities with easy to use interface and effortless navigation.

Training Programme Guidance

 Guidance of Leading Experts Are Available


Abby Marks Beale– She is a leading speed reading expert, with 25 years of experience in teaching speed reading and a published author of the book, ’10 Days to Faster Reading’ and ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and Success Skills’, Also She write blog posts and articles for leading learning and reading websites.

Kathleen Hawkins-She is the author of speed reading made easy and several other bestsellers, she teaches about the best techniques and strategies to learn speed reading in 7-speed reading course videos.

Sean M. Kelly-He is a leading expert in mind training and improving mind potential for success. He teaches about improving memory, concentration and exploring the infinite possibilities of mind in the 7speed reading course videos.

Tina Konstant– She is the published author of 8 Speed reading books and internationally recognized expert. She speaks about human potential and learning skills in her guidance video.

Marie Jager– She is an occupational therapist and she talks about the ergonomic aspect of speed reading and several useful exercises of the eye while reading.

Kris Madden-He is the author of ‘Learn to Speed Read’ which is one of the best selling books on speed reading. He talks about the various speed reading methods in the 7-speed reading video guidance.

Addresses the Following Bad Reading Habits

Subvocalization– Course trains you to not saying words in your head while reading.

Regression-Trains you to prevent rereading the texts.

Chunking– Trains You to recognize large groups of words and comprehend them effectively.

Eye Exercises– Teaches You several eye Exercises to train your eye to read better and faster and without much strain.

Exercises on Developing

Mind Potential– Teaches you to tap your full brain potential so that it can take and retain information quickly and efficiently.

Processing Information– Speed up the rate at which information is processed in the brain.

and develop a photographic memory for everything you read.

Comprehension– Achieve a high level of comprehension by up to 95% even at very high speed.

More Features

Teaches 7 learning strategies.

Video Training and Tutorials

16 software-based activities

Step by step structured modules

9 courses available.

Progress tracking

Support Latest Cloud-based and App based platform.

More than 20000 ebooks are included

Text import from anywhere

Stores the progress and start from where reading is left.

Sync across all computers you use.

Support on window, chrome, mac, Linux

Share reading materials among family and friends and compete by earning status points

Social sharing options on Facebook, Google+

Supports up to 5 users in the cloud version

Edu Versions for schools available

Email and Phone support

The Good What I like

Testing 7 speed reading 2019 version, I felt that it has a very easy to use interface and structured lessons which are scientifically designed to improve reading skills.

Cloud-based software, so it can be used anywhere in the world, useful for travel buffs like me.

I can use my own reading material or whatever interests me.

Fun games and Exercises.

The software claims that practicing just 7 mins a day results in significant improvement in reading speed, which is interesting as it doesn’t take a large chunk of your time daily.

The Bad I don’t Like

Internet connection is a must to log in and use the current software as it is cloud-based not desktop based.

Supports only languages from left to right and top to bottom but it doesn’t support language from right to left like Arabic.

Goals/Targets Achieved

1. Read 3-10 times faster with 95% comprehension.

2. Learn techniques and strategies in speed reading.

3. Learn Eye exercises to improve and minimize eye strain.

4. Tap the full potential of mind and take control of information overload.

Save time on learning and applying the learning.


Several alternatives are there like AceReader but it comes with a limited number of usage and it is not cloud-based

AceReader is desktop based,  so future upgrades are also not possible.

7 Speed Reading Review: Conclusion and Final Verdict 

We like the easy to use interface and a structured lesson in a 7-speed-reading course, A large number of ebooks and expert real human guidance add to the appeal of the software.

Cloud-based compatibility and unlimited installs on your device add to the portability of the software So, it can be used to practice and learn anywhere in the world.

Fun games with the ability to import any text to the software to read make the user feel interested and ultimately learn.

Future Upgrades and good support makes it one of the best speed Reading programmes in the market to use.

For more interactive and thorough learning you can also opt for Rev it up reading Course and If you have less budget you can go through some good Udemy Courses on speed reading.

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LAST UPDATED: July 18th, 2019

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