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Best Speed Reading Apps 2018

Some of the Best Speed Reading Apps for Android, iPhone, and MacSpeed Reading Apps are a revolutionary change in today’s world where everyone is struggling with lack of time, stress and deadlines. With so much to do, people do not get ample time to read their favorite books and speed[…]

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Rev It Up Reading Review-2018 Updated

Rev It Up Reading by Abby Marks Beale -Online Course Review A good course can make a lot of difference in your reading speed and what more a person can get, if that course can be completed in 5 Hours of your time, Here we are reviewing the Rev It[…]

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Best Speed Reading Course 2018

Best Speed Reading Course-9 Top Online ClassesReading is a crucial skill that will give you an edge over others in this digital era of information. We come across a deluge of information every day and good speed reading course is essential to practice speed reading. A good speed reading course[…]

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Iris Reading Courses Review-2018 The Definite Guide

Iris Reading-Popular Online And In-Person Classes to Boost Reading Skills and ProductivityIris Reading a trusted name for those who want to increase their reading skills and boost their productivity with highly sought online and In-Person live classes(available in all major US Cities and Important Cities of the World)  speed reading[…]

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7 Speed Reading Review-EX 2018

Can You Triple Your Reading Speed And Comprehension With 7-Speed-Reading?   7 Speed Reading is a software by eReflect which Aims to Improve your reading speed and comprehension through their popular application. The software teaches to practice different techniques used in speed reading. The Product aims to increase your speed[…]

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Reedy-Accelerated reader

Reedy App for Android and Chrome Review

LAST UPDATED: October 16th, 2018 Android and Chrome Browser Fast Reading App-Reedy Accelerated Learning Reedy-Intelligent Reader is an android app and chrome browser application that promises you to increase your reading speed of 1.5 to 2 times your current reading speed in a very less time. It Claims to use[…]

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Read A group of words:Chunking words

How To Read Group Of Words:Chunking Words

Everything About Chunking Of Words: Read 200% Faster Speed Reading requires one of the most important technique called chunking words or reading a group of words. Now, What does that means? Whenever a person tries to read a book or a journal a slow reader reads a single word at[…]

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reading rate

What Should You Do to Increase Your Reading Rate

Increase Your Reading Rate:12 Tips and Techniques Reading rate implies how fast you can complete your books, journals, business reports, newspapers within a time frame. Fast reading not only helps you in completing the project in time but also helps in learning for a long term and “That’s How it Works,[…]

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8 Benefits Of eLearning

LAST UPDATED: September 12th, 2018E-Learning And Its Advantages Of late, eLearning is gaining more prominence and wider acceptance day by day. Benefits Of online Learning Cannot be neglected nowadays. Many international top universities are offering eLearning courses, many of which are considered equivalent or even superior to their regular counterparts.[…]

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Hand Pacing technique

Hand Pacing Technique – Speed Reading

LAST UPDATED: August 31st, 2018Hand Pacing Technique-Improve Your Reading Speed With This Technique Hand pacing technique is a very interesting speed reading tool where you use your index finger or a pen to guide you through the words and you end up reading the entire page at a really fast speed.[…]

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