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reading rate

What Should You Do to Increase Your Reading Rate

Reading rate implies how fast you can complete your books,journals,business reports,newspapers within a time frame. Fast reading not only helps you in completing the project in time but also helps in learning for a long term and “That’s How it Works,any type of learning builds like compound Interest. The normal speed[…]

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8 Benefits of e-Learning

Of late, e-Learning is gaining more prominence and wider acceptance day by day. Many international top universities are offering e-Learning courses, many of which are considered equivalent or even superior to their regular counterparts. Several top companies are offering e-Learning courses to their employees. Many of their Training program modules[…]

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Hand Pacing Technique – Speed Reading

Hand pacing is a very interesting speed reading technique where you use your index finger or a pen to guide you through the words and you end up reading the entire page at a really fast speed. If you master this skill at an early stage, it can reap you[…]

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guidance for dyslexic

Reading Guidance for Dyslexic People

Of late, more and more children are being diagnosed with Dyslexia, which is a learning disability pertaining to learning a language. In USA about 14-18% of the population is diagnosed to be Dyslexic. Similar figures exist for the UK and other developed countries. It is estimated dyslexia is prevalent in[…]

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interesting facts about reading

Ten Interesting Facts about Reading

With our busy lives, we hardly find time to sit down and read, most of the time we just give a cursory glance to a tepidly written newspaper or online article. Reading stems out into many genres which have been created through the ages. One of the first genres that[…]

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Speed Reading Tests

Speed Reading Test

American presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy are all legendary personalities the world can never forget. Besides their greatness, another facet of their capabilities may have gone unnoticed. They were all supposed to be skilful speed readers. Speed reading and[…]

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Best Ways of Skimming and Scanning

Those who are familiar with speed reading must be aware that Skimming and Scanning are two of the most vital techniques for making a break-through in increasing their speed of reading. Understanding and using these techniques well, will dramatically boost speed reading, as well as prevent the lack of comprehension[…]

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speed reading

How The Brain Functions While Speed Reading.

Speed reading is a technique that enables a person to read much more quickly than is normally done. It is a skill that can be learned and honed through practice. In Speed Reading, we basically re-learn and re-adjust the brain’s usual functioning for reading. It involves optimizing the brain’s capacity[…]

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improve memory

7 Techniques to Improve Your Memory

A good memory is an asset for life, and essential for everyone on this planet. Imagine a computer or a smartphone with abysmally low memory, and you can understand how memory puts a limit to functionality. The same is the case with human beings. Not everyone is endowed with a[…]

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Visualization technique

6 Powerful Visualisation techniques

It is a ubiquitous golden rule that visualisation techniques help us in manifesting the reality we desire. We may have a slight idea of what we want, but it often lacks the clarity of a powerful image. Our visual sense of perception is one of the most powerful ways we[…]

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