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Speed Reading Course

Speed Reading Course

Many people know how to read. Most of the time, learning how to read begins at an early age. Therefore, it can be considered as a universal activity that everyone participates in whether they want to or not. An average person can read and comprehend at least 250 words per minute.

This means that a person will normally read a page for about 1 to 2 minutes before starting on the next one. Imagine if you could read faster, double your words, and finish a single page under 1 minute. To be able to do this would save you precious time and allow you to do more work. Is this even possible? Yes.

When you read, different parts of your body become engaged to work together and make sense of the shapes and letters that you see. Speed reading is a honed skill, one that you can develop through the use of excellent courses such as Zoxpro, that improves a person’s ability to read, enabling them to do it faster than normal. It is a valuable skill that anyone can make use of if they know how.

Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled enough to read fast. Certain environmental factors can also affect one’s ability to read, which will eventually influence their speed and comprehension.

Schools teach children how to read but it is not common practice for schools to teach children how to improve their pace in reading. Unless you enroll in a specific class that prioritizes speed reading, the pace you read will not improve.

Your brain is also partly responsible for this. By nature, it has been preset to receive information in a manner that when you read fast, signals in your brain go haywire affecting how your brain functions in absorbing the information.

If you want to get faster at reading and at the same time retain all of the information you have read, the Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets course is for you. This course will give you the ability to read over 1,000 words per minute without missing any information.

It is the only program specifically designed to teach you how to speed read step-by-step.  Some of the things you will learn in the course are:

  • An explanation of how to increase your reading speed radically.
  • How to remove mental roadblocks that may hinder your ability to read fast.
  • How to teach your mind to skip unimportant words.
  • Boosting your comprehension even if you are reading at a pace of 1,150 words per minute.
  • How to avoid common mistakes most speed readers make.
  • Increasing information perception by 50%.
  • Improving your ability to concentrate and boosting your memory capacity by 10%

By the end of the Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets course, you will be able to see the difference it has made in your reading speed. Novels that usually take you several hours to finish can now be finished in one sitting. Your comprehension skills will also be greatly improved.

For a limited time, you will have access to not just the full 8-module course when you purchase the Zoxpro Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets. You’ll also get three amazing bonuses to help you achieve the results you want quickly and easily.

These bonuses are:

Three Extra Modules – No Cost

Three advanced technique modules, each with a retail value of nearly $70, are included for free.

Ten Supplemental Training Materials

Additional supplemental training materials are sent directly to your inbox to help you hone your skills even more.

Ten Task Emails

Another ten emails, sent right to you, that feature real-world tasks you can do to practice your amazing skills to strengthen them every day.

All of these great tools are worth hundreds of dollars. In fact, buying this package in its entirety would cost you $597, but we’ve partnered with Zoxpro to offer you the entire 8-module course, the three bonus modules, and the 20 bonus emails, all for the phenomenal price of just $197 – a deal that is truly worth investing your money in.


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